Most Underrated Mariah Carey Songs


The Top Ten

1 Subtle Invitation

This Song Is So Underrated
It Is The Best SOng On Charmbracelet
So Underrated As Ever - janus.dreyfus

2 Melt Away

This Song Makes Me Melt Away My Favorite On Daydream - janus.dreyfus

I love love love this song... it's so 90's! Babyface did a wonderful job, Mariah should have released this to radio!

3 Fly Like a Bird
4 The Roof
5 I Stay In Love
6 Against All Odds

So Beautiful But Is This Underrated? - janus.dreyfus

7 Underneath the Stars

So Beautiful I Love This Song - janus.dreyfus

8 Someday

I Feel Like I'm On The 90's When I Hear This Song - janus.dreyfus

9 Make It Happen

I Wonder Why This Song Did'nt Came 1 On Billboard My Favorite On Emotions - janus.dreyfus

10 Whenever You Call

This Should Be #1 In Here And On Billboard - janus.dreyfus

The Contenders

11 Petals

"Petals" makes me cry every time I hear it! It's a MASTERPIECE!

12 Thank God I Found You
13 Babydoll
14 I Want to Know What Love Is
15 Vanishing
16 Circles
17 Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
18 Never Too Far
19 Side Effects
20 Triumphant (Get Em')

Very underrated! One of my all times favourite Mariah Carey songs!

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