Most Underrated Mariah Carey Songs


The Top Ten

1 Underneath the Stars Underneath the Stars

Love this song,love you Moo,my mom

So Beautiful I Love This Song - janus.dreyfus

2 Petals Petals

I'm not even a Mariah Carey fan, but I reckon this song it's a beautiful one to be underrated. - CedreticFomento

"Petals" makes me cry every time I hear it! It's a MASTERPIECE!

3 Breakdown Breakdown
4 Reflections (Care Enough)
5 Melt Away

This Song Makes Me Melt Away My Favorite On Daydream - janus.dreyfus

I love love love this song... it's so 90's! Babyface did a wonderful job, Mariah should have released this to radio!

6 Subtle Invitation

This Song Is So Underrated
It Is The Best SOng On Charmbracelet
So Underrated As Ever - janus.dreyfus

7 The Art of Letting Go

This song has such a beautiful message! Love it - taytayxtaytay

8 Fly Like a Bird
9 The Roof

It’s literally her favorite song on her own discography - PugsfromMoon

MASTERPIECE. R&B on its finest. Timeless. Always help me to sleep

10 Bliss

Mariah sing to dolphins, birds and angels. Human don't deserve this song

Simply put: ‘her best’

The Contenders

11 I Stay In Love

The Only Song Who Did'nt Came 1 On Billboard On The Album E=MC2 So Confused Why - janus.dreyfus

12 Through the Rain
13 Everything Fades Away
14 Against All Odds

So Beautiful But Is This Underrated? - janus.dreyfus

15 Someday

I Feel Like I'm On The 90's When I Hear This Song - janus.dreyfus

16 The Wind
17 Thank God I Found You
18 Whenever You Call

This Should Be #1 In Here And On Billboard - janus.dreyfus

19 Make It Happen

I Wonder Why This Song Did'nt Came 1 On Billboard My Favorite On Emotions - janus.dreyfus

20 Triumphant (Get Em')

Very underrated! One of my all times favourite Mariah Carey songs!

21 Babydoll
22 I Want to Know What Love Is
23 Vanishing
24 Circles
25 Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
26 Never Too Far
27 Side Effects
28 Up Out My Face
29 Almost Home
30 I Don't
32 H.A.T.E.U
33 For the Record
34 Heartbreaker
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1. Petals
2. Breakdown
3. Underneath the Stars
1. Subtle Invitation
2. Fly Like a Bird
3. Melt Away


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