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1 Dyers Eve

Peak Metallica that was blemished by a poor mix. If James got his voice back and Metallica did a re-record, I guarantee And Justice For All will be rated better on our lists. Dyers Eve had a beautiful solo, great musicianship, and a great story behind the lyrics. - chrisseafoodfu

Lars may not be the best drummer ever. But he's my favourite drummer ever and he shouldn't be that hated, just listen to this song to see Lars Ulrich at his best. - Nintendonix

Metallica at their peak. Never understood why do they play this song so seldom at their concerts.

Indeed very underrated!

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2 Disposable Heroes

Best Metallica song in my honest opinion lyric wise and musically. Pure genius and a very underrated song for that matter. It should easily be in Metallica's top 10 songs but gets very little attention for other songs in MoP like MoP, Battery, and Orion.

Back to the front
You will do what I say, when I say
Back to the front
You will die when I say, you must die
Back to the front
You coward
You servant
You blindman

Very underrated song in Master of Puppets. At least it gets more attention than The Thing that should not be, Leper Messiah, and probably Damage Inc.

Easily the best song alongside Damage Inc, Shortest Straw, To Live Is To Die, and Dyers Eve.

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3 Orion

Cliff Burton at his best. It is one of my most favorite Metallica songs ever. With out Cliff, this would have been a horrible song. Sadly, no one cares about this song

some crazy bass in there and it is very awesome song that a lot of people don't know - Okami

its the best metallica song ever but not the most famous one?
how is that possible - metfan001

One of their best songs, should be in the top ten of their top ten best at least.

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4 ... and Justice for All

Many (seasonal) "fans" of Metallica never heard that song. Real underrated masterpiece.

One of Metallica's greatest and most epic songs... and hardly do they play it live!

Metallica need to play this at every show

Super Underrated - GreenDayFan21

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5 The Outlaw Torn

In my opinion, the most underrated Metallica song. Why? For one, it's the closer on Load. If you sat through the entire album to hear one great song, you must really love Metallica. The song itself feels like a southern rock band attempting a doom metal track. It's cinematic and emotional. The twangy bends in the main guitar riff are genius. The bass riff during the verse is heavy. I don't care for Metallica after And Justice, but this song is a big exception.

Yeas, I know, it's really long and monotonic song, but it makes me feel better... Just goosebumps! I don't know, why Metallica soesn't perform it live nowadays... :/

When that solo kicks in...

This should be first. Volume effects are beutiful and bass is insane. Far better than their usual setlist.

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6 The Call of Ktulu

One of the greatest instrumentals I've ever heard from a metal/rock band.. This song should be considered one of their greatest.. It's definitely one of my favorite Metallica songs.

THE Call of Ktulu is awesome... I don't normally like instrumentals but this one got me into them. - MegaToolica1

This song is good but isn't as good as the bass solo or Orion! But is better than to live is to die and suicide & redemption!

Should definitely be number one. Easily my favorite Metallica song... of the few I like...

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7 Trapped Under Ice

If this songs was done by any other band it would be considered one of their best songs but with Metallica it's just normal - wolphert

Ride the lightning was just a great album! I love every song on the album! And trapped under ice is the most underrated song on the album! It's not the best best it's amazing!

Such an underrated classic thrasher

Possibly the greatest Metallica song ever produced. Thrash mayhem!

8 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

This song isn't underrated! Every Metallica fan knows this song is awesome and a lot of people know its awesome! Its not underrated! - Jetticus12

No where close to underrated...

Brings back memories

My 3rd favorite Metallica song! Not underrated!

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9 The Unforgiven II

It is hard to make a classic metal song. It is nearly impossible to follow it up with a sequal. This song is amazing and deserves so much more credit than it gets.

This song is very underrated, it has been played only once, in 1997. But this is a good work by Metallica, and it is probably one of the few good songs from "ReLoad".

This is a great song! One of my favorites ever! I wish they played it more often! And I wish it was on there video game!

It's a great song that doesn't get a lot of respect! It's my number 4 song that Metallica ever wrote.

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10 Fight Fire with Fire

The first time I listened to it I thought it would be a ballad but then at around 40 seconds I realized I was wrong and it is now one of my favorite Metallica songs from the 80's

It's better than Creeping death. This whole album is great though! The best Metallica album by far!

The intro actually in my opinion kinda takes the piss out of the thrashness of the song (if that's a word) but it's awesome. I would really consider it for my theme song.

That point when Metallica starts going thrash af in this song

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11 Jump in the Fire

IT depresses me how so many songs on this list aren't underrated. Enter sandman and fade to black are overrated people- jump in the fire is underrated!

I wish people would give this song a chance!


