Captain Marvel review

The MCU universe has it’s ups & downs. While there are great films in the MCU universe like The Avengers, Captain America The Winter Soldier, and Guardians Of The Galaxy, there are also some weaker ones like Iron Man 2, Thor The Dark World, and The Incredible Hulk. Recently Captain Marvel released. And i’ve heard a lot of bad things about this movie, even though the critics loved this movie, other people didn’t like it that much. I saw it in theaters recently, and i’m going to give my own opinion on it.

Captain Marvel takes place in 1995, and Carol Danvers is on some kind of mission. When I first watched the beginning of this movie, I hated it. Everything in the beginning was so slow in my opinion. I could tell why people said it was a forgettable movie. The beginning also had a lot of flashbacks of Carol Danvers that absolutely didn’t make sense. The filmmakers were putting too much in that scene, and it was a mess. It was more they can chew. The beginning action scene was also dull. I was starting to not like this movie, and could tell why a lot of people didn’t like Captain Marvel. If the movie was going to be like this, then that’s a bad sign. But then... things started to change. After Carol crashes in to the Blockbuster, things were getting interesting. The train chase was an absolutely great scene. The action was so much better other than the other action scenes, and it was pretty fun. And things kinda got better after that scene. But that doesn’t mean this movie has flaws. This movie has some flaws. One flaw I had with was the beginning of the movie itself. Another flaw is we don’t really see a lot of Carol’s back Story when she was living on Earth before getting taken into space. It’s just flashbacks, and that’s it. Another flaw I had with the movie was Goose the cat. I don’t have a problem with the character, I have the problem with the CGI. Since Brie is allergic to cats, most of the scenes with Goose, and Carol was CGI. It didn’t look good in my opinion, and you can tell the cat was CGI. Oh yeah, and during the final climax of the movie had a Gwen Stefani song. It was Just A Girl. It didn’t really fit well in that scene. If you ask me, Celebrity Skin which was playing during the credits, should of been used instead. Oh yeah, the villains also sucked too, and there’s a plot twist. I’m not gonna say what it is, but after you see it, you can tell what happens next.
But like I said, the movie got better. Most of the action scenes were better in the movie, I like the 90’s references like the Blockbuster Video, Radio Shack, and the Gameboy box. The soundtrack is pretty good, and Brie Larson does a good job playing Captain Marvel. Even though the beginning was so bad, she still managed to do a good job. Other characters like Nick Fury were also cool too. Oh, and the Stan Lee tribute at the beginning of the movie was incredible.
Honestly while this movie is the weakest MCU movie since Thor The Dark World, it still is a decent movie. Honestly I feel like some people were kinda harsh on this movie. I mean yeah, I am mixed on the movie, but I don’t think it’s all that bad.

So yeah Captain Marvel May be the weakest MCU movie in awhile, but it’s still decent. It has some good moments, but has it’s flaws. I would give this movie either a 7 or a 6 out of ten. I really don’t know what score to give this movie, but i’ll just say it’s decent at best. At least it’s still better than Iron Man 2.

Final score for this movie.


It was good but there was too much unexplained filler in it. - B1ueNew