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1 Achilles Last Stand

Second best Led Zeppelin song only to Stairway to Heaven of course, this song is great. Easily most underrated. "the mighty arms of Atlas hold the heavens from the earth, " classic. - AchillesLastStand

It was really close in my opinion between this and ten years gone. The latter nails the guitar solo. Achilles last stand really takes you on a journey. It has so many awesome quality the guitar and drum riffs are the beginning of metal music (yes I know iron maiden came out a few months prior to the release of this song)

thank god people finnaly get me it not only the most underrated led zeppelin song its also the greatest. - russian

Incredible song, only ignored because it's in their later albums, and I think that all the later albums are fantastic too, in through the out door is one of my favorite albums, I can't believe people don't like it.

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2 Ten Years Gone

My favourite piece of music by the greatest band of all time. This song is unbelievably touching, it can leave one literally in tears. Some of Jimmy page's best work in overdubbing, he used over TEN different guitar tracks in this song. The most essential piece of music on Physical Graffiti. This song will always hold a special place in my heart.

This is one of Zeppelin's most personal and emotional songs and it shows with its beautiful song writing and build up. - _Quiet_Riot_

Give it a listen if you haven't already, and you will know for sure why this is their #1 underrated song.

You can dream of anything your imagination can think of while listening to Jimmy lay it down...

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3 When the Levee Breaks

Great song but it's considered by many one of their best so it's not really underrated - Ajkloth

The fact that it isn't #1 on every single list proves that it's underrated. - Beatlesboy9

This is not Underrated although to be honest none of Led Zeppelins songs are Underrated - christangrant

This is not underrated! Every zep fan knows this song. And yes, it's another great classic!

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4 How Many More Times

The riff explains itself

This is literally the most underrated song ever made. I LOVE THIS SONG. It's like a sequel to dazed and confused but longer and (dare I say) better!

Every live concert of this beautiful rock somphony is orchestrated in a diffrent unique way. Lyrics can't be more true as well

SO GOOD. amazing drums and guitar riffs. Absolute must listen

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5 Thank You

I think this is their second most underrated after Achilles Last Stand.

My wedding song, hands down the best song ever!

Great lyrics and guitar

The best

6 Bring It on Home

Great blues intro then Page's guitar riff blasts it away

Love blues song with little country touch, and old days fame of harmonica use and of course not to forget bonham's awesome work.
It's worth to listen dude!

Agreed. This track never gets played anywhere. It wasn't a single and isn't widely celebrated. Totally underrated!

The second most underrated song, behind How Many More Times
I love the bass/harmonica intro and then the explosion of the riff - Rocker00

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7 The Rover

Awesome dirty blues riff followed by a astonishing yet simple chorus (+ an incredible solo - goes without saying for any Zeppelin track)

This one should be in top 10. I guess this song is REALLY underrated laugh out loud

So it's even underrated in terms of an underrated songs, wow

Out of a mass selection of classic songs this is my favourite. I don't even why exactly,but I never tire of this one.saw a cover band do it years ago and took it to another everthing in a song I love.

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8 No Quarter

Brilliant riff, brilliant vocals with great dreamy effects, completely underrated

John Paul Jones at his finest, especially the Song Remains the Same version, with Jonesy's "Fantasy Sequence", as a keyboard/guitar player, I feel that this is a song that represents the culmination of Zeppelin's keyboard-led era. - BlackJesus75

Absolutely the most dark, real, and emotional song I've ever heard

Very dark and very atmospheric; touching and thrilling.

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9 Tangerine

Still underrated on the underrated list - zxm

Great using of the pedal steel guitar. - zxm

Beautiful melody, very under rated.

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. it's so underrated though

10 In the Light

Never gets any attention commercially. Plant considers it one of the Led Zeppelin highlights and Page rates it the best track on Physical Graffiti. Musically brilliant, contains progressive rock elements. You can hear Yes' influence on Plant's high notes and King Crimson's on threading keyboards. Really gets stuck to your head, amazing mood setter.

My favorite song by them 100%. I love the slow yet victorious feel of the whole song.

A follow-up to Stairway in the lyric wise. Stairway to Heaven part 2

Their finest moment.

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11 The Ocean

Severely underrated. The riff is so powerful and gets you pumped up immediately.

Such an amazing song. Great Riff. Great Playing

Just a great song

Greeat guitars in this song! Very underrated, for me, one of their best

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12 Out on the Tiles

Syncopated and heavy, a beast of a hard rock song with a melodic chorus.

I really wonder why this didn't catch on... (? )

It should be more known. It's so joyfull and musically perfect, a great song by Led Zeppelin.

This is possibles the best Led Zep song

13 Moby Dick

This is so underrated. The version at Royal Albert Hall makes it one of my favourites

14 What is and What Should Never Be

One of their best

At first I wasn't sure it was a zep song, but that's what makes it so great. No in your face guitar riff, no unique drum groove, hell you barely hear anything out of JPJ either. But the out of nowhere chorus, and mysterious lyrics are what make it such a hidden gem. Too bad it had to follow whole lotta love (easily most overrated zep song) - Ledjam17

15 The Rain Song

In my opinion this is the greatest acoustic song of all time and it has such a great strum pattern. Nobody could top Robert's lyrics on this one much different from "the way you squeeze my lemon. "

Yes. The part where the drums come in achieve such a hopeful, emotional sound that is unique to the song - ert1timm

Almost a progressive rock song. - zxm

This is the definition of "underrated."
I love Led Zeppelin, and I've listened to all of their songs and albums but this one takes the cake.
The wonderful guitar work, Plant's vocals, Bonham's drums in the middle and the lovely John Paul Jones...this song is a masterpiece.

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16 Communication Breakdown

This song inspired Johnny Ramone to play punk riffs. Johnny Ramone inspired James Hetfield to thrash metal riffs through his punk riffs. So, one way or other, this song is connected to thrash metal. - zxm

17 Four Sticks

Should definitely be up higher on the list. Awesome riff and great bass line. I bet you played this song for people and they could never tell you the name of it.

Unbelievably good song. Should be up there with Kashmir and Stairway

Great song, well they all are

Sorry folks but like this song more than Black Dog and Rock and Roll in Led Zeppelin IV. - malamJONES

18 Living Loving Maid

This one should be an all time classic! Epic riff!

Great song but not underrated.

Definitely. This is the song that got me into the band at a young age. I love it.

Epic riff, epic vocals, just amazing. My favourite led zeppelin song.

19 Going to California

Super relaxing and the mesh of calm guitars is beautiful. Like any other Led song the lyrics are enchanting! I couldn't believe this hadn't been added

I really don't think this song is underrated by Zep fans!

20 Fool in the Rain

I didn't even know this was so underrated! I love this song so much, I though everyone who knew Led Zeppelin knew this song!

WELL, There's a light in your eye that keeps shining... Like a star that can't wait for the night... I hate to think I've been blinded, baby...

An INCREDIBLY underrated song. Sure it's not typical Led Zeppelin but that doesn't matter. Certainly the best song on In Through The Out Door.

Underrated maybe 10 or 15 years ago but in Orlando its one of the most played Zepp songs on the radio today (2013)

Why is this so low?! This has to be their most underrated!

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