Most Underrated Mariah Carey Songs


The Top Ten

1 Melt Away

This Song Makes Me Melt Away My Favorite On Daydream - janus.dreyfus

I love love love this song... it's so 90's! Babyface did a wonderful job, Mariah should have released this to radio!

2 Underneath the Stars

So Beautiful I Love This Song - janus.dreyfus

3 Subtle Invitation

This Song Is So Underrated
It Is The Best SOng On Charmbracelet
So Underrated As Ever - janus.dreyfus

4 Petals

"Petals" makes me cry every time I hear it! It's a MASTERPIECE!

5 Fly Like a Bird
6 The Roof
7 Breakdown
8 I Stay In Love
9 Reflections (Care Enough)
10 Against All Odds

So Beautiful But Is This Underrated? - janus.dreyfus

The Newcomers

? The Wind
? Everything Fades Away

The Contenders

11 The Art of Letting Go
12 Bliss
13 Someday

I Feel Like I'm On The 90's When I Hear This Song - janus.dreyfus

14 Through the Rain
15 Make It Happen

I Wonder Why This Song Did'nt Came 1 On Billboard My Favorite On Emotions - janus.dreyfus

16 Whenever You Call

This Should Be #1 In Here And On Billboard - janus.dreyfus

17 Thank God I Found You
18 Babydoll
19 I Want to Know What Love Is
20 Vanishing
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