Most Underrated Movies of 2013


The Top Ten

1 The Wind Rises

Should have won the oscar instead of Frozen.

2 The Family

Why so many criticism? This film was great. You just don't understand black humor - Alexandr

3 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
4 Europa Report

Intriguing 'found footage' movie. I hope to see more films about Jupiter's moon Europa in the future - Alexandr

5 The Big Wedding
6 The Smurfs 2

Like it's predecessor, The Smurfs 2 is a sweet, nostalgic, memorable, hilarious, amazing and underrated film from Sony Pictures Animation. 1,987,456,547,446 times better than THE EMOJI MOVIE.

The Smurfs 2 is a sweet, nostalgic and hillarious sequel to the underrated 'Smurfs' film from 2011.

7 Oblivion

Whilst general moviegoers seemed to enjoy Oblivion it just seems to have faded into obscurity and nobody seems to talk about it. It also didn't seem to do spectacularly at the box office, which I think is a real shame, as out of all the action Sci-Fi movies that came out this year Oblivion was one of the more thought-provoking pieces.

I read many negative reviews about this film. Come on guys - it was interesting and fun - Alexandr

Whilst certainly not the best of films released this year I still found it an interesting watch that keeps you engaged in the story.

8 The Canyons

So much hatred because Lindsay Lohan was in it. Come on guys, leave her alone. The movie is good - Alexandr

9 A Haunted House
10 Side Effects

Should have been much more successful at the box office. Great film - Alexandr

The Contenders

11 The Internship
12 Grown Ups 2
13 Parker

Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez did a great job! - Alexandr

14 Broken City

I thought this was ages ago - PositronWildhawk

15 Dead Man Down
16 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
17 Elysium

Another great Sci-Fi project that should've been more successful and acclaimed! - Alexandr

18 Kick-Ass 2

I was actually very shocked with this movie's poor reception. It was just as brutal and funny as the first movie, but now with added Jim Carey and a villain called the Mother F***er.

19 Pokemon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened
20 Closed Circuit
21 Escape Plan
22 The Counselor
23 Oldboy

This is a really well made and well acted remake. Underrated to say the least.

24 Getaway
25 The Delivery Man
26 Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
27 The World's End
28 Snowpiercer
29 One Chance
30 Grudge Match
31 Homefront
32 The Lone Ranger
33 Man of Steel
34 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Just how is this not in the list? - SelfDestruct

35 Prisoners

Such a great movie that all of the awards shows just seemed to forget about! Better than Gravity in my opinion

36 Turbo
37 Saving Mr. Banks
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1. Europa Report
2. The Family
3. The Canyons
1. The Wind Rises
2. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
3. The Big Wedding


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