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UKISS is a phenomenally talented group that was formed in 2008. To this day, their own Country shuns them but Japan has adopted them as their own. As a consequence they sing, record & perform in languages & are active in Japan all year round and the rest of the world (Vietnam, Budokan, Europe, South & North America. When they say International they mean it. Their voices are incredible, their dance moves extraordinary, and they LOVE their fans. They still act like anyone else & talk to their fans in public places (not a planned event) No holier than thou- I'm an idol ego. Down to earth, extremely talented boys WHO deserve MUCH more recognition than they've ever gotten. As their Leader Soohyun said: we do this for our fans. If we only had one fan left we'd still go and perform for that fan. Fans are why we are here. And they deserve more!

I barely heard they got awards...

I've been a kpopers for few years and I've only know them after my 4th years. I sort off fell for them since then. They're really talented. It really frustating when people won't even notice them no matter how hardworking,talented,and down-to-earth they are. I'm upset because nowadays people can get famous easily just because of looks or money. I really hope U-KISS will get more chance to show their talent in Korea as much as they do in Japan.

Ukiss is genuinely one of my favourite kpop groups - because they're talented and have fulfilled their purpose of being international. they're super underrated in korea, but considerably famous in other areas of the world! also, they've been around 8 years and only won one award - not a lot of groups would stay around as long as them with that amount of recognition. I think ukiss is really a strong unit and the members are really dedicated to the group so that's what makes the small family that ukiss has created so strong

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2 F(x) F(x)

F (x) definitely needs more recognition because they have been doing experimental way before 2ne1 or any other groups that are trying the style. They are amazingly talented especially Luna, the most underrated K-Pop star ever.

For real, look at Nu ABO, Rum Pum Pum Pum, Red Light, and their newest comeback (after losing a member! ) 4 Walls.

Fx is so underrated.. I hate went they does not have many spotlight (concert, tour) compared to their senior and junior (exo, snsd, suju).. Hope they got more spotlight for their upcoming comeback.. They are really talented and bring different dimension in kpop induatry with their experimental concept.. I love evey one of them especially Luna & Victoria..

I swear this is a very talented group.WHY SM why do you have to make such talents go to waste? It was a luck Song Qian decides to debut solo in China

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3 Topp Dogg

They're so good and barely anyone talks about them? They've been around for quite some times now and their (amazing) albums were ignored since many other artists debuted at the same time as them! DEFINITELY deserve more fans.

After all they've gone through with Stardom, these boys need more recognition and attention for their relentlessness. They are truly talented with amazing music!

Sadly some of the guys left...BUT THEY HAD A RECENT COMEBACK AND IT WAS SO GOOD! They are seriously such talented and amazing guys

One of my bias groups. They need better management and recognition. The music they produce is amazing.

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After their debut, I think that people forgot how awesome, talented and amazing they are!

I personally love Nu'est and all their members. Their new album, Q is, deserves more attention! In addition, Overcome is the bomb. NU'EST FIGHTING!

Yeah! Ohh come on they deserve more popularities and support!

This group was more famous than EXO before but Pledis messed them up. They deserve more.

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Solji honestly has one of the best vocals in the kpop industry, but is often overshadowed, her voice is truly a beauty, plus it is also powerful which is what a lot of the idols that people consider as the best singers lack. Her performance of Maria on Masked King was amazing, she hits high notes perfectly and in one part it almost sounds autotuned because her control is just that good. Hyerin also has a very nice voice, Junghwa is actually an amazing dancer though she doesn't get to show that often (if you look up Junghwa dance practice on YouTube you'll find a great video) she's a genuinely amazing dancing with a lot of flow and skill that you might not usually find in girl groups. While Hani is known for her visuals, she has an incredible yet underrated voice, because their songs are in higher pitches while her voice suits lower tones. Check out her performance on Masked King too! She is a good singer, with a honey-like intoxicating voice. LE is a great rapper, with her underground ...more


6 My Name

Their single "Message" is one of the best songs of 2011, and maybe that song could be in Top 10 best dance/electronic songs in k-pop. But then, 2 years letter the song "Baby, I'm Sorry" melted my heart. It is so emotional, nice, beautiful, meaningful, but also SO UNDERRATED! It has only 400k views on YouTube, it falls from charts fast, doesn't have that much downloads, but it deserves MORE! Critics just talk about how much blood is in that video! That's so mean. I feel sorry about so talented, original, beautiful, handsome band - MYNAME! HWAITING!

