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1 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

They need to play this live such an amazing song, its number 1 on my jogging playlist on my ipod

As a quite fresh Maiden-fan, it took me a long time before I even heard this one, but when I first did, I was amazed! Incredible song and way too underrated.

So many of these songs aren't underrated. Afraid to shoot strangers isn't, dream of mirrors isn't, children of the damned isn't, revelations isn't, still life isn't, killers isn't. Just to name a few. - IronMainiac666

Muse - Resistance stole the riff

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2 Strange World

This is by far one of the greatest Iron Maiden songs, but it gets no attention. - Songsta41

Amazing song! I really like how it is a little sad and the guitar is just fascinating.

A really cool song. It has mystical lyrics. I don't think dianno fits it too well though.

The guitarsolos make the hairs on my arms stand up

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3 Afraid to Shoot Strangers

The guitar is absolutely astonishing and compliments the song very well. The songs story of a soldier contemplating the reasons why he should or shouldn't go to war and the fact he doesn't want to go and kill people he doesn't know. He realizes that he needs to stop the enemy forces and their rain of tyranny. The song has a more subtle meaning but has the quality of Iron Maidens' top songs and I believe it is worthy of a top 10 places especially in my opinion.

Your not human if you don't like this song, just listen to it if you don't believe me. Live version with Blaze Bayley is better then Dickinson in my opinion

This song is a masterpiece from beginning to end. It starts slow and then it kicks off and then the tempo goes even faster to slow down again! This is a perfect example of a musical masterpiece that Iron Maiden is so good at!

This song is my favorite for the band

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4 Mother Russia

This song and Fear of the dark are the best songs that Maiden had composed in the 90s.

Another awesome epic, similar and nearly as good as seventh son of a seventh son, definitely should be played live.

This song made me fall in love with maiden. The music creates the setting of a snowy Russian winter and the pride of a people.

This was the first iron maiden song I ever heard and it got me into them. This is my favorite song of all time.

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5 Deja Vu

Dave and Adrian's double-lead guitar motif in the opening is amazing. It foreshadows what they would later do in Afraid to Shoot Strangers, solid even phrased melodic lines that function as an interlude to each verse. This song is well-constructed from beginning to end, and it truly has not gotten the attention it deserves. Really, really great song.


What a great song. Extremely melodic. Just listen to it you will be amazed

The Somewhere in time album as a whole is underrated. This, Heaven Can't Wait and Stranger in a Strange World are pure Iron Maiden gems...and the Album also has Wasted Years! Déjà Vu however is the most underrated!

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6 Stranger in a Strange Land

This song is frickin cool. - LordA117

Absolutely amazing! Can't believe it's this far down, the entire album is amazing and this and wasted years are the best tracks on it (though none are bad) it has a sick bass intro, awesome lyrics with an amazing chorus and the guitar solo is just phenominal!

This is one of my favorites!

Love the bass intro

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7 Still Life

This is such a beautiful song and it's a great pity that when I mention this song, many don't know it as well as most of their others

Possibly the best song on Piece Of Mind, in my opinion.

This is my favorite iron maiden song

When the drum part starts you kbow that this is epic... Here it is on the underrated list is one of the biggest compliment to this song

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8 Children of the Damned

THIS is a great song. But there are other more underrated Maiden songs that aren't even on this list: Face in the Sand, Out of the Silent Planet, Isle of Avalon, Gangland, Futureal, Montsegur, The Legacy... Just to name a few. In fact some of these songs aren't really that underrated at all... I'm looking at you, Wicker Man.

Even if its about a movie this song still has like a perfect tempo perfect lyrics perfect emotion in Bruce Dickinson's voice, just beautiful in my opinion

Gangland is more underrated than this, but this I vote this song because this song is underrated as well - razors15

One of the greats by them

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9 Revelations

One of the most meaningful lyrics.

Definitely one of the best maiden songs and a highpoint of the piece of mind album, it's a shame everyone notices the overrated run to the hills and number of the beast when there are so many better songs in maidens catalogue

This is one of my favorites, in fact I'm listening to it right now

Most underrated Maiden track in my opinion. - Brobusky

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10 Dream of Mirrors

What a song. Rally good song from my favourite album Brave New World Truly unrated. A must listen.

