Top 10 Most Underrated Mario Spinoff Games

I like the Mario spinoff games, but some of them are just underrated. This list will include Mario Kart, Mario Party and any Mario sports game.

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1 Mario Hoops 3 on 3

This is a very underrated spinoff game and I enjoyed it so far, so good. The gameplay is good and the guest addition of Final Fantasy characters is also a nice touch.

I Am Not a Mario Fan Or Gaming Fan by the way

The Soundtrack is Underrated Too

I Am Still Not a Mario Fan

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2 Mario Sports Mix

Excellent game all around, - DCfnaf

A crossover of my two favorite games - ParkerFang

I have this, and it is AWESOME! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Really great game - Randomator

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3 Mario Party DS

This was actually one of my first Mario party games. It's a lot like the older games. Overall good game

I haven't played it, I hope I can get it for christmas - darthvadern

Speaking of the original Mario Party trilogy, that is much greater and deserves to be on this list for its 64-bit presentation, diverse gameplay and adventurous story in MP3.

4 Super Mario 3D Land

Wow. Holy Crap what an idiot I am. How did I mistake this for a spinoff? I have no idea. - Randomator

This isn't a spin-off it's part of the Super Mario series - BlueSheepYT

Overshadowed by 3D world - Randomator

Excellent game honestly, I loved the music especially - darthvadern

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5 Mario Super Sluggers

We need a Mario Baseball game for the Switch

I agree although it was in Mario sports superstars so it might be a few years - Randomator

Loved this game as a kid

Overall very underrated - Randomator

6 Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
7 Mario Party 9

The best spin-off game, it was the reason I got interested in mario - darthvadern

This game is really hated. Yes it changes up the formula we're all used to but I at least respect it as it's own game.People need to give this game a chance. - Randomator

I don't care if they hate this game. I love it. They hate it because of the competitional factor. - listotaku17

I never hated this game yeah I know it changed the formula (in worse) but it was something new, bad, but still a nice try.

8 is boring, there is not anything special, an onobixious host and mediocre boards, the only pro is the roster. - DaisyandRosalina

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8 Mario Superstar Baseball
9 Mario Kart Super Circuit

Seriously the most underrated Mario kart game. - Randomator

It's better than Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario Kart in my opinion - darthvadern

10 Super Princess Peach

For years people have complained that Peach was a weak, annoying damsel-in-distress, but when Nintendo finally made a game showing her as a strong person then it was hated. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Should've been Super Princess Daisy. Just saying

This games is sexist and if you don't believe me watch the ending. - WendyIsQueen

Mediocre game.

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The Contenders

11 Mario Party 8

Overall a decent Mario party game. A few flaws but still decent - Randomator

The only excellent classic mario party - darthvadern

This game is trash

12 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Or Maybe The Crash Bandicoot Soundtracks

It Least The Olympic Games Soundtracks Are Great(Mostly The First Game)

Forgot What I Said About The Soundtracks(I Can Listen What Ever I Want)

The DS one is INCREDIBLY funny: the minigames, the story mode, the characters... it was perfect! - DaisyandRosalina

13 Mario Party: Star Rush

Come on how is Hotel Mario in this list but this game isn't in yet? - DaisyandRosalina

It's the third best Mario Party in my opinion, it's just so unique and fresh! - darthvadern

14 Mario Party 10

Mario Party 2 copied Mario Party even more than this game copied Mario Party 9, just saying', anyway, I loved this game, the boards were some of the best in the series - darthvadern

At least Bowser Party was interesting - Randomator

This game is good 87% of the time

15 Paper Mario: Color Splash

At least better than Sticker Star - Randomator

16 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

This game is trash - Randomator

Better than the thousand year bore

17 Mario Party: Island Tour
18 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
19 Luigi's Mansion

Probably because it’s a Luigi game - Randomator

This game is liked - ParkerFang

20 Mario Strikers Charged

This is Super Underrated

21 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Don't see why this game is unliked. My favorite Mario & Luigi game.

22 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

I wouldn't count the RPGs as spinoffs and I would count them as canon. But that's just me. - DCfnaf

23 Mario Kart Arcade GP

Underrated because it's on an arcade

24 Mario Sports Superstars

It doesn’t seem to be as popular as other Mario sports games - Randomator

25 Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

The story was incredible, it was pretty hard but still. - DaisyandRosalina

26 Mario Party 5

An enjoyable Mario Party game. Brings back a group of characters from the original Paper Mario game, plus the soundtrack is well done.

This was forgettable, hardly anything new about it, the boards were just stale and bland (apart from Undersea Dream and Pirate Dream) and the minigames overall sucked (apart from a minority), however it's still enjoyable and I may play it every now and them - darthvadern

27 Mario Tennis Open
28 Hotel Mario

This game is terrible.

29 Mario Kart Wii

Second greatest Mario Kart, I just loved it so much - darthvadern

Why do people hate this game? It's overall a good Mario kart game. - Randomator

30 Super Mario Kart

Not bad for a first Mario kart game. All the other games make this one look like trash. It has not aged well

It's the worst Mario Kart - darthvadern

It has not aged well - Randomator

31 Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

This game is so underrated.

32 Mario Party 3

It may be the best N64 Mario Party, but that's not saying much since the N64 Mario Parties generally sucked in my opinion - darthvadern

33 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

How is hotel Mario on this list and Dark moon isn't? - Randomator

34 Mario vs. Donkey Kong
35 Mario Party 7

Great game, however there is this flaw that really bothers me, Bowser's Enchanted Inferno, a really, REALLY bad board, it has the same design as Future Dream from Mario Party 5, and the Bowser battle sucked. Other than that it's a great game - darthvadern

Underrated Game

36 Mario Tennis Aces

Um this literally just came out - Randomator

This was excellent, only big flaw is that co-op challenge requires online - darthvadern

37 Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Bowsers Minions

I love the story and characters except for Fawful he is the worst

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