Beat band ever

My ultimate bias group. Myname is extremely underrated for how much talent they have, in vocals (Insoo, Gunwoo), dancing (None of the members are lacking, Seyong even did a back handspring in Message), and just overall attitude (They are very honest, respectful, and grateful for the small fanbase they have, yet they are cheerful, funny, and interesting to watch).

One of the reason they are not popular is that their songs are much more emotional than the songs produced from the typical popular boy groups. I'm not bashing any other groups here, but MyName songs are just so much meaningful than the average song on the top of kpop charts.

They have a strong fanbase in Japan, but not in Korea. Their Japanese albums are wonderful. A reason why their Korean songs are not as popular is that MYNAME experiments. Their style ranges from hip-hop to R&B and the normal kpop.

7 Speed

Did you have to see their choreography

Almost nobody knows about these's so sad

This group is amazing, their elements within their dances are heavily original, their dances are eye-catching and mesmerizing. Their vocals are powerful and inspiring. They deserve more attention. Even though they have disbanded please continue to support them as well as their individual activities. Fighting!

Some Of My Favorite Songs
β€’ Look At Me Now
β€’ Don't Tease Me!
β€’ What U

8 Wonder Girls Wonder Girls

I think after Sunye's wedding and pregnancy people start forgetting about Wonder Girls. They are so talented and what they need is a comeback. I, as a wonderful is faithfully waiting for their comeback and is not even sure that they might have a comeback or even might face the breaking up of Wonder Girls since 4 members contract are ending next year. But I do hope they don't break up because they are one of the groups that brought the kpop scene internationally and not to mention the number of hit songs they produced and the dances that is always being covered by so many idols. So I really hope they continue and RECEIVE THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE.

They have so many awesome songs, but I think that their best dance anthem is "Like Money" and even AKON made song with them. Not with SNSD, not with 2NE1, not with F (x) - with WONDER GIRLS! I love them so much. People have to understand someone's hard work and, not only to understand, but to respect it!

They are amazing, they really are underrated

9 Teen Top Teen Top

Although Teen Top has a decent size fanbase, they are still considered underrated in comparison to their releases. In fact, their previous singles: "Crazy", "To You", "Miss Right", "Rocking", "Missing" and "I'm Sorry" were more than enough to showcase their incredible vocals, and impressive & unique dances. But only that, their personality is also extremely entertaining, and they are just a groups of people who enjoy what we do. Go watch their Weekly Idol series, they are fantastic.

Teen top have some of the most difficult choreography in by a lot
Nahh this angers me so much
And have you heard them live seriously they sound like a recording no lie
Watch them live and dancing then come back later

10 JYJ

JYJ is a talented group but they are not given the recognition they deserve because of SM entertainment they can't be on music show to prompt their songs or albums. The talented artists along with their unique music are underrated due to the block. Even though outside of Asia JYJ is known for their phenomenal talent but they deserve more recognition in their own country South Korea.

JYJ isn't underrated. It's just that people always don't refer to them as JYJ, but DBSK. Cassiopeia supports them and you all know how strong is Cassiopeia, but they always refer them as DBSK. It's because the fans still keep the faith that DBSK will be ot5 again. JYJ have the best vocals in the whole industry, not to mention owning the most expensive and fastest cars too. They are talented in acting too, just see how Yoochun won so many awards as an actor. I heard that JYJ isn't allowed to appear on the 3 major entertainment production companies: KBS, MBC etc. So they are not supposed to be called underrated just because they don't appear on music shows etc.

JYJ is my BFF's. I can't let them be underrated, because of SM Entertainment!

Fallen leaves, W, Itsu datte kimi ni... They once known as some of the BEST S. Korea has to offer with Dong Bang Shin ki. Yet, they weren't even featured in this, this just proves how underrated they are.

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11 Nine Muses

Most of the groups here are pretty popular but Nine Muses have yet to have their big break. I don't know why because all their songs (maybe not no playboy) are really good like Glue, Dolls, Drama and Hurt Locker. They have good singers, dancers and rappers which make them an all rounded group. They NEED to be more popular

A fantastic girl group where all the members can sing. They perform really good live and have many good songs. They don't only have model body, they are also really talented.

