Most Underrated Lady Gaga Songs

The Top Ten

1 Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Cover Art
2 Mary Jane Holland Mary Jane Holland Cover Art

One of my favorites from ARTPOP! - PandasNGaga

3 Dance in the Dark Dance in the Dark Cover Art

Phew! I'm glad this is firmly positioned at number one. - theOpinionatedOne

4 Fashion! Fashion! Cover Art
5 Again Again Again Again Cover Art
6 Dancin' in Circles Dancin' in Circles Cover Art
7 Heavy Metal Lover Heavy Metal Lover Cover Art
8 Donatella Donatella Cover Art

This song is a bop! - PandasNGaga

9 Government Hooker Government Hooker Cover Art
10 Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Cover Art

An underrated, 80's sounding song.

The Contenders

11 Paper Gangsta

Absolutely love this song. Very underrated. - PandasNGaga

12 So Happy I Could Die
13 Artpop Artpop Cover Art
14 Rain on Me Rain on Me Cover Art
15 Americano Americano Cover Art

I love this song! - PandasNGaga

16 Gypsy Gypsy Cover Art
17 Bad Kids Bad Kids Cover Art

A very underrated song! - PandasNGaga

18 G.U.Y G.U.Y Cover Art
19 Starstruck

Such an underrated song! - PandasNGaga

20 Monster Monster Cover Art

Definitely the most underrated Gaga song. I love it! - PandasNGaga

21 Teeth

Definitely underrated. - PandasNGaga

This song is a bop!

22 Aura Aura Cover Art

What an underrated and misjudged song! - PandasNGaga

23 Speechless Speechless Cover Art
24 I Like It Rough
25 Summerboy

Such an underrated song! - PandasNGaga

The chorus is unreal

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