RustyNails Underrated Horror Movie Reviews 2-Devil

Movie - Devil
Tagline - Bad Things Happen For A Reason
Horror genre - Demonic Spirit/ Ghost
Released -2010

I remember the first time I saw the commercial 6 years ago and it came in theaters, it was different. The film is about 5 strangers trapped in an elevator with the devil among them. The film was produced by the creative director M.Night Shyamalan( Signs, The 6th Sense). And like almost all of his films, it has an unexpected twist.

This film is eerie and chilling, and most of the movie is in the elevator. It has a big chlostraphobic feel to it ( I know that's not how you spell it). Once you watch this movie you'll never want to get in an elevator again.

our 5 people stuck in the elevator are a mattress salesman, security guard, Elderly woman, Young woman, and a former American soldier. But they all have a sinful past. The salesman (Vince) is sleezy and corrupt , the guard ( Ben) is a former street thug, the young woman (Sarah) is a pathological liar, steals money, and plans to leave her husband, and the soldier (Tony) killed a mother and child in a car accident( which he hit and run). Nothing is known about the annoying old woman. Not even a name.

The only characters that are likeable are the soldier (Tony) and the main detective ( trying to get them out of the elevator and find out who's killing people. Each time the lights go out in the elevator something evil takes place, and is mainly when someone dies. And the deaths are - for the most part jump scare or " what am I going to see when the lights come back. "

Now I love to draw/ do art. So I like looking at the covers of movies. And " Devil" shows elevator doors with a red light going down to the bottom of the doors. Then the light goes horizontal to the bottom of doors. This makes an upside down cross. The title words has the 'I' in devil as a down button in red( like an elevator down button). I like that cause hell is down.

Movie Levels out of 5

Blood/Gore- .3
almost none. The most blood showed is when a shard of glass is put into someone's throat. Its pretty tame. The film is much more disturbing images.

Scare- 1.7
Some jump scares and " I wasn't expecting that" moments. Mainly because some evil takes when the lights go out and you sit there thinking " what am I gonna see". Loud noises and clostriphobic fears.

Violence - 2.2
a suicide, glass to neck, a hung woman, and a neck twisted backwoods ( 180). Plus electrocution looks pretty nasty. Again not to much blood but these images are chilling.

Character - 3.6
Pretty believable, people that you could run into in your life. Although the old woman gets very annoying to the point its like" DIE PLEASE;!" The mattress salesman doesn't shut up and acts weird. The main cop/detective acts like a person - not a cool " play by my own rules" guy. He's probably the most likeable character in this film.

Antagonist- 3.2
Its the Devil killing people, although we only see him twice. Once in the elevator camera you see what looks like a face. Second the security guard lights a match when the lights go out. We something standing next to him. He kills people who try to interfere with his plans to kill the elevator people( elevator repair man, detective).

Originality - 3.5
People stuck in an elevator with someone/ something trying to kill them. Plus its the devil. The film is like" The Thing " where trust begins to fall and they think someone in the elevator is killing. Plus we have all seen a movie where they're trapped somewhere and someone/thing is killing em.

Movie - 3.3
Pretty original and the film keeps you guessing, on the edge of your seat and you'll be having a blast. I hate how its only 1 hr, 20 min. For a theartical release, thats short. This film makes you think about who's in the elevator with you. Because you get on an elevator, push your floor, look forward and pretend like nobody else exists. Your only around the people for about a minute. You never think about who they are, what they do, or what their past is. They could be your best friend, your lover, or they could be your worst nightmare. A killer wanting to inflict pain. So how bout next your in the elevator, you think bout that, your trust level will be changed.