For the love of God, give them first place! I know that it sounds biased, but they ARE a hardworking group and to prove it, just watch their documentary "9muses of Star Empire"

I can't stand this underratedness! πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ˜©πŸ‘‹πŸΌThey NEEED to be more popular this instant! They are not just model-idols with beautiful bodies and faces. Their singing and rapping skills are flawless just as their hit songs. The best part is that also their non-title tracks are good aswelI as they have a song for each mood. Namu, hwaiting! ✊🏼

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12 Girl's Day

I love them so much

Instead of Hyuna's "Bubblepop", I think that GDs "Twinkle Twinkle" is the best bubblepop song of all time in South Korea!

I really love them! ^^ They're maybe look like they want popularity but they deserve it! They're pretty, cute and talented! I really really love Girl's Day ^^


13 Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.
14 Boyfriend

I know that I'm a new BestFriend, and all I can say from all the research I have done is that: It's tremendously unfair! Starship should be giving them spotlight too! They should be fair and help Boyfriend reach their dreams. I know for the past years, Boyfriend has been doing their very best to reach their goals and dreams. I think they deserve more than what they have received. I seriously think they need more recognition since not only are they gifted with talent and looks, they have a kind heart too. I know I am in no position to say this since I clearly do not know them too well to exactly claim that they are what I am pointing out. But with how they are doing their best despite the lack of love they should have recieved... I know they deserve more

They have great songs and had been out in the industry for 3 years already

Honestly they are so talented. I don't know why they aren't more popular...

Boyfriend diserves more regonizations from people because they are very talented. They should not be underrated.

15 Ladies Code

This is really a underrated group that deserves a bit more attention.

Ladies Code is really underrated, but one of my favorite groups. Unfortunatly they haven't released many songs since their debut in 2013, but the songs released are awesome. I just adore Ashleys and Sojungs powerful vocal abilitys.
Before the horrific accident back in 2014, they were already producing very catchy and powerful songs. My favorites from that time are Kiss Kiss, their debut song Bad Girl or So Wonderful. After one year of hiatus, because of the happenings.. They came back as a trio. With deep lyrics and aestheticly music videos. Their two recent albums were really great to listen to, for example The Rain or Chaconne have smoothering sounds. they're really special with ballad and more bubbly songs and I personally hope that they will impress us with a more powerful comeback soon!
Fighting Lavelys! β™₯

16 B.A.P

They are so talented but yet don't get as much love as others

17 Tablo

Epik High as a whole is very underrated.. Yet so good, their lyrics is pure genius, and they talk about real problems like social illness and such - Mary_Dawa

TABLO IS AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS. He definitely deserves more attention and more appreciation.

He is the best rapper in K-pop. Just take a look on the lyrics he write. That man is a GENIUS!

18 Ailee Ailee Amy Lee (born May 30, 1989), better known by her stage name Ailee, is an American singer based in South Korea. She is signed to YMC Entertainment in South Korea and Warner Music in Japan. more.

I absolutely love this girl. Her vocals blow me away. She's probably my favorite kpop solo artist. Check out her music if you haven't yet. QUEEN. Enough said.

Queen! Makes me want to power walk

19 24K

My boys are so talented! they make their own music and choreo, they have even produced for other artists (cheetah). They have so much charisma and talent and it hurts that I might as well be the leader of their fan club because no one knows them! Also their separate members have released some AMAZING mixtapes, stuff like that. I just want them to get the recognition they deserve before it's too late :(
PLEASE show 24k some support with me! Check them out, you won't regret it! Also if you want more info on them you can ask me.

20 Se7en

When I Can't Sing, Better Together, Somebody Else... These songs are truly beautiful and SE7EN as an male artist Is really, like REALLY handsome and I think that Koreans don't understand that he's maybe one of the prettiest and the most nature singer in new-age k-pop culture.

I don't know people these day, younger fans don't know him but know Rain. Please, these two guys just amazing in their time and always be.

He can do the whole thing of boygroups in a ONE-MAN-show. Singing and dancing alone without splitting parts solely alone perfectly. I mean the most boygroup members are already talented, but a person being able to pull of this alone is just super rare. He's definitely super underrated either in Korea or internationaly.

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