Top 10 Underrated Indie Dance Songs That'll Have You Singing, Even If You Can't

The Top Ten

1 To Be Alive - Puppet To Be Alive - Puppet Cover Art

To Be Alive was the song that helped me realize my potential as an artist. I can sing REALLY well (I'm a tenor), and Aaron Richards' voice lends so well to the song, I just can't help but sing along. - syntaxEDM

2 Awake - WRLD Awake - WRLD Cover Art

Awake is kind of funky with lyrics about how awkward we men are around women. Relatable... - syntaxEDM

3 2 Me - SMLE 2 Me - SMLE Cover Art

SMLE makes amazing songs, and will appear a couple times on this list. Think of 2 Me as RnB with Future Bass influences. A stellar combo! - syntaxEDM

4 Some Kind of Magic - LVTHER Some Kind of Magic - LVTHER Cover Art

LVTHER is the new alias of TwoThirds, whom you may have seen a couple of times on Monstercat. Very fast, with Dancepop influences that add to the funk. - syntaxEDM

5 I'm Here - Puppet & Foria I'm Here - Puppet & Foria Cover Art

The rising sun in the background hints at a synthpop song, but it also has hybrid drumstep beat patterns, which make the song a little more danceable at big parties. - syntaxEDM

6 Different Story - The Night Different Story - The Night Cover Art

Verrry much synths. Reminds me of the 80's, with the artwork, the vehicle, and the feel of the song all yells synthwave. - syntaxEDM

7 Hold On - Summer Was Fun Hold On - Summer Was Fun Cover Art

An electrifying combination of Future Bass & Electropop, Summer Was Fun delivers with a song about a girl needing someone special. - syntaxEDM

8 Killing Giants - Puppet & Murtagh Killing Giants - Puppet & Murtagh Cover Art

The synthpop feel with the drumstep beat pattern really put an energizing tone to the song about standing up and deciding that you've had enough. - syntaxEDM

9 Love Residue - smle Love Residue - smle Cover Art

SMLE did a lot of Future Bass back when we first heard them on Halo. 2 Me showed them taking a different turn into RnB, and Love Residue, off of Love Notes EP shows the final result of this turn. - syntaxEDM

10 Fyl - smle Fyl - smle Cover Art

If you didn't know what FYL stands for, it's fine, I didn't either. Apparently it stands for For Your Love, which is kind of cute. - syntaxEDM

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