Top Ten Most Underrated Minecraft YouTubers

Every one loves a good minecraft youtube video or YouTuber but there are just some youtubers that don't get enough credit for what they do. This list is not the best youtubers it's the most underrated. SKYDOES MInecraFT IS NOT UNDERRATED he is overrated if anything, team crafted, Deadlox and Bodil40 are not under rated. The Diamond mine cart is extremely overrated.

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41 Sabresfan20148

He is amazing! He deserves to be in first place!

42 LanceypoohTV

Very funny but went downhill since Meat Castle ended

Join the Cult of Legion!

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43 DevonDoesGames

Devon is just a great amazing person, he is pretty good with designs and buildings when it comes to Minecraft plus he can also sing really well.

44 Skydoesminecraft

OVERRATED I like to say. Like seriously Ten MILLION. The creator of the list SPECIFICALLY told us not to put Sky on here. Sky...I don't like Sky. All he talks about is GOLD AND SQUID AND GOLD AND SQUID AND other dumb thing. Sorry if you fans are offended but he pisses me off. StacyPlays DESERVES his ten million subs. Just saying.

Sky is NOT underrated. He is EXTREMELY overrated (with 10million+ subscribers) I use to watch him, but he's kind the kind of YouTuber to where you watch a lot, then don't watch anymore. I haven't watched any of his videos for the past 5+ months. Seriously, other people like Vikkstar, PeteZahHutt, and TBNRFrags are underrated. - JordanZahHutt

Sky has more than 2,5 mil subscribers I don't see why he is undrrated

Oh gosh, this guy should have 10 subs.

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45 Dumb and Dumber

The best Minecraft duo Meaty and Gunns always have me laughing

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46 Prestonplayz

Yeah he sound like antvenom

Best parkourer

47 LoooksMinecraft

Amazing mod showcases and very creative too - DubstepLover

48 CraftBattleDuty
49 SqaisheyQuack

She's only starting, give her some love because she is funny and awesome

She's awesome! She gets hate because people claim she only has 200,000 subscribers because of Stampy, but her commentary is really funny! She should have over a million subscribers

I think we need a rule that only YouTubers with less that 1,000,000 subs should be on this list, because a million is not underrated. Sky is on this list with 11 million subs! Sqaishey is underrated because people look at her and say,"Oh, she's another one of Stampy's friends riding his coattails to fame," but she's actually really funny and cute! Stampy has nothing to do with her humor.

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50 MinecraftUniverse

He's mature, patient, and has a real sense of humor.

51 SGCBarbierian

He is the best he does crafting dead videos and role plays zombie games and never SWEARS he truly is the best

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52 Lionmaker

BEST ONE EVER! No one sees how wonderful he is! He is awesome!

People don't realize how awesome he is! :) He is hilarious and kid friendly!

I'm proud of lion. He reached 500,000 subs! But the latest survival madness episodes have been sad. :( Bad Nukepana! Lion is awesome!

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53 BigBstaz

This guy should have way more subs, only a million

54 Pokediger1
55 TheRPGMinx
56 Chrisandthemike

He is very funny and always values his subscribers' opinions

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57 TheNoochM

Why he's not that bad

58 AshleyMarieeGaming

I have to disagree she was on legends of gaming with dan!

59 stampylonghead

He's does things that make PC gamers jealous, and he's playing the 360 version. - PPPPPPINGAS

Stampy is NOT underrated! What is on this list for! Over 5 MILLION subscribers, ya know!

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60 Grapeapplesauce

Grape is the ultimate pvper and I love his videos

Grape is amazing I love him so much

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