Top 10 Underrated James Bond Movies

The films in the series which got undershadowed by the others. The merits of these movies are often underacknowledged due to viewers wanting a certain thing at time of release.

Keep in mind that these films are to be rated in order of how underrated they are - not based on how good they are. Goldfinger, for example, is a great movie, but there's no case for it being underrated since it's consistently rated in the top 5 films by most polls.

The Top Ten

1 Octopussy

It was often seen as one of Moore's duds, but it's only crime was in coming out so late in his over-long career. If it came out 5-10 years earlier, people would have loved it. This movie encapsulates everything I love about Moore, between his charm and humor. Bond chases after a jeweled egg after a clown is murdered. Now isn't that the most bizarre premise ever? Bizarre is good, though. The villain, Khan, is the gentlemanly foil to Moore that Scaramanga never was. It's a colorful and creative movie with plenty of great unique action bits. In one of my favorite scenes in the franchise, Bond defuses a bomb at a circus while wearing a clown suit. - marmalade_skies

I have a real soft spot for this film. It seems to get a lot of hate but I honestly think it was on the most entertaining bonds films in the series.

I love Roger Moore as Bond, but this was in no way one of his best. This and A View To A Kill were pretty by the numbers, but at least AVTAK had Christopher Walken. Louis Jordan - ahh, no.

I couldn't agree more with the top 2 choices here - this and "The Living Daylights". This is one of the most rewatchable Bond movies. Just an excellent film and Roger Moore does a great performance in this. The villains (Orlov and Kamal Khan) are hilarious. It never gets boring - never.

2 The Living Daylights

Like Octopussy, It's just an excellent action movie. Timothy Dalton is great here. The locations are the best we ever had in a Bond movie. The only problem in the movie is that villains are uninteresting. This movie could've been my favorite Bond movie if it had stronger villains. But I love the action, love the gadgets, love the cinematography and it's a great James Bond adventure. Extremely underrated.

A film ahead of its time. This movie set the tone for the modern Bond film. Dalton gave the character lots of energy and intensity, while also making it the closest to Fleming as it's ever been. The plot is complex, astray from the common formula and there's plenty of great action. - marmalade_skies

This was my first Bond film and remains as my favourite of the series. I have always felt it was underrated and seeing it here (in the top 3) is very pleasing to me. It deserves to be ranked with some of the best films in the series, I feel. - BKAllmighty

Solid Bond film with a miscast Bond. Dalton wasn't terrible but never really clicked as 007. Better than ANY of the Brosnan movies however.

3 License to Kill

This movie was the worst-selling Bond because of weak marketing and lots of competition during the month it came out. It's also violent, which audiences didn't like then (but like now). This movie has a totally different plot and tone than your average Bond film. Dalton's portrayal of Bond the second time was even darker and more dangerous. - marmalade_skies

Both Timothy Dalton films are in the top three. I am so happy! - BKAllmighty

Dalton himself was underrated. I love all the Bond actors but probably Dalton the most. - marmalade_skies

Way underrated

4 On Her Majesty's Secret Service

This one has a cult following now, it probably wasn't successful when released because it didn't feature Connery.

It sold less and was criticized for Lazenby's performance, but now, public opinion has been turning around. This movie required a different kind of Bond actor. It has great action scenes, fights, a good story and excellent soundtrack. - marmalade_skies

This is the bond movie with the best ending and the saddest moment in a action film

Classic Bond flick - one of the best soundtracks, one of the best Blofelds, one of the best Bond girls and some of the best action.

5 Live and Let Die

One of the best Roger Moore films and is fresh, witty an exciting, definitely a step up from DAF.

Too silly for some people's tastes perhaps. Any movie with swamps, alligators, sharks, gadgets, tarot cards, voodoo, Harlem night clubs, gangs, and a henchman with a metal claw is pretty good in my book. - marmalade_skies

One of my first and one of my favorites. It's easily one of the most quotable of the entire series, also. - BKAllmighty

This movie rules! Uber 70's Bond and a great introduction to the Roger Moore 007.

6 Tomorrow Never Dies

While GoldenEye' kicked the series back into gear, its successor almost failed to ignite. It's enjoyable villain and outrageous premise have saved it from fading into obscurity, thankfully. Michelle Yeoh was a great Bond Girl, too. - BKAllmighty

This movie was released under the tall shadow of Goldeneye. It has some of the most invigorating action scenes in the series to date, and Bond gets his own remote control car. - marmalade_skies

So drab and forgettable it's unbelievable.

Absolutely terrible.

7 Quantum of Solace

I hated this movie when it first came out. The humorless tone, the shaky-cam scenes, the fact that it was a direct sequel to 'Casino Royale'. Nowadays I consider it to be a middling entry to the series. It has its moments but is, still, a bit dry. - BKAllmighty

I think many people feel the same way. Everyone I talked to, while they don't agree with me that it's a good movie, it went at least from their bottom 5 to the middle. - marmalade_skies

Sandwiched between two monumental movies, this one is often forgotten. I love how this one is minimalist, stripped down, raw, frantic, and quickly paced. Its villain organization is frightening because of how believable it is. - marmalade_skies

Gets better with repeated viewings. Craig is a very close second to Connery in the Bond pantheon.

Underrated. Great acting, action & characters make this a very good follow up to Royale, even if it isn't as good. - Mrveteran

8 The World is Not Enough

If it's guilty of anything it is of being boring. If you can get past the excessively-long dialogue scenes it's still a worthwhile waste of 2 hours. - BKAllmighty

This is the better Pierce Brosnan bond film along with Goldeneye.

