Top Ten Most Underrated Minecraft YouTubers

Every one loves a good minecraft youtube video or YouTuber but there are just some youtubers that don't get enough credit for what they do. This list is not the best youtubers it's the most underrated. SKYDOES MInecraFT IS NOT UNDERRATED he is overrated if anything, team crafted, Deadlox and Bodil40 are not under rated. The Diamond mine cart is extremely overrated.

The Top Ten Most Underrated Minecraft YouTubers

1 ZexyZek

Sexy seek is amazing and he needs to be thanked and get a lot more credit for what he does. Seek if your reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING

He is awesome and funny. Zek is one of the BEST trollers out there. I'm gonna go watch a video of his now. And eat.

He is awesome with only 1,000,000 subs :( that's sad

Top class videos, he does care about his viewers and always tries his best

2 49ersfan77playsMC
3 SethBling

He is the redstone king. Oh my god he is the redstone inventor

He makes awesome redstone devices and they don't get enough views to match their epic ness.

He is awesome he doesn't make mistakes and is amazing

More people need to know about SethBling as he is AMAZING

4 MunchingBrotato

His so funny and he makes good content he is really underrated. He can be a little inappropriate at times but he makes up for it in his great content. I could always go to him for a laugh.

He has over 1000000 subs

He's hilarious and always keeps me entertained

I love him! Especially in the cops n robbers game.

5 MrWoofless

Mrwoofless is amazing! Deserves as much subs as Preston. Go poofless!

He's pretty hard-core but is also really funny and entertaining

Cool guy and good at Minecraft

He deserves more sub's and #poofless

6 Vikkstar123HD

Vikkstar is not underrated I don't know what this website is about but he is one of the Minecraft you tubers that has a lot of respect. He isn't a money hog instead he thanks his fans like every single video.

I don't think his underrated. His just new compared to all the other YouTubers

1 vikk is a boss in he has his own server and normally always makes it to death match and KILLS WITH A RAW CHICKEN! In hunger games his crazy craft is amazing and plays with other YouTubers as well that is why he is my favourite

My friend recommended this guy to me and I was hooked. Go check out his channel

7 Little Lizard Gaming

They are way too child friendly. Like they try to make everything sound friendly. Vegetarian shark? No! And also, they have a lot of random channels. Another gaming channel with them in it, a toy channel, more stupid gaming channels. And also they try to be PETA friendly (yes this is real) and pretend to want to go on a safari instead of the zoo when they had done a video where they caught random sea animals for food in like the 5th episode! What? Oh, and they underrate the Fire Witch from Elemental Witches. If you do not kill her beast mode, she can be really powerful! Why do you give wrong information in mod showcases? I was excited back when I liked them when I heard they were going to Los Angeles for a bit (I live in Cali) and hoped they stumbled upon us for guidance. Actually, I am happy they didn't now! Oh, and they barely know about Orespawn, a really famous mod. I can still wish Pat and Jen are in a hotel I am staying in or The Diamond Minecart vacations in Rancho Cucamonga, ...more

They always make me smile and its really unique the way they do stuff

Lil lizard is epic - Leaftail

The only improvement he needs is to be less child friendly

8 EthosLab

He is so funny in his own way. Some YouTubers steal his ideas but he will always be the best!

The king of Minecraft - Maddox121

Exellent content, somehow never managed to swear ever. Fun videos and also has never shown his face!

Has one of the longest Survial Let's Plays in YouTube history

9 PaulSoarsJr

Truly, he is the first Minecraft YouTuber and awesome videos that are family friendly! ChimneySwift11 was even inspired by him!

He is the first and doesn't have that many subscribers

His tutorials are awesome

Yeah, this guy is pretty epic.

10 setosorcerer

Definitely underrated. He makes as good as a video as the others, but then left, so he lost almost half his subs. SETO COME BACK!

Seto is amazing. I still go back and watch his videos even though he hasn't posted anything new in over a year

Does anyone else think he sounds like Antvenom?

Seto Was The Best But Sadly Ended With His Last Video on June 1 2014

The Contenders

11 MineplexOfficial

He can make ANYONE laugh! He does prank calls and much more! You should definitely watch him!

He's so genuine and really appreciates all of his fans

He is the best and is hilarious

He's awesome and funny

12 iBallisticSquid

This is wrong. Squid should be on the top ten best Minecraft YouTubers list, because I definitely do not underrate him

His slippery survival started off pretty good. I just love squid

He's the best. I love his slippery sky Island challenges and his quick build to. Squid is epic

I love him as much as stamps they are best friends and I started watching him because stamps said he was the best person to watch

13 Thinknoodles

Think noodles is awesome I always understand him and always has Ben one of my favorites his minions make the channel much so entertaining

Seems like a great guy, smart, uses minions (always a +) but he has less subs than Baki and Bodil

Thinks just plain awesome I love his videos and he should definitely have more subs

Kid friendly and funny, those are things other Minecraft you tubers don't have

14 The diamond minecart

Nobody really likes him anymore, he needs to be more popular because he trys really hard!

