Top Ten Most Underrated Minecraft YouTubers

Every one loves a good minecraft youtube video or YouTuber but there are just some youtubers that don't get enough credit for what they do. This list is not the best youtubers it's the most underrated. SKYDOES MInecraFT IS NOT UNDERRATED he is overrated if anything, team crafted, Deadlox and Bodil40 are not under rated. The Diamond mine cart is extremely overrated.

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1 ZexyZek

Sexy seek is amazing and he needs to be thanked and get a lot more credit for what he does. Seek if your reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING

He is awesome and funny. Zek is one of the BEST trollers out there. I'm gonna go watch a video of his now. And eat.

He is awesome with only 1,000,000 subs :( that's sad

He's awesome! You should check him out

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2 49ersfan77playsMC
3 SethBling

He is the redstone king. Oh my god he is the redstone inventor

He makes awesome redstone devices and they don't get enough views to match their epic ness.

He is awesome he doesn't make mistakes and is amazing

Even if I have absoluely no idea how to do redstone, he creates awesome devices which are just super cool.This is why he is THE redstone king.

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4 MunchingBrotato

His so funny and he makes good content he is really underrated. He can be a little inappropriate at times but he makes up for it in his great content. I could always go to him for a laugh.

He's hilarious and always keeps me entertained

He's the reason I'm not deppressed any more
Everyone calls me BROTATO now I even have it on my lucky dog tag

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5 MrWoofless

He's pretty hard-core but is also really funny and entertaining

Cool guy and good at Minecraft

He deserves more sub's and #poofless

I just wish rob-a-dob-flob

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6 Vikkstar123HD

Vikkstar is not underrated I don't know what this website is about but he is one of the Minecraft you tubers that has a lot of respect. He isn't a money hog instead he thanks his fans like every single video.

I don't think his underrated. His just new compared to all the other YouTubers

1 vikk is a boss in he has his own server and normally always makes it to death match and KILLS WITH A RAW CHICKEN! In hunger games his crazy craft is amazing and plays with other YouTubers as well that is why he is my favourite


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7 Little Lizard Gaming

They are way too child friendly. Like they try to make everything sound friendly. Vegetarian shark? No! And also, they have a lot of random channels. Another gaming channel with them in it, a toy channel, more stupid gaming channels. And also they try to be PETA friendly (yes this is real) and pretend to want to go on a safari instead of the zoo when they had done a video where they caught random sea animals for food in like the 5th episode! What? Oh, and they underrate the Fire Witch from Elemental Witches. If you do not kill her beast mode, she can be really powerful! Why do you give wrong information in mod showcases? I was excited back when I liked them when I heard they were going to Los Angeles for a bit (I live in Cali) and hoped they stumbled upon us for guidance. Actually, I am happy they didn't now! Oh, and they barely know about Orespawn, a really famous mod. I can still wish Pat and Jen are in a hotel I am staying in or The Diamond Minecart vacations in Rancho Cucamonga, ...more

They always make me smile and its really unique the way they do stuff

Lil lizard is epic - Leaftail

It is amazing - ToperTen

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8 EthosLab

He is so funny in his own way. Some YouTubers steal his ideas but he will always be the best!

Exellent content, somehow never managed to swear ever. Fun videos and also has never shown his face!

Etho is the best redstoner in Minecraft history. Have you heard of Wilson? Or the Nexus? Some really complicated stuff.

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9 PaulSoarsJr

Truly, he is the first Minecraft YouTuber and awesome videos that are family friendly! ChimneySwift11 was even inspired by him!

He is the first and doesn't have that many subscribers

His tutorials are awesome

Paul has made it into the Minecraft handbooks, and boy does he deserve it. WATCH HIS VIDOES

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10 setosorcerer

Definitely underrated. He makes as good as a video as the others, but then left, so he lost almost half his subs. SETO COME BACK!

Seto is amazing. I still go back and watch his videos even though he hasn't posted anything new in over a year

Setosorcerer has a very origanal style of comentating that is unuasual but not nessearly bad. Sadly he was kicked out of team crafted with Deadlox the only member not wanting to kickhim out. He is now reduced to 40,000 subscribers - shciXD

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The Newcomers

? ParkerGames

The Contenders

11 MineplexOfficial

He can make ANYONE laugh! He does prank calls and much more! You should definitely watch him!

He's so genuine and really appreciates all of his fans

An amazing, family friendly YouTuber, who can get me to laugh the most out of any other YouTuber. He goes by Parker_Games nowadays.

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12 iBallisticSquid

This is wrong. Squid should be on the top ten best Minecraft YouTubers list, because I definitely do not underrate him

His slippery survival started off pretty good. I just love squid

He's the best. I love his slippery sky Island challenges and his quick build to. Squid is epic

He is not underrated. He is so amazing and he is one of stampy's best friend. It's not fair that they make view together and Stampy is on the top ten and iballistic squid is at the least 10. Who ever made this is so wrong and needs to watch his channel.IBALLISTICSQUID IS ONE OF THE BEST. It's sad to see him at the bottom . He should be at the top at stampy's side. Stampy thinks iballisticsquid is a amazing YouTuber.


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13 Thinknoodles

Think noodles is awesome I always understand him and always has Ben one of my favorites his minions make the channel much so entertaining

Seems like a great guy, smart, uses minions (always a +) but he has less subs than Baki and Bodil

Thinks just plain awesome I love his videos and he should definitely have more subs

A creative, family friendly, YouTuber!

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14 The diamond minecart

I don't think he's underrated. If anything, OVERRATED.

More like overrated. This guy makes videos with a sense of humour that appeals to five year olds. His old content was better. Also, his fanbase is atrocious. They can't spell and get upset if you even say "I don't like DanTDM that much". He does not belong on this list, he is anything but underrated. This will probably get down-voted by his uneducated fans.

Tdm is amazing, in fact right now he is the 98th most subbed YouTube channel. I love your mod showcases and side series like sims 4. I also love your diamond dimensions. Another reason is that he does 2 channels that both have 2 or three videos a day, and that takes some effort. That's why I believe he is underrated.

No offense but I think Dan's channel is dying. I liked his older videos but now he just uses click bait in his video titles (sometimes he doesn't even put the title of a game in his video title), laughs every time poop is mentioned to appease his fanbase of 6-year olds and he doesn't even play Minecraft that much anymore. I miss the old Dan.
Make DanTDM great again.

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15 Baki the Snowman

A Hilarious yet utterly unknown troll who makes hilarious trolls with Bodil40 but sadly still has 30,000 subs. - shciXD

Just he's a snowman like frosty but better

16 Ragegamingvideos

Rage is so funny to watch, he deserves more than a million subs! - POPIES

Vote rage and Evens is a sheep

Rage is hilarious in Minecraft quick build challenge, pro trials, and mapstravaganza

He's amazing!

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17 Blue Monkey/ Weed lion

He is supa cool

I'm going to give them a space on this list even though they aren't technically Minecrafters they get no credit whatsoever for making coding and writing all of skys Animations. - shciXD

They are definitely underrated and I don't think that the people that they make animations for don't give them enough shout outs! 😊

18 Batclone

He is the best I don' care what you think he is the best

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19 PaperPat

His Minecraft videos are pretty cool but his skits are the best

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20 EnchantedBeastify

Although his videos are not very popular and he only has like 200 subs, his videos are amazing especially his Survival Games videos!

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