Top 10 Most Underrated Kanto Pokemon

Some people may not know bug these pokemon actully are good I have gotten a few and they did great!

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1 Surskit

Surskit evolves to the so called rare masquerin is actully not rare unless you want to find a wild one, just get surskit and if will evolve I forgot when but you can check it on the pokedex

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2 Zubat Zubat

Zubat evolves into golbat at level 22 it is an amazingly powerful Pokemon when it is golbat and if it's happy it will go even further to Crobat which I haven't gotten but it has very high stats

I used Zubat in all the Pokemon games I've played! He was awesome! It also became a level.100 in my Heartgold Series. So why hate this OP Pokemon?

Stupid annoying thing in a cave

3 Oddish Oddish

If you find an oldish which has already learned acid it's already powerful when it reaches 21 it evolves to gloom a little more powerful
( by the way I'm rating this list on the most powerful underrated Pokemon)

4 Rattata Rattata

Rattata may be weak to begin with but when it levels up to raticate it gets extreme power it is like a boxing rat moves like sucker punch and quick attack are going to do tons of damage!

5 Lapras Lapras

Lapras is an OP and hard to catch Pokemon it is highin hp power and defense and is huge also lapras is not a weak water type some people just catch it get a new Pokemon and put in the pc bug people who know it is powerful train it up.

6 Bellsprout

Bellsprout again is like oddish but this time it is different it learns acid on 24 which is after evolving to weepinbell at level 21.

7 Magikarp Magikarp

Magikarp umm I don't know what to say has to be ONE OF THE WEAKEST Pokemon EVER but fill that xp enough to level 20 and you have a total stat 540 BEAST called gyarados I guess most people know that anyways

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8 Torterra Torterra

The least liked starter in the history of starters just increases the sinnoh regions reputation of having the worst starters.

Fire Pokemon?
Water Pokemon?
Grass type move.
Every Pokemon has a counter.

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9 Raichu Raichu
10 Butterfree Butterfree

I don't know what to say its good when you start that's all.

Butterfree is super underrated, at least if you consider using it in FR/LG.
If you get creative like I did, you can use it to Sleep Powder and entire team with its Compoundeyes ability and Whilrwind, then Dream Eater all of them or switch out to a more viable pokemon to get the job done. Makes for an excellent support/back-up.

The Contenders

11 Sableye Sableye

Do your research people before you hit enter

Its cry is cool. It sounds like its saying "Turn it up" - Goatworlds

All I can say is its one of the two Pokemon that are ghost/dark type making them the best defensively the other is spiritomb, but another good thing is in pixelmon this Pokemon drops diamonds :D.

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12 Tentacool
13 Ivysaur
14 Wartortle
15 Golbat Golbat
16 Darmanitan

People may think this is one of the worst fire types but they might have missed out the fact that It can become a psychic type that has 540 base stats.

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17 Pinsir Pinsir

Pretty good its stats are as good as I think scyther haven't really studied this Pokemon that much but I know its good.

18 Chansey

Some may not accept the fact the blissey has the most health out of all Pokemon this is kinda the same problem as clefable since it can only learn good moves like metronome.

19 Celebi Celebi

This little guy may not have the same move pool as mew but still stats are same still it lives in mews shadow.

20 Feebas

It's the same case as magikarp this ugly fish with 200 base stats evolves into a 540 base stat beast although this time the ugly turns into something that was named after Venus the milo.

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