Top Ten Most Underrated Horror Movies


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61 28 Weeks Later V 1 Comment
62 Diabolique
63 Halloween III: Season of the Witch

This movie suffered because of Halloween in the title worth watching

Scary for parents of trick or treaters

64 The Hidden
65 The Crazies V 1 Comment
66 Return of the Living Dead

WAy better than dawn of the dead and 28 days later see its not even top 10 of this list... So underrated

V 1 Comment
67 Rose Red
68 The Tunnel
69 Jaws

Actually, it is the most overrated horror film. In fact it wasn't even horror. Felt more like a monster thriller film.

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70 Halloween II (1981)
71 Pet Sematary II
72 Carrie
73 The Fog (1980)
74 Fido

Hysterically funny, weird, sad, original, well-made. One of the best zombie flicks ever, and I'm not certain there IS a zombie movie I haven't seen (maybe some were too bad to finish) and have a fair amount of history watching & knowledge of horror movies in general, particularly Zombie movies.
This movie surprised me, because I hadn't really heard anything about it and it was so frigging GOOD. I'm a pretty jaded movie viewer. It really takes a lot, or something very different to keep me interested at all. So many movies in the past decade were so bad and boring, but I was GLUED to the T.V. - I was so "in the zone" I didn't hear somebody call my name. Been a long time since I tuned everything out like that. So, I absolutely agree that this movie is incredibly underrated.

New take on the zombie genre,a good watch

75 Invasion of the Body Snatchers
76 American Mary
77 The Bay
78 Tenebre V 1 Comment
79 Cube

I like this movie. I wonder why this is not higher

The 1st part was really good and creepy-but the 2nd and 3rd-not so much.

80 Begotten

Why isn't this even in the Top 10?! This movie will scar you! It's scary as hell man! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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