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21 Only the Good Die Young

Only the Good Die Young! All the evil seem to live forever!

"Only the good song die yoing and the Beast songs lives forever"

Criminally underrated, one of the best from SSOASS

Biggest mistake maiden ever made. they have to cloce the live set with it. definitely one of the best ever song. lot of people were thinking at the time that it's the goodbye song from maiden it sounded like that kind of sad and ultimate!

22 To Tame a Land

This song is incredible! It's one of the epic songs of Iron Maiden's career, based on the book Dune by Frank Herbert. I think it hasn't gotten the attention it deserves because the band when on to create additional songs based on literature, which ended up eclipsing To Tame a Land (such as Rime of the Ancient Mariner). This song is every bit as well-written as Hallowed Be Thy Name, but just hasn't gotten the same level of recognition. Many songs which came after would not been possible without To Tame a Land being written first because elements featured here defined a distinct stylistic formula that would later become part of Iron Maiden's trademark sound. Many songs that appeared on later albums can be traced back to this song.

There most underrated album closer by a long shot! - wolphert

This is "Most underrated Iron Maiden song" - #66 on these list

One of my favourites is Caught Somewhere In Time for its perfect operaesque production, but I cannot find it on this list -- must be too far down. Along with this song, it is a shame that some of the mainstream songs supersede too much spotlight. It is also sad that this classic song had to succumb to changing its name because of a 'shameless plug' movie producer.

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23 The Prisoner

Very underrated. The guitar solo combined with the on-off drum beat at the same time is a classic part. The intro was awesome. Should be played live. Too bad Nicko can't play the song like it is supposed to be. (that is another topic... )

This song gets far too little praise. Despite coming from Number of the Beast, this song beats most of the songs on the album in my opinion - BeeBlue

It's one of the greatest maiden songs of all time

24 The Empire of the Clouds

One of my favourite songs of all time and I believe it is severely underrated

25 Prowler

There's no word to describe my love for this song it's so underrated, such a catchy riff and guitar solo... Desreves at least 5th place. - wolphert

Contains one of the coolest riffs I have ever heard.

First iron maiden song that I personally found myself REALLY enjoying it. - Shokan2000

Great riff, and funny lyrics

26 Gangland

People say it is horrible but technically it is a good song with nice music it isn't that bland as people say

27 Losfer Words (Big 'orra)
28 Purgatory

This song is so fast catchy and awesome! Purgatory is a cool title for a song an it is epic. Everyone who underrated this song should think again it is awesome!

its hard to believe that this is there least succesful single. its absolutly amazing - wolphert

How is this so far back this the best underrated song here

29 The Talisman

A great up tempo song, with Bruce just screaming his heart out. Awesome!

Bruce is absolutely awesome on this song, more so than any other songs on the Final Frontier. The chorus is the best part.. Ya know... WESSTTWAARD THE TIDE!
There's also a pretty nice guitar part.

30 Paschendale
31 Childhood's End

Listened to this song for the first time in years yesterday. Blow away. In my top 20 Maiden tracks for sure. - IronManiac

If there's a song from Fear of the Dark that should be played live its this one.

Works perfectly as an album opener.

32 The Educated Fool

Definitely underrated, one of the best from Virtual XI and an excellent Maiden song

Very good song off an underrated album

Best song off of Virtual XI

33 Prodigal Son

This is one of my favourite songs off of Killers, it's got an almost prog feel to it, it's an amazing song, it's not very well-known but that makes it better.

I can't stress enough how much I love the first two albums. Paul di'anno is an amazing and underrated vocalist. Out of all the lists I made on this website this is my favourite as it shows people that Iron Maiden have so so many good songs that don't get the recognition they deserve. - wolphert

My 3rd favorite maiden song

34 The Edge of Darkness
35 Sea of Madness

What a great track. The middle break is deliriously good, and some amazing bass and hi-hat work. Excellent.

This is a masterpiece..

The best trac along with other smith songs wasted years and stranger in a strange land on the most underrated maiden album along with brave new world

36 Journeyman

Don't know what it is but I love this song, Maiden's attempt at a Power Ballard, and I think they pulled it off!

37 Remember Tomorrow

Easily the most underrated song, an insanely brilliant chorus, and of course the riffs are divine. It's a pity that the good stuff is forgotten so easily. A relatively slow start, followed by head-banging madness to make it one of the most memorable iron maiden songs of all time.

Every single dianno era song is brilliant. Its hard to choose the best but this is definitely the most underrated. - wolphert

It's the second best heavy metal song with slow start (behind "fade to black (Metallica") I've ever heard

1993 version was slightly different and I loved it although Bruce was leaving at the time

38 The Fallen Angel

This is one of the most memorable songs off their brave new world album in my opinion!

39 Out of the Silent Planet

It amazes me that iron maiden fans completely walk past this song. it's so good! Such iron maiden! Fast style, dickinson's voice, the chorus, and pretty much everything! Why so underrated!? Even on an underrated songs list?

Fantastic song, and their best single. Brings back memories of Judas Be My Guide - all the best Maiden tracks are hidden gems!

Most Underrated Song Ever Written

40 Killers

This is like the best Paul Di'Anno era song!

my new favourite song ever - wolphert

The riff in this song is out of this world...

Definitely the best track on the album. It is the definative paul Di'ano song. 10/10

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