Top Ten Most Underrated Horror Movies


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21 Paranormal Activity

I thought everything was true, very scary!

This should be on the worst list.

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22 Signs

Okay signs still huants me and its only pg 13 it probaly underrated because of it having faith witch ifeirates me

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23 The Lords of Salem
24 Black Christmas

Vacancy, Black Christmas and High Tension are very underrated. There also very well made. But what the hell is cabin fever, alien 3 and mimic doing here? They suck!

The original was better

Very creepy movie

25 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
26 Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Somebody put the first The Human Centipede please. So I can vote that instead of second and third.

27 House of 1000 Corpses
28 Tamara
29 Paranormal Activity 2

Probably better than the first one-anyway, once you've seen any part you'll see 'em all.

30 The Cabin In the Woods

One of the most original horror movies I've seen-at the beginning looks like another American teenage comedy/horror, but believe me, it's not!

31 Evil Dead 2

I thought this movie was hilarious and scary at the same time, nothing like it.

Better than the original, great producers to make it into a horror comedy.

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32 Candyman

I love candyman this movie is very underrated this movie is a classic in my opinion candyman should be number one.

33 Lights Out
34 Nosferatu

A great silent film

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36 Daybreakers
37 Don't Look Under the Bed

No other movie gave me nightmares. This one did.

38 The Conjuring

It is the horror movie in the world - ayu

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39 Cannibal Holocaust

A bit gory, don't you think? They didn't need to kill real animals. Plus, it was banned in 40 countries.

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40 The Blair Witch Project

I would certainly hope that this movie was getting the credit it deserves. I can't imagine this movie being considered underrated. - BKAllmighty

At the time it came out was considered genius

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