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61 2 X 4

This is one of my favorite Metallica songs ever! It's so underrated though...

What is Welcome Home Sanitarium doing on the list? Every Metallica fan knows that song.

Load is not a good metallica album. But if it was not metallica it would be my favorite!

Yes underrated!

62 Wasting My Hate
63 Mama Said

This is a great song - christangrant

64 The House Jack Built

Dark, and unlike anything else Metallica has ever done.

This is fantastic, until Hetfield butchers it around 4:17

The whole song is great! Love it and it is underrated!

65 All Nightmare Long

This song is quite famous but doesn't get the credit it deserves. by far the best chorus Metallica have made.
St. anger is also underrated. but the most underrated song I feel is Judas Kiss. It's a brilliant song and its actually a Metallica great.

This must be one of Metallica's best ever. Don't get why it gets so little attention.

I agree famous but gets no credit!

66 Some Kind of Monster

Beginning of song justifies my vote

This is overrated! It's annoying!

67 Fade to Black

My favorite Metallica song. Not underrated, though.

Great song and so fun to play on the guitar!

Simple, Great! Not a masterpiece... Pretty epic though.

68 Through the Never

Many of the songs above are not underrated at all but this is definitely very underrated - LMARINE

This song is great. Way underrated!

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69 Breadfan

I know... I know... Covers aren't usually my favorites either... but this's an and justice for all era release that retained a master of puppets feel, sound and composition... And it's a straight up ass kicker that offers a kind of unique lyrical style for Hetfield... And, because it was released as a B side to eye of the beholder (I think it was), almost nobody's familiar.

70 The Struggle Within

I find it underrated! It's a great song that doesn't get any credit

71 Purify

So underrated!

Best Metallica song of the 2000s.. peroid!

72 Prince Charming

Best song off of load, sadly I've never heard it mentioned anywhere.

73 Enter Sandman

What a joke! Enter Sandman is a good song, but it's far and away Metallica's most overrated song. There are better songs than this... just listen to Fade to Black! I do like Enter Sandman, but it's the exact opposite of underrated.

What? This is by far their most popular. It is not at ALL underrated.

Not underrated by any means! Jeez! Do these people know what underrated means?

I love DIS SONG! 1

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74 The Unnamed Feeling
75 Holier Than Thou

This is the second best song on the black album (behind sad but true) and although the black album is overrated this is the only thrash song on it. I love the intro, the guitar and bass riffs, James also has some great vocals and lyrics and the drums were also great, I don't see why everyone thinks Lars is such a bad drummer he's actually pretty good

A great song. Totally underrated! But it's not the second best song on the album!

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76 Attitude

Great song but underrated. I like this song, but no one that I know has ever even heard this song before. And this song has never been played live at all. Should be higher than 38!

77 Whiskey In the Jar

Actually I think dyers eve and whiskey in the jar are the two most underrated metallica songs! Though whiskey in the jar is one of very few I like off of garage inc.

78 Blackened V 2 Comments
79 Invisible Kid

This is from St. anger album I think its an awesome song, but no one seems to like this album.

80 Cure
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