The Most Underrated Keane Songs


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1 Can't Stop Now Can't Stop Now

It is just too good to be beaten what a great song absolutely love it.

Seriously good song the best by keane by a long long way

Really amazing song it is so cool I love it.

I love this song its by far one of my faviroute keane songs - Legend1221

2 The Starting Line The Starting Line

I love this song it helps me through everything it is very meaningful and to me is their best song they have ever written if you listen to this song it will make you want to vote for it because you'll know it's their best song and that it deserves to be number 1 ahead of everything else - Willj

Such a great song helps me drag my heart up to the starting line!

Really should be number 1 with sunshine in second

3 Untitled 1 Untitled 1

What an amazing song this one will blow you away

Its just insanely good

So cool blows me away

This is a true gem

4 On a Day Like Today

So good the best song ever

Amazing vocals from tom

This is the best keane song t is completely underrated and I love it so much. It is not very well heard of but if you give it a chance it will surprise you - littlekid

5 We Might As Well Be Strangers

What a song amazing lyrics and piano.

This list should go:
1.we might as well be strangers
2.can't stop now
3.allemande are young
5.Better than this.

Really good song better than every song on this list put tougether

super song

6 Put It Behind You

So amazing! love keane and really really love this song it should be number 1 with sunshine second.

7 Leaving So Soon?

This was the first song I ever heard from Keane and I fell in love immediately! This song will be my forver-favourite. <3 Thank you

This song is so good come on everyone it deserves a much better place on this list

8 Sunshine
9 In Your Own Time
10 Sea Fog

The Contenders

11 Allemande

So amazing love it so much - Legend1221

12 Playing Along

My faviroute keane songs
1.playing along it any wonder
3.nothing in my way
4.we might as well be strangers
5.somewhere only we know

13 You Don't See Me

"You don't see me" is to Keane what "With or without you" is to U2, but really underrated.
Precious song. - Alfonsofo

14 Tear Up This Town
15 Atlantic
16 Stop for a Minute
17 She Has No Time

Seriously this song deserves to at least be in the top 10 its awesome

Wow an amazing song by an amazing band. - Legend1221

Come on this is their best song

Best song ever written

18 On the Road

What an incredible song really is too good should be number 1 without a doubt. - littlekid

19 Snowed Under
20 Again and Again
21 Black Burning Heart
22 Looking Back
23 You are Young
24 Won't Be Broken

Amazing song upbeat and blows me away this is my faviroute keane song that deserves to be higher because it is very underrated at least it appears on the best of keane album just vote for this song so it can be put where it deserves to be-the top of this list.

How is this song not number 1 its just unreal and keane's finest song

Such a cool song deserves to be number 1 with put it behind you in 2nd.

25 Your Eyes Open
26 Wolf at the Door
27 Russian Farmer's Song
28 Thin Air
29 The Lovers are Losing
30 Myth

Love everything about this song well done keane you've created a masterpiece here.

Beautiful song love it so much it is really amazing - littlekid

This song is amazing it is truely the best keane song and possibly the best song ever.

31 Walnut Tree
32 Time to Go
33 My Shadow
34 Clear Skies
35 The Way You Want It
36 Watch How You Go

Such a good song love it

Really nice song

37 Higher Than the Sun
38 Better Than This

Amazing song really gets to me

39 Closer Now
40 Perfect Symmetry
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1. Can't Stop Now
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