Top Ten Most Underrated Homestuck Characters


The Top Ten

1 Equius Zahhak


2 Eridan Ampora

No comment

3 Rose Lalonde
4 Feferi Peixes

Makes the DREAM BUBBLES, aka a huge part of Homestuck, gets backlash for so called "breaking" Eridan's heart when their relationship was unhealthy, and gets killed before living a long life of changing troll history because she took a stand in life to be with who she wanted to be with, and is the only high blood who doesn't let others feel their burden, and is the highest blood, yet the happiest of them all.

Cockblocking erisol is no reason to hate a character

5 Cronus Ampora
6 Jade Harley
7 Jane Crocker
8 Damara Megido

I just love damara, she's funny and gets away with saying the most disgusting things ever

(=^._.^=)/Guys,the reason why Damara's like that is because Rufioh cheated on her and Meenah bullied her,she hurts other because she needs to protect herself,she has a desire to friendship and love,which kind of made her insane,the reason why she's nice to the humans is because they don't know about her pass and her only chance to have friends again,when she was the handmaid,she was treated like a slave,everyone was cruel to her,she was treated very badly in both lives,poor thing. :..< - CapriVoid

9 Aradia Megido
10 Jake English

The Contenders

11 Roxy Lalonde
12 Calliope
13 Kanaya Maryam

Actually, she's extremely overrated.

Kanaya is SO underrated. Not as much as poor Equius, but underrated nonetheless! I know four virgos, and only one of them appreciated Kanaya as their zodiac troll! Come on guys, give the chainsaw whielding vampire troll who sliced a Makara in half some love!

14 Serenity

She literally hasn't died ONCE.

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