Most Underrated Kiss Albums


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1 Music from The Elder

Kiss made a Prog Rock Medieval Concept album that for some reason people hated and it was a commercial failure but I find this album better than almost all the 70s Kiss albums because it's a lot more complex and the concept is good haven't seen much medieval concept albums in prog rock especially done by a band as big as Kiss - christangrant

2 Revenge

In my opinion their best album all the songs are great too bad it gets overlooked because "there is no makeup" which sums up half of the 80s albums from Kiss - christangrant

3 Lick It Up

Deserves to be known for more than just the title track - christangrant

4 Animalize

Pretty much the same case as Lick It Up known for only Heaven's on Fire although in my opinion I've Had Enough (Into the Fire) is better. Also one of Kiss heaviest albums. - christangrant

5 Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions

Kiss played a grunge/alternative rock album in the 90s which ill give them credit they did it better than Def Leppard did with Slang. - christangrant

6 Asylum

None of the songs from this album are well known the most popular is Tears are Falling which was the single and its still not that well known. - christangrant

7 Crazy Nights

Just like Lick It Up there's more good songs other than the title track - christangrant

8 Hot in the Shade

This album contains the only song where Eric Carr sang lead vocals (although he did sing a version of Beth) Little Caesar was that song while I do think this album is a bit too long there are some good ones like Rise to It and Forever which is a good ballad - christangrant

9 Monster
10 Sonic Boom

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11 Dynasty

Lots of people consider Dynasty a disco album which really annoys me! Listen to it sometime, there is only one true disco song and two maybe, borderline disco songs. The rest is good ol’ pop rock.

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