The whole album "Brave New World" is totally underrated. This has to be one of my favorites from the album. Builds up nice and really rocks out towards the end.

This song is in my top ten iron maiden song of all time a must listen

The meaning of this masterpiece is crazy!
I just love ir

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11 The Unbeliever
12 Flash of the Blade

It is definitely an underrated song. Musically it's very different from any other maiden song. I love the guitar techniques used in this one. Easily my favorite track of the Powerslave album and definitely in my top ten of maiden songs altogether

I don't know if it's better than Aces or 2M2M, but it is definitely very good and extremely underrated. Great song.

easily the best song on the powerslave album. far better than aces high and 2 minutes 2 midnight - wolphert

Wouldn't call it the best on Powerslave, but it's very underrated and also a great song. - Metarock

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13 The Legacy

This is the most underrated song on the most underrated album.

Bone-chilling vocals/lyrics, and an amazing performance from start to finish. The nearly 3 minutes of "intro" are the only complaint I could ever make against this song. Defiantly in my top 5 Maiden songs of all time.

Best Maiden album with one of their most progressive songs. So many sections and quite a political lyric.

If it weren't for "nostalgia" I might believe this is the best Iron Maiden tune ever written.

14 Infinite Dreams

They lyrics in this song are so incredibly great, they won't leave my head. Also, when I'm listening music it is hard to not keep repeating this song.

Simply stunning and beautiful!

How is a song that's on the latest greatest hits compilation considered underrated?

This song is a beautiful heavy metal masterpiece! This song deserves to be #1 on the best iron maiden songs of all time! UP THE IRONS!

OH MY GOSH, you people! what the heck, When Two Worlds Collide isn't even on here. I went to the very end, just to find it. Its not on here, but you have Rime of the ancient Marener on here (Which by the way, is a huge hit... it's their second best song Good Gosh)

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15 Prowler

There's no word to describe my love for this song it's so underrated, such a catchy riff and guitar solo... Desreves at least 5th place. - wolphert

Contains one of the coolest riffs I have ever heard.

First iron maiden song that I personally found myself REALLY enjoying it. - Shokan2000

Great riff, and funny lyrics

16 Alexander the Great

This is my favorite Iron Maiden song of all, and definitely underrated. I've always wanted to hear this performed live, but as far as I know, it hasn't been featured in their live shows. The guitar solos are probably the best in Iron Maiden's career, which says a lot since there are tons of amazing solos on every album. Iron Maiden does justice whenever writing songs about literature or legend, or in this case, history, and these types of songs tend to have a lasting impact. I LOVE THIS SONG! IT SHOULD BE HIGHER ON THIS LIST, LIKE AT #1!

I'm stunned that this song isn't ranked as one of Maidens 10 best songs ever! It's an atmospheric EPIC! The guitar riffs are excellent. The lyrics are a clearly written, informative history lesson. There are several creative sections where the music takes on a ancient Greek/Egyptian feel (a la Powerslave). Number of the Beast had "Hallowed be thy name",Powerslave had "Rime of the Ancient Mariner",and Somewhere in time has "Alexander the Great".

Of all the songs they've never played live, this is the most sorely missed. Steve was once asked what's the best song you've never performed, and his immediate reply was Alexander the Great. Really hoping it sees the light of day before they're done.

This is the best

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17 The Longest Day

This song is like the modern Iron Maiden equivelant of Hallowed Be Thy Name!

Bruce's voice, Nicko's drumming, Steve's bass and Adrian's, Janick's and Dave's guitaring... It's all perfect in this song!

Then again, almost every Maiden song shows how perfect Maiden are!

Highly underrated... This song has everything: Lyrics, Solos ANd All. Putting it below is not acceptable I guess - WasimMiller

It seems that for a lot of Maiden fans, new albums ar not as good as classic ones were, when albums like AMOLAD bring us such amazing sons like this one or the magnific Brighter than a thousand suns.