NO Brosnan performance is gritty ( or competent ).

It's far from perfect, but it has a unique story, some plot twists, great villains and it's Brosnan's grittiest performance. - marmalade_skies

9 Moonraker

One of my favorite Bond movies. The centrifuge scene is one of the best in the whole series and one of the ( few ) times you feel 007 is in real danger of dying - the whole film is surprisingly dark and violent in places which balances the large doses of humour nicely. Moore's best turn as Bond.

Moonraker is so underrated. My favourite Bond movie. Casino Royale can't be in this list. The movie is too overrated and it sucks.

Right after Goldfinger is my favorite, Moonraker is my second favorite, it's silly but very entertaining.

This film is what got my father interested in the series. - BKAllmighty

10 Spectre

Calling Spectre the most underrated Bond film is in my opinion an understatement. Sure it doesn't have the highs of Casino Royale and Skyfall but neither the lows of Quantum Of Solace. From the very first scene til the last one I was rivetted. It was impecabbly well made with an intriguing story, once again terrific performances, well helmed action set pieces and it was tied pretty well with previous films without feeling rushed. The only big issue I personally found with this movie was mostly how it handled the main villain of the movie. Pushing that aside, I thought it was terrific. Okay, it was a tad bit underwhelming compared to Skyfall but MY WORD it is nowhere NEAR as awful as so many people are making out to be. - Johnny1248

Spectre is brilliant - it''s incredibly hard to reintroduce the likes of Spectre, including the way it operates and especially the character of Blofeld, without making it generic, but Spectre manages it. Daniel Craig is awesome, Christophe Waltz is terrific, Bautista is a badass and Ralph Fiennes as M is amazing.

I'm a big Waltz fan to the end, but the magic just didn't happen here. Waltz was only in 7 or 8 scenes. He wasn't an intimidating villain at all and seemed quite petty. And by the end, I felt like he was disposed of all too easily. - marmalade_skies

Seriously better than the overrated Skyfall. Second best Craig Bond after Casino Royale.

I'm going to have to see it again to gain a fuller opinion on it since the first (and only) time I saw it I wasn't especially thrilled about it. - BKAllmighty

The 2nd time I saw it pretty much validated my opinion. The first two acts were cool, but the third act still sucked. - marmalade_skies

The Contenders

11 A View to a Kill

It was sort of a silly send-off for Moore since he really aged in between Octopussy and this one, but it was a fun time at the movies and still is. - BKAllmighty

Everyone says this one is bad but it's my favorite

12 Dr. No

How can you argue with the first?

It's dated. That's its trouble. The series didn't really know what direction to go in until 'Goldfinger' so it doesn't feel as confident in itself as it should. - BKAllmighty

Connery's best

..because its crap?

13 The Man with the Golden Gun

The most underrated of the entire series. Christopher lee is the best villain of the series and steals the show.

Honestly this film receives way to much hate and should definitely be in the top three spots.

14 You Only Live Twice

Total total classic! Why do you think Austin Powers stole so much from it? Goldfinger, From Russia With Love and YOLT top 3 Connery movies baby. " Is it a hollowed out volcano like I asked for? "

Austin Powers is the worst novel. but James Bond is great

Yeah Baby!

15 Goldeneye

the best.

Looks like Eric Bischoff - EliHbk

16 Die Another Day

We're in a gritty realism era but once that subsides, people may like this one. It's not a great movie but it's not as awful as many make it out to be. For all it's faults, it lots of color, action, set pieces and cool gadgets. - marmalade_skies

It's goofy as anything but, I feel, that adds to its charm. At the time of its release its negative reception was understandable but I think time will improve upon its likability. - BKAllmighty

17 For Your Eyes Only

The last great Roger Moore 007. Back to basics for Bond with an engaging plot, villian, and, for my money, THE most beautiful Bond girl in Carole Bouquet. Some of the best witty dialogue as well!

18 Casino Royale (1967)

It's an unofficial parody that's totally different than the other Bond movies. While most Bond movies have a rigid formula, this one is total chaos and absurdity. And there's 7 James Bonds in it. - marmalade_skies

19 Casino Royale (2006)

Everyone loves this one. How is it underrated? - BKAllmighty

NOT underrated.

I Didn't Know It Was That Popular
Don't Hate Me For Putting This Here

20 Diamonds are Forever

" Well, he certainly left with his tail between his legs! "

The Cruise Ship Room Service finale scene with the two evil sidekicks.Classic!

Very good and underrated Bond film. Very clever use of a hidden villain who turns out to be Blofeld who Bond thought he killed. The start is a natural followup to the sad end of On Her Majesty's Secret Service (which is also a great film but generally now highly rated but was for years another underrated film) and Bond thinks he has killed Blofeld. After that, we have Bond up against diamond thieves Franks, Wint and Kidd who are leaving a trail of killings from South Africa to the Netherlands and onto the United States.

Some great action scenes especially the Amsterdam fight and the usual climax. It is left to the imagination whether Blofeld is killed or not in the end. The pretitle revenge sequence and the killing of Wint and Kidd by Bond at the very end where we see blood and a man set on fire are the most violent scenes in a Bond film to date. The intention was he was due back perhaps but was not due to a legal dispute to use the character.

21 The Spy Who Loved Me

Best Roger Moore era film, Jaws the best henchman. - IronSabbathPriest

Prime Roger Moore and underrated by no-one!

22 Skyfall

The movie gets too much hate from Casino Royale fanboys.

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