More like overrated. This guy makes videos with a sense of humour that appeals to five year olds. His old content was better. Also, his fanbase is atrocious. They can't spell and get upset if you even say "I don't like DanTDM that much". He does not belong on this list, he is anything but underrated. This will probably get down-voted by his uneducated fans.

I don't think he's underrated. If anything, OVERRATED.

Tdm is amazing, in fact right now he is the 98th most subbed YouTube channel. I love your mod showcases and side series like sims 4. I also love your diamond dimensions. Another reason is that he does 2 channels that both have 2 or three videos a day, and that takes some effort. That's why I believe he is underrated.

15 Baki the Snowman

A Hilarious yet utterly unknown troll who makes hilarious trolls with Bodil40 but sadly still has 30,000 subs. - shciXD

Just he's a snowman like frosty but better

16 Ragegamingvideos

Rage is so funny to watch, he deserves more than a million subs! - POPIES

Vote rage and Evens is a sheep

Rage is hilarious in Minecraft quick build challenge, pro trials, and mapstravaganza

Having content stole by iBallisticSquid can't be fun, but he's the best you tuber out there right now!

17 Blue Monkey/ Weed lion

He is supa cool

I'm going to give them a space on this list even though they aren't technically Minecrafters they get no credit whatsoever for making coding and writing all of skys Animations. - shciXD

They are definitely underrated and I don't think that the people that they make animations for don't give them enough shout outs! 😊

18 Batclone

He is the best I don' care what you think he is the best

He was the first YouTuber I watched

19 PaperPat

His Minecraft videos are pretty cool but his skits are the best

He has a lot of personality in his voice overs.

Kind of a noob, but has a great personality.

He is HILARIOUS I LOVE watching his Good vs. Evil videos!

20 popularmmos

I agree if sky's fans saw him sky would get no more views but I don't think he is to underrated

He has 2000000 subs and is super famous not underrated

He needs more SUBS... Cause he's just to awesome

4 million subs is what he currently has. Multiply that by 250 and that's how much he needs.

21 EnchantedBeastify

Although his videos are not very popular and he only has like 200 subs, his videos are amazing especially his Survival Games videos!

22 GoodTimesWithScar

Scar is the best Minecraft builder ever. He is disabled which makes him even better. He has great detail and is just amazing.

23 Graser10

Fraser is so nice and has given so many people a start. Also I'm pretty sure he's paying for Rusher's trip to pax prime or something.

The cube is so overrated. Graser10 is the most overrated out of all of them and some how is he is on this list. - hype

He is nice to all his fellow YouTubers - Mitchobro24

They put lots of work into videos

24 LDShadowLady Online as LDShadowLady or Lizzie, is an English YouTuber known for producing YouTube video content on her YouTube channel called LDShadowLady.

SH IS THE BEST. I love her pranks. I still can't believe she is at the bottom she should be on the top ten

Lizard is the best she inspired me to want to make my own YouTube channel

She is really nice and funny

She's funny and she also is underrated which is not fair bacause she makes a lot of good videos

25 StacyPlays

Stacy is creative and loves books. Her videos are great and funny. Stacy works so hard for her subs and yet she never complains about how little subs she has or never hurts anyone. People like you tubers who cuss but I don't like that at all. Stacy NEVER curses. She bleeps out bad words that Joey Graceffa makes and doesn't even say the word hell because she's afraid it's going to upset someone. If you are reading this now, SUBSCRIBE TO HER NOW!...Really...subscribe...Also...Page and Molly love you! Go rescue a dog!

Stacy is really creative and posts a wide variety of content. I love her channel! She deserves to be higher ranked since she has to deal with Joey Graceffa being so rude to her all the time.

This is so sad she should be on top ten who ever made this list is wrong u should remove stacyplays and put her at the top of the list

Stacy is so kind and nice to everyone! She is also highly educated as well.

26 Pigrider2

He is a pretty good YouTuber! He makes lots of funny kids jokes! he is perfect for kids! Sabresdfan20148 is better though! If you want to see what place he is in, just go to the search button at the bottom of this page! Thanks!

27 iancoullahan1

He isn't appreciated enough, he deserves more subs than popularmmos and deserves more way more views

Iancoullahan1 makes amazing roleplays and series, He isn'

He's been around since 2011 and I've been watching his videos since late 2012, Why the hell does popularmmos have more subs? Ethangamertv has more subs, is cringy, uploads less content, is a kid, just plays games and doesn't make skits, started in 2013 and still has around 5 times more subs than iancoullahan. RIDICULOUS!

Come on. Half of the YouTubers listed are extremely popular. This guy? He is the definition of underrated Minecraft YouTubers.