12 Escape

It's not the best, nor it's a masterpiece, but it's still pretty great, yet no one cares about it, they haven't even played it live...

Also, what the hell those people understand by "Underrated"?

-Fade to Black
-Welcome home
-The Four Horsemen
and a lot of other songs are far from underrated...

just because it's not the most famous nor the one that even people that don't listen to metallica knows, it still doesn't mean it's underrated...

Orion and Fade to Black are two of the most famous, at least to Metallica listeners/fans

This is the worst song from Metallica's 1981-1989 run. If it was made by almost any other band, it would be considered one of their best. Let that sink in. Also when I said "worst" I meant compared to others. I love this song! - Brobusky

In my opinion this is the 4th best song on this album! Better than fade to black creeping death fight fire with fire and the call of ktulu. It's so good! And it is underrated

I don't see why Metallica hates this song, it's definitely one of the weakest on Ride the Lightning, but nonetheless, this song is really good.

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13 To Live is to Die

It's the first instrumental song of Metallica I've really loved. Most of people think that the best one is Orion, and so it is, but there are also others very important, like To Live Is To Die (and The Call of Ktulu).
To Live Is To Die is the unique song of... And Justice for All that has been written by Cliff Burton (if I am not wrong). This is very underrated, because people prefer Orion and The Call of Ktulu, and its playing in concerts is very rare. That's a pity, because it is the song dedicated to the death of Cliff, despite most of people think it is Orion (they're wrong, 'cause Orion was written completely by Cliff Burton).

Honestly I love all these songs on this list but I had to give some love to this song cause it has mean riffs that Metallica show in this amazing song

My personal favorite song by Metallica, the riff is haunting and it is the perfect memoir for cliff Burton rip.

No terrible song! The worst instrumental Metallica ever made. It makes this album not good.

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14 Hit the Lights

Great fast song and the first song Metallica ever recorded! It's a great tune that is really underrated. I recommend it!

This was the first song made by Metallica, pretty much, EVER. This is a masterpiece!

Amazing opening for kill em All! - GreenDayFan21


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15 Bleeding Me

This is the best song on either of the Load albums. Insane solo and dark lyrics, one of my favorites!

the song has a very good solo and the lyrics are just perfect

Bleeding Me needs to be higher on this list. It is the best song off of Load by far.

One of the best lyrics ever. Dark, emotional, and beautiful. Kirk's solo is also amazing!

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16 The God that Failed

Very cool and underrated song, awesome bass in the intro

This song is not disrespectful to God, it was inspired by James's mother dying after not taking medicine, claiming that God will heal her (which didn't happen). But the lyrics are about people being blinded by religion and thinking that God will do everything for them. - kk2001

Great tune, great bass line, great guitar work and solo that works with the tune and heavy as hell!

I don't like this song because it's disrespectful to god!

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17 Leper Messiah

This song is great it's my 15th Favorite Metallica song (6th on the album) it's very underrated on the top tens list of best Metallica songs it's at 73rd place but Hopefully it will get more recognition soon and not only do I think this song is underrated but I think the whole album is underrated except master of puppets cause it's first on my list and first on the top tens list so it's equal

Always loved this one, never understood why it didn't get the attention. Maybe they just don't like to play it. The solos are especially fun.

Bass! And great lyrics

Underrated one of my favorites

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18 St. Anger

I agree this song is underrated, but this song is actually good. It's just (some) of their fans that don't like this song and whole album of St. Anger because their song in that album is so different than the old one. I madly anger with you!

THIS IS THE MOST UNDERRATED SONG EVER! People only hate it because it's different and isn't a Metallica sound. It has that deep thrashy riff. No it isn't a Metallica sound, but if a band who does music like the album St Anger made this song, maybe Korn I don't know, People would have loved it way more! To me it's definitely in my top 10 Metallica songs!

So damn underrated! I honestly don't get why this tune gets so much hate. Lars kicks some serious ass on the kit and James Hetfield always blows me away. - NvGNick

Actually a really good song.

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19 The Frayed Ends of Sanity

This song has probably one of the best main riffs ever created. It's a masterpiece. The drums are very good too. Great solo. Many rhythm changes. It's perfect, and it's a shame that Metallica never played this song live.

Everything you could possibly want on a Metallica song; dark lyrics, amazing riffs, great solos and overrall being epic. It's a 7 minute rollercoaster ride through awesomeness

One of the best main riffs ever

Who doesn't love progressive thrash?

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20 Damage, Inc.

This was my first Metallica track. It's so underrated, however it's one of their best compositions.

Most of the songs from Master of Puppets are underrated, this work is no exception

Killer rifts, fast paced. What more can you ask

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