Top Ten Most Underrated Indie Games

Some of these games are unbelievably unknown among most people, while they are amazing!

The Top Ten

1 Valdis Story: Abyssal City

Incredibly High Replay Value
Amazing Characters
Spectacularly fluid Gameplay
Various ways of playing the Game
Engaging Level Design
Valdis Story is hands down one of the most underrated Indie Titles of all Time

2 Undertale

Overrated. - TriggerTrashKid

More loke overrated

Underrated? I've never seen a game that gets as much praise as this one. I really like Undertale, but it gets waay to much love. Like, does this game really need 1000+ shipping charts? - Dawscr

Uh that's debatable.

3 Lisa: The Painful RPG

This game was something I didn't expect. Really, one of best games I've ever played!

An actual underrated game unlike half this list.

Underrated indeed

Made me cry

4 Hotline Miami

Trying to get Z rank on hard makes me want to die. It's a really good game.

5 Bastion
6 FTL: Faster Than Light
7 The Binding of Isaac

Do you like The Legend of Zelda? If your answer is yes, try this game. - Martinglez


This game is so hard :/ - peyman_eun

I. LOVE. This. Game. - Juan-Luis

9 Cave Story

I played the demo for this a lot for some reason. I have never gotten around to playing the actual game, though. I never see it talked about. I really enjoyed the demo. - Dawscr

I think Cave story should get this because it's a game made by scratch and it's really underrated I see allot of other like gaming videos of other games and they have more views than the Cave Story lets plays and stuff I don't know but I think cave story deserves this one <3 -Strange Koops

10 Stardew Valley

Awesome. - TriggerTrashKid

Jesus, this is an amazing game.

The Contenders

11 Braid
12 Dust: An Elysian Tale
13 Kerbal Space Program
14 Freedom Planet
15 Starbound
16 Axiom Verge

This and AM2R have pretty much officially rendered Cave Story obsolete if you ask me - xandermartin98

17 Iji
18 Another Metroid 2 Remake
19 Death Road to Canada

So underrated that most people who make underrated games lists don't even know this game

How is this not #1 I mean it’s a great funny game also really hard

Oregon trail game, but you must make it to Canada through a zombie-infested USA. The graphics fit the silly feel of the game, and you can make your friends in the game with unike traits and abilities that can appear and you can recruit. There's tons of events, and the music is really catchy. Abilities and character customization is really big. There's abilities like recruiting dogs, loving anime, frantically whining, etc. There's also rare characters; they sometimes appear and are usually based off of something in pop culture or video games, such as L*nk. They have crazy abilities and weapons, which add onto how charming this game is. The game has really good humor, ending up in really memorable moments.

20 Oxenfree

Uncover the secret of the island

21 Hello Neighbor
22 Shovel Knight

One of the greatest 2D platformers. The game doesn't just rely on nostalgia, it's just overall a great package.

23 Guacamelee!
24 Amnesia: Machine of Pigs
25 Megaman Sprite Game
26 Furi
27 Mother Russia Bleeds
28 Tattletail

Nobody appreciates this game to its full value ;( it's a unique game spinning off from the horror element with a slight pinch of... mystery..? Honestly, this is my #1 choice, 2 being Undertale and 3 being Hello Neighbor. Seriously, agree or not, this game is really underrated...

29 Not a Hero

Digital Devolver published game. Underrated.

30 Relic Hunters Zero

It's an good brasilian game, it's available on steam and it's totally free! :D

31 ZeroRanger
32 Celeste

#2 needed. - TriggerTrashKid

33 Night in the Woods

#3 Needed. - TriggerTrashKid

Adventure game with great story and fun minigames and interesting characters

34 Sheltered
35 The Gardens Between

Great Game. - TriggerTrashKid

36 Lanota
37 Silence: The Whispered World 2
38 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

#1 Needed. - TriggerTrashKid

39 Little Nightmares
40 Granny
41 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
42 Broken Age
43 Unravel
44 Never Alone
45 Fox N Forests
46 Fran Bow
47 A Hat in Time
48 Who's Your Daddy?
49 My Brother Rabbit
50 Suicide Guy
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