Top Ten Most Underrated Macklemore Songs

Here's a list of the most underrated songs produced by Macklemore. Idea loosely inspired by Propanda. Feel free to add songs you believe should get more attention for their quality that are performed by Macklemore.

The Top Ten

1 Growing Up

Considering how Ed Sheeran's on this, and it's mass acclaim, I'm surprised as to how greatly this flopped - ProPanda

A deep song and is hardly listened to - Hater

2 Wing$

Doesn't quite get the attention it deserves - Hater

3 Drug Dealer

Though it's getting more and more popular, you can't deny it must get the full attention it deserves for such an amazing, honest and meaningful song. - Hater

4 Dance Off

A great upbeat song - Hater

5 White Walls

Still looked over by most people - Hater

6 Neon Cathedral
7 Light Tunnels

Though it's long, it's worth listening to it - Hater

8 Brad Pitt's Cousin

Honestly no words for this one - Hater

9 Need to Know
10 Let's Eat

Come on guys - Hater

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