Top 10 Most Underrated League of Legends Champions

The Top Ten

1 Sion

Heavy damage and insane lifesteal.

2 Quinn

High damage output, blind, and great mobility.

3 Urgot

Urgot only needs to land an E and his Q will lock on to enemies. With a muramana, Urgot's damage becomes insane. Still a bit hard to fit into the current meta.

4 Poppy

Cannot be bursted, and can avoid lots of damage, while dealing tons of damage to enemies.

5 Viktor

Has good damage potential, and good AOE abilities. Sometimes struggles with range though.

6 Heimerdinger

Can put lots of pressure on lane opponents in laning phase. Has good level 6 burst damage, and has the best zonyas baits in the game with turrets.

7 Kog'Maw

Currently incredibly strong with the recent changes. Has the longest attack range in the game with his W.

8 Maokai

With the recent changes, Maokai is even stronger.

9 Corki

Has good poke with ult, and a good escape.

10 Sejuani

Great in teamfights, with all the AOE.

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