Most Underrated Hogwarts Houses


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1 Hufflepuff

I don't get why people hate Hufflepuff. - Oliveleaf

Meh I am a hufflepuff they are not that underrated

2 Slytherin

Exactly we are always being hated for being "evil"

People just assume we're evil and hate us for that reason, when our real traits are being ambitious, cunning, intelligent and many other good things. Not all evil people come from slytherin, for example peter pettigrew was a gryffindor while good people like merlin, regulus black, snape, slughorn, and others came from slytherin. Hufflepuff are underrated but at least people think they're nice, everyone hates slytherins for no good reason - pjo

On pottermore slyterin is almost winning the house cup

They are bad but striking

3 Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw is the most underrated. That and Hufflepuff. Not slytherin

Ravenclaw is the most overrated house? - pjo

Hufflepuff have their own franchise now and Slytherin get attention because they have more characters

This is the truth:
Gryffindor: everyone likes it because the original trio are from it
Slytherin: everyone likes it because it's the evil house
Hufflepuff: everyone wants to be Hufflepuff to be different
Ravenclaw: everyone forgets about - CloudytheLeopard

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4 Gryffindor

It is the most spoken in the movie and the most anticipated in discussions

They're really overrated in my opinion - pjo

It accually is underrated everyone thinks that they are not great but they are they are the most underrated by the way I'm NOT a gryfindor but I still speak for them I'm a hufflepuff

Gryffindor is the most popular house because the main characters are in it. How can the most popular be underrated? - pnthr

Just because it's the main doesn't mean its overrated,anyway the overrated ones are Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff! -RainbowDash

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