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1 Hufflepuff

Cedric Diggory the original Hogwarts Tri-Wizard champion, Harry was only the fourth because of the rise of the dark lord.

Hufflepuff is not for idiots. Hello Newt Scamander, Hello Cedric Diggory. Hello Hannah Abbott she married Neville Longbottom. Hello Tonks. Its for kind and patient people. Students who are not in the house would be squirted in vinegar if they tried to enter the common room.
Its also my house on Pottermore.

I'm a Hufflepuff - SirSheep

I'm proud to be a Hufflepuff! - neehawgamer

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2 Slytherin

People believe we are evil for no reason but we aren't.

People hate in us for literally no reason. we're not evil!

Hufflepuff is a close second for most underrated, but Slytherin is the most underrated. It does have many Dark Wizards, yeah, but they are intelligent, and it does have many good wizards. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Exactly we are always being hated for being "evil"

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3 Ravenclaw

Honestly, a lot of people out there are hufflepuffs and slytherins, and they still get a lot of attention. Plus, Slytherin has a lot of the cast in it too, in the game, movies and books. Gryffindor is obviously overrated a tad bit, since it's literally the house the main character, Harry Potter, was sorted into. Ravenclaw gets the least attention, compared to the other houses, making it the most underrated.

I understand Hufflepuff is underrated, but Ravenclaw is more underrated.

Hufflepuff have their own franchise now and Slytherin get attention because they have more characters

Ravenclaw is the most overrated house? - pjo

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4 Gryffindor

Fun fact: on the night when The Cursed Child was being released, me and my family went to the book store in Brenham, Texas to get a copy. They had snacks, drinks (not alchohol), and plenty of Harry Potter stuff. Anyways, so they had these little paper badges that went with the Cauldron Cakes which had a specific colored icing that determined which House you were in (way better than a talking hat telling you which House you were in). I misunderstood when they said you eat a Cauldron Cake and whatever color icing was inside, you take the badge of the same color. Well, I took the badge first (it was a Gryffindor one) and ate the Cauldron Cake second. And to my utter surprise and confusion, the icing was red on the inside. I am psychic (that's a joke by the way).

Its Harry Potters story, not the fandoms.
It's his house.

Everyone calls it overrated, but it's kinda underrated in the fandom. - RoseWeasley

BOOORING. I like Hufflepuffs. They are patient, kind, hardworking, and loyal. It was J.K rowling's favorite house, and Newt was a hufflepuff and Nymphadora tonks and Cedric and Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott.

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1. Hufflepuff
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