It makes me chills every time I listen to this song! - Iron_samuraj

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18 The Man Who Would Be King
19 22 Acacia Avenue

My favorite Maiden song! It gets better every time... With that said its a shame more people don't know it

Underrated even on this list!

Amazing how underrated Is this song

Top 10 best Maiden songs for me. - EddieVanHalen2001

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20 Como Estais Amigo

It's very good overall. The lyrics are fine. The feeling is magnificent. Just because you don't like Virtual XI you can't hare this song

It's a great way in which iron maiden can pay tribute to such a controversial issue. This issue has had the people from britain and from Argentina in great enmity, people refer to each other with great hatred. Iron Maiden refers to us (argentinians) as "amigos" (friends).
don't know if this song is as good instrumentally, but the issue in which this song has been inspired is what makes it lasting for me

Never understood all the hate towards VXI. The name title isn't great but this song, Futureal, Lightning Strikes Twice, When Two Worlds Collide and The Educated Fool are all excellent and underrated songs that deserve a lot more appreciation.

I cry to this song...

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21 To Tame a Land

This song is incredible! It's one of the epic songs of Iron Maiden's career, based on the book Dune by Frank Herbert. I think it hasn't gotten the attention it deserves because the band when on to create additional songs based on literature, which ended up eclipsing To Tame a Land (such as Rime of the Ancient Mariner). This song is every bit as well-written as Hallowed Be Thy Name, but just hasn't gotten the same level of recognition. Many songs which came after would not been possible without To Tame a Land being written first because elements featured here defined a distinct stylistic formula that would later become part of Iron Maiden's trademark sound. Many songs that appeared on later albums can be traced back to this song.

There most underrated album closer by a long shot! - wolphert

This is "Most underrated Iron Maiden song" - #66 on these list

Not super underrated but I would argue its in there Top 15 songs. - Ninjaturtlesforpresident

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22 Only the Good Die Young

Only the Good Die Young! All the evil seem to live forever!

"Only the good song die yoing and the Beast songs lives forever"

Criminally underrated, one of the best from SSOASS

Biggest mistake maiden ever made. they have to cloce the live set with it. definitely one of the best ever song. lot of people were thinking at the time that it's the goodbye song from maiden it sounded like that kind of sad and ultimate!

23 Prodigal Son

This is one of my favourite songs off of Killers, it's got an almost prog feel to it, it's an amazing song, it's not very well-known but that makes it better.

I can't stress enough how much I love the first two albums. Paul di'anno is an amazing and underrated vocalist. Out of all the lists I made on this website this is my favourite as it shows people that Iron Maiden have so so many good songs that don't get the recognition they deserve. - wolphert

My 3rd favorite maiden song

24 Losfer Words (Big 'orra)
25 The Prisoner

Very underrated. The guitar solo combined with the on-off drum beat at the same time is a classic part. The intro was awesome. Should be played live. Too bad Nicko can't play the song like it is supposed to be. (that is another topic... )

This song gets far too little praise. Despite coming from Number of the Beast, this song beats most of the songs on the album in my opinion - BeeBlue

It's one of the greatest maiden songs of all time

This song is awesome a highlight from number of the beast! It beats 22 acacia aveue by miles! Up the irons! Hell yeah!

26 The Talisman

A great up tempo song, with Bruce just screaming his heart out. Awesome!

Bruce is absolutely awesome on this song, more so than any other songs on the Final Frontier. The chorus is the best part.. Ya know... WESSTTWAARD THE TIDE!
There's also a pretty nice guitar part.

27 Gangland

People say it is horrible but technically it is a good song with nice music it isn't that bland as people say

28 Wasting Love

What an awesome ballad. The intro riff haunting.

29 Childhood's End

If there's a song from Fear of the Dark that should be played live its this one.

Listened to this song for the first time in years yesterday. Blow away. In my top 20 Maiden tracks for sure. - IronManiac

Works perfectly as an album opener.

