Top Ten Most Underrated Minecraft YouTubers


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81 GuudeBoulderFist
82 Huahwi

Incredible at PvP, way better than all of those overrated HG players out there!

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83 MiguelPlayz
84 Kkcomics
85 Clashjtm
86 TheDiamondMinecart

Honestly if I was supposed to trust this guy to make me laugh I go nope

He's not underrated but he's awesome!

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87 EditZP
88 Bdoubleo100
89 Vechs

Guy made Super Hostile, plays multiple games, and is just a total derp. Seriously, you'll like him.

90 PeteZahHutt

My favorite YouTuber, but he doesn't get much credit. He is currently at 200k+ subscribers, and deserves more credit than what he gets. He's hilarious and a good person all together. - JordanZahHutt

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91 Lord Dakr

Curse no one for putting him up. His tutorials outweigh Keralis!

92 Thecreaturehub

I don't feel like they are underrated but deserve so much more for there efforts in YouTube and how funny they are and wish they put more videos up daily instead of two or three

93 GamingWithJen

Jen is awesome and deserves more subs. Also she is really funny

She should be up with the big leauges

She is the best 😍.

94 ZenCloud
95 Bashurverse

This guy is a favorite get him higher

96 HuskyMudkipz
97 Emzy255

She is so awesome! Bedrock Burrows for the win!

98 Volare
99 ExplodingTNT

This guy is my favorite, but I think I'm the only one who ever watches him!

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100 Jacy2244
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