RustyNails Underrated Horror movie Reviews 3- Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Movie - paranormal Activity:The Ghost Dimension
Horror Genre- Haunting/found footage
Tagline- none
Released - 2015

The 6th film of the series, Ghost Dimensions is the one film of the "Paranormal Activity" series where you actually see the activity. In the movie a couple with their young daughter find a BIG camera that picks up "glitches". Of course it turns out to be the return of everyones favorite PA demonic spirit Tobey.

If you've seen the original "Paranormal Activity",this film starts up with the same factors then kicks into overdrive and is exactly opposite to the original. Its over the top chaos by the end of the film that you'll be asking" why". I mean in the first one, you had a door moving, door banging, screech, inhuman footprints,woman (Katie) standing by a bed for hours, Katie getting dragged out of bed and possessed. That film was done with one camera and $15,000. That's not at all alot of cash to make a quality film. But what happened, it became a groundbreaking smash hit in horror and made over a hundred million dollars and like I said 5 sequels. Each sequel continued to be over the next one in chaos, demonic presence, and jump scares. The first one is superior simply because its realistic and suddle. Yet what's suddle bout a chick getting drug down the hall by air and getting possessed. Ironically its the most suddle chaos moment in the series.

With that said each film kind of repeats itself so you gotta come up with something new and different. I know make it so we actually see the ghost through a freak camera. Brilliant yet a bad move in a way. Why I bad move? The fact that the PA series was made off of some enemy that we can't see.

The plot is almost a copy of the other ones. A couple lives on a house built over Katies ( chick in first PA) childhood home ( third PA) and weird things start happening. They find a big camera that shows spirits in a box along with tapes of Katie and her sister after the end of the third PA. It shows them taking various tests and ghostly skills. Their little girl begins to talk to an invisible friend named Tobey ( PAs favorite demon). As the nights go on the activity and terror rises. the final night is like the other PA's very scary and over the top activity.

all levels out of 5

Blood/Gore Level-0.2
Basically none. Only blood is seen at the end with it dripping from a small puddle on the ceiling. Ghost hand busting through chest ( weirdly non is showed ). Little girl has cut hand with blood on the floor. With a film in the PA series you don't need blood.

Violence level - 3.4
Demon throws objects, charges people ( usually at the camera, of course), punches arm through chest, chokes/ snaps neck. Broken glass, priest gets thrown/dragged. If this film series teaches you anything, its don't mess with demons or tick em off.

Scare Level - 4.6
Jump scare mainia. The demon charging person with camera, loud noises, scary atmosphere with no sound.The PA Series is notorious for jump scares, this one is that times 5. The factors of investigating a noise or something weird with darkness and silence make a deadly combo. You'll be waiting for a loud noise or jump scares.

Character Level - 2.4
The couples little girl is adorable, I hope one day I'll have a daughter like her one day. She begins talking to Tobey, doing bloody marry in the mirror with a bloody hand. Her character develops from nice and sweet to strange and vicious, clearly Tobey is a bad influence. She bites a priest. The couple are concerned about their daughter and what is going on. The dads brother is a idiotic looking guy with no home. A hot chick named Skyler helps out through the film with the daughter. Best character is clearly .

Antagonist Level - 4.1
The demonic enemy Tobey returns and is more violent than ever. Since we finally can see the activity, we can see him in ghost form. His true form is a black, liquid cloudy form. He stalks and follows the daughter. He talks to her and makes her do things. He throws objects and torments people.

Movie Level- 2.6
If ya buy this film you know exactly what to expect, and may not find it scary. But this to me delivers the chills at a high rate. Its a different flavor being able to see the activity. You'll either like it or be looking like " eehh, its another paranormal, and it continues to get worse."