30 Purgatory

This song is so fast catchy and awesome! Purgatory is a cool title for a song an it is epic. Everyone who underrated this song should think again it is awesome!

its hard to believe that this is there least succesful single. its absolutly amazing - wolphert

How is this so far back this the best underrated song here

31 Paschendale
32 The Educated Fool

Definitely underrated, one of the best from Virtual XI and an excellent Maiden song

Very good song off an underrated album

Best song off of Virtual XI

33 Sea of Madness

What a great track. The middle break is deliriously good, and some amazing bass and hi-hat work. Excellent.

This is a masterpiece..

The best trac along with other smith songs wasted years and stranger in a strange land on the most underrated maiden album along with brave new world

34 The Edge of Darkness
35 Out of the Silent Planet

It amazes me that iron maiden fans completely walk past this song. it's so good! Such iron maiden! Fast style, dickinson's voice, the chorus, and pretty much everything! Why so underrated!? Even on an underrated songs list?

Fantastic song, and their best single. Brings back memories of Judas Be My Guide - all the best Maiden tracks are hidden gems!

Most Underrated Song Ever Written

36 Remember Tomorrow

Easily the most underrated song, an insanely brilliant chorus, and of course the riffs are divine. It's a pity that the good stuff is forgotten so easily. A relatively slow start, followed by head-banging madness to make it one of the most memorable iron maiden songs of all time.

Every single dianno era song is brilliant. Its hard to choose the best but this is definitely the most underrated. - wolphert

It's the second best heavy metal song with slow start (behind "fade to black (Metallica") I've ever heard

1993 version was slightly different and I loved it although Bruce was leaving at the time

37 The Fallen Angel

This is one of the most memorable songs off their brave new world album in my opinion!

38 The Evil That Men Do
39 Phantom of the Opera

This song is fantastic but not underrated. It's #9 on the list of Best Iron Maiden Songs. - Songsta41

This song is very underrated. It is one of the best metal songs of all time. The lyrics are amazing, the whole story can be considred as an extended metaphor of life. The bassline guitar riffs, solos are amazing.

I get an eargasm whenever I listen to the sample. - cwoodkiter

40 Journeyman

Don't know what it is but I love this song, Maiden's attempt at a Power Ballard, and I think they pulled it off!

41 Isle of Avalon

Not sure why so many people didn't like this song from the Final Frontier album. But I feel this song's chorus is one of Iron Maiden's best. That along with the Longest Day, and Face in the Sand. Great build up song.

Up the Irons!

One of my favourite maiden songs! The song really suits the title and I love the intro and chorus

42 Fear Is the Key
43 Sign of the Cross

People should really give the blaze albums a try they really are great and shows a different more darker style of maiden. But this song man this is like "Hollowed be thy name" of the Blaze era.

Avoided by "fans" because it is Blaze era Maiden. Big mistake on their part. This is a classic song that proved the band could still impress without Dickinson.

It's totally unfair that people hate on Blaze just because he doesn't have Bruce's amazing vocal range!

It's illegal how underrated this awesome song is, the best song from the Blaze era in my opinion

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44 Montsegur

The fact this isn't on any Iron Maiden list is sad. Gotta love Hallowed Be Thy Name, Aces High and Number of the Beast, but this is a pretty awesome song. Very aggressive sound for them and one of the first Maiden songs I fell in love with.

The history told in this song and the chorus melody. Out of this world!

That solo part is just beautiful man...

45 Aces High

This is underrated? :S It is one of Maiden's most famous songs...

46 From Here to Eternity
47 Ghost of the Navigator

Amazing song, hands down. Never hear anyone talk about this song, ever.

This song is amazing - Spectrius

48 The Wicker Man

Underrated? There's probably no fan who really dislike this

This is honestly their greatest song from one of their best albums

Best track off of their best album

I think this song is a bit overrated, really.

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49 Futureal

Truly underrated Iron Maiden song. Virtual XI may fall short on many accounts but this song is one of the best Blaze does with Maiden

One of Maiden's best openers!

Amazing and fast opener

50 Killers

This is like the best Paul Di'Anno era song!

my new favourite song ever - wolphert

The riff in this song is out of this world...

Definitely the best track on the album. It is the definative paul Di'ano song. 10/10

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