Most Underrated Live-Action Disney Movies

I just recently had this idea, even though I should have made it a lot sooner. If you know me you'll know which live-action Disney movie is going to be #1 for me.

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1 Gordy

Not just the most underrated Disney movie, but the most underrated of all movies ever made.

Come on, there's gotta be more underrated movies. - RockFashionista

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2 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Not underrated at all, got pretty good reviews actually.

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3 The Parent Trap (1998)

Ah, the memories of seeing this movie as a six year old and being fascinated by the concept of long lost twins. I believed I had one for a year after seeing this. - RockFashionista

This is one of my favorite kid's movie! I adore it! - MontyPython

Loved it since I was a child. Lindsay Lohan was great. Best Disney remake of all time.

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4 Flight of the Navigator

It's amazing. Disney1994, you should see it. It was my childhood treasure! - RockFashionista

I still need to see this one. It's really good based on what I've heard.

5 Holes

It's good enough to make you forget Disney made it. - Therandom

Probably Disney's best live-action movie of the 21st century.

6 101 Dalmatians

Even if it wasn't as good as the original, it's still really good.

7 Maleficent

Oh my gosh yes. I loved this one plus Aurora gets more screen time and isn't hateable. Please watch this instead of the original movie. It's awesome. - Anonymousxcxc

This movie almost made me cry. That NEVER happens when I watch movies. - RockFashionista

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8 102 Dalmatians

A good sequel to the live-action remake.

9 Flubber

It does not just appeal to children. The tricks are killer!

10 Beverly Hills Chihuahua

I never understood why this one got so much hate from sites like IMDb.

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The Contenders

11 Angels In the Outfield

It's been forever since I've seen this one. It was one of my brother favorites when we were kids. I still remember the trailer from the VHS of The Lion King.

12 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

This one was really good and deserves more attention.

13 Candleshoe

This one doesn't get talked about very often

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