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21 Sponge Phobia

They kinda already this in Fear of a Krabby Patty and Night Light. - Shevanda04

22 Mr. Krab's Epic Nickel Chase
23 Johnny Bob Test Pants


great idea - bloomix

24 Fanbob Chumpants

That would be like putting garbage in even more garbage and expecting it to turn to gold. Modern SpongeBob is crappy enough without fanboy and chumchum coming around...

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25 Intestine Attack!
26 Out of Pocket

Currently ranked at 191* and if you read the guys description, it's really well plotted out and demonstrates how it can season 1-3 worthy.
It's actually really cleaver how he mentions redeeming the characters former selves. Strongly suggest reading his write up.
But anyway, it's a clever plot and way better than a lot of all the other ones.

27 A New Menu Item
28 The True Story of Mr. Puff
29 Plankton's Pizza
30 Spongebob Kills Lily Loud
31 Boy or Girl?
32 Mermaid Man Becomes Evil

It is where mermaid has had enough of people with no respect and becomes a villain

33 Sonic The Squarepants
34 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends
35 Friends Forever
36 Squidward Comes Out

He comes out of the closet and reveals that he is transgender.

37 Double Demolition Doofus
38 Winner or Loser?
39 Chum Bucket Training Video
40 Starlight, Sea Bright
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