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21 Subutai

He lead the Mongols to success and one of Genghis Khan's most trusted General - 2storm

I could have sworn this list was for underrated generals.

Two Words: Mongol Empire.

22 Thomas Jonathan 'Stonewall' Jackson

He was the second best if not the best general tactically in the civil war his armies were like stonewalls.if he didn't die iat Chancellorsville Gettysburg would have been completely different and Washington, D.C. Would have fell to the CSA easily giving the south victory and independence from the northern Union of tyranny.

23 Nguyen Hue (Quang Trung)
24 Ivan Konev

Much better than Zhukov!

25 Aleksei Brusilov

Responsible for Russia's Brusilov Offensive - Gud_Spud

26 Nathan Bedford Forrest

One of the first generals of the early modern era to understand that speed kills.

27 Paul von Hindenburg
28 George Castriot

Rebelled against ottoman empire and defended successfull ottoman invasions outnumbered at times 10-1 meanwhile having at times to split forces defeat venetians was not defeated or killed died of malaria despite fighting battles with his army not jist directing them saved also Rome from ottoman conquest sorry but how is he never mentioned he did that for 25 years straight talk about underrated

29 Baldwin IV of Jerusalem
30 Belisarius

This guy was able to conquer all of the southern half of Italy and returned the city of Rome to the Eastern Roman Empire with a mere 7,500 men, many of them had to be left as garrisons in the cities he conquered. His genius tactics and innovations in war have won him almost every battle and siege he had fought.

31 Karl Dönitz

I noticed this list is topped by famous and well known commanders. Some of whom are argueably overrated who never faced adversity (Patton much? ). Remember true genius is shown when they face certain or near certain defeat. Such was the case with the greatest naval commander of WWII. Using a fleet dwarfed in size compared to any individual allied nation except the Soviet Union and the Chinese. Karl Dönitz managed to not only able to harass allied shipping but came within 2 months of starving Britain into surrender. His uboats sunk 14.5 MILLION tons of allied shipping. That's over 1600 tons a day or the equivalent of about 200 sherman tanks a day. That far exceeds the military material damage any other land or naval force caused. He was found innocent of all but one crime, unrestricted submarine warfare, which every nation committed.

32 George A. Custer

Just like pattern a war monger

Custer was an idiot!

33 Cyrus the Great
34 Nelson Miles
35 David Farragut David Farragut
36 Erich Lundendorff
37 William Tecumseh Sherman
38 Charles Martel
39 Geronimo Geronimo
40 Red Cloud
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