Top 10 Most Underrated Months


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1 January

True, but it's so boring (at least it's not as boring as February) - darthvadern

That's true. But AUSTRALIANS are very lucky to have their Summer months in January.

2 November

Not that underrated to be honest, but I really like November - darthvadern

Love the weather in this month

I love the weather in November

I think November should be #1. - Curtis_Huber

3 May

Usually a good month (except May 2017) - darthvadern

4 October

Nope - darthvadern

5 April

True, but it's not the best month in all honesty - darthvadern

6 March

Boring month - darthvadern

7 September

This truly is underrated, sure t might be the start to school but at least it's not as stressful as say October or November (or even worse the spring months) - darthvadern

8 February
9 December

Not underrated, almost everyone loves December including me - darthvadern

No, it’s so overrated! Everyone thinks it’s the best but I hate it so much!

10 June

*overrated - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 July

Excuse me? - darthvadern

12 August

It's both - darthvadern

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