Top Ten Most Underrated Horror Movies


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21 Tamara
22 Nosferatu

A great silent film

23 Halloween III: Season of the Witch

This movie suffered because of Halloween in the title worth watching

Scary for parents of trick or treaters

24 Slither

GRANT I'll never forget that name
Watch this movie, it's underrated. It was scary, funny, and hell was it good!

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25 Rosemary's Baby

This movie was too slow and weird. They never even showed the baby at the end. I guess they figured that was a better ending but to me, I needed some sort of payoff for toughening it out an watching the movie.

Such a deep, terrifying, though provoking film. A cult horror classic. - MontyPython

Classic- a bit slow, but definitely worth it!

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26 Paranormal Activity

I thought everything was true, very scary!

This should be on the worst list.

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27 Signs

Okay signs still huants me and its only pg 13 it probaly underrated because of it having faith witch ifeirates me

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28 The Lords of Salem
29 Dawn of the Dead

This movie was pretty good until they got to the mall. Most of that time, they were laid back, no real fear of zombie's.

Once again, original was better

For a zombie movie it's really good!

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30 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
31 Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Somebody put the first The Human Centipede please. So I can vote that instead of second and third.

32 The Conjuring

It is the horror movie in the world - ayu

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33 Repo! The Genetic Opera
34 House of 1000 Corpses
35 Candyman

I love candyman this movie is very underrated this movie is a classic in my opinion candyman should be number one.

36 The Haunting in Connecticut

I saw the real story on a haunting before watching this and it is so exaggerated but I'll admit it was scary. So was the second one that took place in Georgia - ellieg1130

37 Paranormal Activity 2

Probably better than the first one-anyway, once you've seen any part you'll see 'em all.

38 Evil Dead 2

I thought this movie was hilarious and scary at the same time, nothing like it.

Better than the original, great producers to make it into a horror comedy.

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39 Lights Out
40 Shocker

Pretty bad one of wes cravens lesser movies

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