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1 Marlins Park - Marlins

There is an aquarium behind home plate. This park is a home run hitter's biggest enemy, yet Giancarlo Stanton smacks home runs left and right here. If it weren't for that stupid home run sculpture in Left Center it wouldn't be mentioned as low. - ryanrimmel

2 Minute Maid Park - Astros

Pretty cool park with a train in the outfield, and a cool high left field wall. That pointless hill in center field ruins it. - ryanrimmel

3 Safeco Field - Mariners

I think this stadium is so cool looking - ryanrimmel

4 Chase Field - Diamondbacks

The pool in right field is one of the best features of any ballpark - ryanrimmel

5 Great American Ball Park - Reds

Best hitters park in the MLB, also holds the possibility of river shots. - ryanrimmel

6 U.S. Cellular Field - White Sox

After the changes to the ballpark in the last decade, I place it in the middle of the road of the ballparks.

Doesn't get recognized because it is in the same city as Wrigley Field, but it is a pretty good park - ryanrimmel

7 Angel Stadium of Anaheim - Angels

The rocks in center with the fireworks are so cool - ryanrimmel

8 Progressive Field - Indians

Low attendance, but has great views of the city - ryanrimmel

9 Dodger Stadium - Dodgers

The palm trees are awesome - ryanrimmel

10 Miller Park - Brewers

The slide is pretty hilarious - ryanrimmel

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11 Yankee Stadium - Yankees
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1. Marlins Park - Marlins
2. Chase Field - Diamondbacks
3. Safeco Field - Mariners
1. Marlins Park - Marlins
2. Minute Maid Park - Astros
3. Safeco Field - Mariners



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