28 Aphmau

Aphmau is too underrated. She puts so much effort into all of her series and not many people notice her until they watch skys videos like me!

She is the most underrated Minecrafter and she just got 1 million and she's been out longer then sky has when he used to make GOOD videos!

Aphmau should be all the way at the top and she reached 1 million subs from over 4 years! Or probs even longer then that

Aphmau needs more attention! She writes the plot lines for her series, she hires voice actors, and she doesn't even get much attention! Her roleplay series like MyStreet and Minecraft Diaries are outstanding, and her minigame videos at hilarious.

29 ItsFunneh

I really love her videos, and the krew. She had just reached 2 mill suscribers yesterday and I'm so happy for her. She has this really popular series called "Yandere High", along with other minecraft series you should really watch! Not too mention that she is also funny, just like her channel name..

30 Rendog

I used to watch this guy as a kid and he had this massive castle that he built him self I couldn't find his channel for a while but now I’ve found it

31 venturian

I love this you tuber a lot altho I like more of his gmod episodes than his Minecraft 1


32 TheAlterPlace

What a baller

Best YouTuber of all time! AND ONLY HAS 130 SUBSCRIBERS... - TheAlterPlace

33 ACTennisAC
34 Einshine and FrediSaal Animations

Although Einshine doesn't make as much Minecraft videos as he did before, he's hilarious. FrediSaal makes really good animations, he's also animated parodys for Einshine. FrediSaal also makes animations of video games such as Mirror's Edge, Titanfall, etc.

35 Blitzwinger

The best ever. Funny, nice and makes you feel like you are playing along.

It took about 4 years just to get 1 mil subs that's saying something

He is awesomeness and more to come

He is so awesome and hase a video on almost every game he just has 500,000 subs but he is so funny. He hase like 3,000 videos videos but just in 1 year

36 SqaisheyQuack

She's only starting, give her some love because she is funny and awesome

She's awesome! She gets hate because people claim she only has 200,000 subscribers because of Stampy, but her commentary is really funny! She should have over a million subscribers

I think we need a rule that only YouTubers with less that 1,000,000 subs should be on this list, because a million is not underrated. Sky is on this list with 11 million subs! Sqaishey is underrated because people look at her and say,"Oh, she's another one of Stampy's friends riding his coattails to fame," but she's actually really funny and cute! Stampy has nothing to do with her humor.

Sqaishey is on her way on the YouTube ladder

37 Derpiest_Turtle

TurtleDerp? Or a YouTuber I have no idea of?

38 SSundee

I love Ssundee! But, with around 5 Million subs, (at the time of this post) I don't think he's exactly underrated.

He has never said a cuss word in his whole career!

I LOVE YOU SSUNDEE YOU SHOULD BE AT THE TOP OF BEST MINECRFT YouTubeRS your so funny and your sky factory is amazing also can you get to crazycraft2,0 faster

39 Skydoesminecraft

OVERRATED I like to say. Like seriously Ten MILLION. The creator of the list SPECIFICALLY told us not to put Sky on here. Sky...I don't like Sky. All he talks about is GOLD AND SQUID AND GOLD AND SQUID AND other dumb thing. Sorry if you fans are offended but he pisses me off. StacyPlays DESERVES his ten million subs. Just saying.

Oh gosh, this guy should have 10 subs.

How is he underrated he is the most overrated YouTuber

Sky is NOT underrated. He is EXTREMELY overrated (with 10million+ subscribers) I use to watch him, but he's kind the kind of YouTuber to where you watch a lot, then don't watch anymore. I haven't watched any of his videos for the past 5+ months. Seriously, other people like Vikkstar, PeteZahHutt, and TBNRFrags are underrated. - JordanZahHutt

40 Dumb and Dumber

The best Minecraft duo Meaty and Gunns always have me laughing


41 PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, more.

He is the most overrated YouTubers of all time

He is neither Minecraft or Underrated. - hype

He is the best

Best YouTuber Ever

42 AntVenom

His channel went downfall ever since sky came and I hated that

43 ThatMumboJumbo

His redstone skills are incredible

Yes yes yes he is sooo underrated even if he has 500k subs he is never even thought about I was in his first 100 subs when jumbo was still there._.

44 TheOnlyBentley

He is on of the most knowledgeable You tubers with 99999x the knowledge as Sky so boo yaa

45 Sabresfan20148

He is amazing! He deserves to be in first place!

46 LanceypoohTV

Very funny but went downhill since Meat Castle ended

Join the Cult of Legion!

I agree ssundee mande it 500% better but after that naw

47 DevonDoesGames

Devon is just a great amazing person, he is pretty good with designs and buildings when it comes to Minecraft plus he can also sing really well.

48 Prestonplayz

Best parkourer

49 LoooksMinecraft

Amazing mod showcases and very creative too - DubstepLover

50 CraftBattleDuty
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