Top Ten Most Underrated Languages

The Top Ten
1 Portuguese

This has always been one of my favourite languages. So pleasant to listen to

The fact that popular romancel anguages dominate the list goes to show the quality

2 German

It is so poetic and interesting. I love listening to German.

3 French
4 Korean

K-Pop and it fans are spreading this language so?

Definitely underrated - FerrariDude64

5 Italian
6 Japanese

Not underrated due to anime.

They copied chinese

Haiku is beautiful poem.

Beautiful language. so cute!

7 Russian

Go russia

8 Hungarian
9 Finnish
10 Chinese

The original Chinese is the real Chinese and much better than any dialect of modern Chinese.

It gets a lot of beef for sounding harsh and being hecka hard to learn, but it's a beautiful language with a 5,000 year old culture symbolized within its characters. - keycha1n

The Contenders
11 Spanish
12 Tamil
13 Pashto

Beautiful language. The language of warriors. - ThatOneDude

14 Norwegian
15 Navajo
16 English

It's the universal language so why is this on the list?

17 Lithuanian

It's one of the best - darthvadern

18 Bengali
19 Romanian
20 Turkish
21 Persian
22 Arabic
23 Danish
24 Bosnian
25 Amharic
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