Top 10 Underrated Movies in Good Movie Franchises

In a good movie series, they are movies that are going to overshadowed by other movies in the franchise, or do not receive as much acclaim as other movies in the franchise. Heck, sometimes movie franchises can go under the radar and unfortunately receive not as much acclaim as others, or are just unknown about. It could also mean that the movies are overshadowed. The movies have sometimes not done financially well at the Box Office and have turned into forgotten movies of time that deserve to be remembered for being good movies. I am going to type about some of those movies and others that are not as acclaimed as others in their respective movie franchise.

The Top Ten

1 Hellboy II: The Golden Army - Hellboy

This is not really overshadowed by another films in the series. I would call both Hellboy movies incredibly underrated movies that deserve much more attention than they get. This is maybe Del Toro's best work next to Pan's Labyrinth. It produced amazing visuals. I would argue the visuals used in this movie were actually improved upon than in the previous movie, saying quite a lot seeming as I loved the visuals in that movie. The aliens in this movie had incredibly creative designs for the aliens. I loved the setting for the Alien World; I thought that Del Toro did it extremely well. The way that the villain of the movie guilt trips Hellboy is very clever and creates a good villain. The way that Hellboy has to deal with prejudice is tragic, but Del Toro does it so well that it makes it all the more dramatic. The way the film ends is sad in the fact we did not get a Hellboy III, and that would have been great to see. Overall, a phenomenal masterpiece. - iliekpiez

There is no sign of personality in these lists honestly, it's all quite generic. - DapperPickle

2 Batman Returns - Batman

I cannot believe that I once said this was the most underrated movie. There are actually more underrated movies than this in fairness. But it still is one of the most underrated movies. Michael Keaton is my favourite Batman and this is some of his best acting. The Penguin is a phenomenal character. I love how weird he is and the backstory is really good as well. It makes sense how weird he is; he is raised by Penguins. The Catwoman is great. Pfeiffer gives a great performance as the Catwoman, and Catwoman is good. I love how weird these villains are, in fact it draws me to the film more. I like how the government is almost a villain in Gotham; you could argue it created Catwoman and led to the Penguin's attempt to kidnap a lot of children. The fact that Penguin and Catwoman have a very good relationship (not loving) in how they interact with each other is also really good. The visuals are great and good to glance at as with the case for most Burton projects. Overall, this is such a ...more - iliekpiez

This movie was really fun - B1ueNew

3 Ant-Man - Marvel Cinematic Universe

I love this movie. There is not a lot of people who do love this movie; but I love it and is the most underrated MCU movie (other underrated movies being Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Captain America: The First Avenger) but this movie does not get enough attention. However, the villain is almost the villain you would see in an Iron Man movie. Boring typical business movie. The climax is so creative and so much fun and I will not spoil it. The simulation of shrinking down this movie did so well. The ride simulation of being an Ant was done so well and had really good effects. I have heard the story a million times, but the well they do it and makes you feel like that is an actually unique. The cast is great. Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd being some of the highlights of the movies. The way they use their creativity and that they can shrink anything down they want, and fight on it and add something unique as well. Overall, such a great movie. - iliekpiez

Good movie! Incredibly underrated, especially since the MCU isn't a small film franchise. Although not the best of the company, (since Endgame etc. are so unbelievably amazing, is there any explanation needed? They speak for themselves) I personally think it's great and a decent remake of the comic.

No offense but no marvel cinematic universe movie is underrated, I find them all overrated because simply they always top the best movies of year lists - B1ueNew

I like this movie

4 Fantasia 2000 - Fantasia

The first Fantasia movie was the best Disney Animated movie. It is one of the best animated movies ever and 60 years later got a sequel. And the sequel did not do well at the box office and did not live up to some people's expectations for a sequel, too many the best Walt Disney animated movie. Some parts are great, and others really, really suck. The good stuff is really good. The Pines of Rome is such beautifully animated and overall a great segment with a lot of emotion packed into it. The animation is stunning and the way they use CGI in this movie was absolutely brilliant in every sense of the word. Some of the other segments are really good too. The Sorcerer's Apprentice gets a phenomenal remaster. Rhapsody in Blue is fun all the way through with some of the best animation you will ever see and the music to go along with the segment was also amazing as well. The opening Symphony No 5 also had tremendous animation. You get fun shorts like Pomp and Circumstance and also another ...more - iliekpiez

5 Muppet Treasure Island - The Muppets

I could have picked 'Muppets Most Wanted', but instead I decided to go for Muppet Treasure Island. It does not get as much attention as other Muppets movies, and I never really got why. Tim Curry is in the movie as John Silver, and is a match from heaven. He is so entraining and Disney actually mastered it Silver better in Treasure Planet. It does balance the Muppets and Treasure Island really well, and the jokes come out of nowhere and I really like that. The jokes always deliver. Hans Zimmer does the orchestrations, and can do no wrong and one of the best composers. The songs are so good and they are not even the best Muppet songs. John Silver does get a connection with Jim Hawkins as well, and is a good relationship, even if Disney mastered again with Treasure Planet. Heck, even the deaths are good. They know it is a kids movies, and it is so clever in that regard like the other Muppet movies. A movie that was really good. - iliekpiez

This film was where I actually first heard of the great creatures known as the Muppets, and this is one of my favorite versions of the Treasure Island story. - SailorSedna

6 On Her Majesty's Secret Service - James Bond

I could have 'License to Kill' or 'The Man with The Golden Gun', but I feel this movie is not remembered as the Roger Moore, Daniel Craig or Sean Connery. Is Lazenby good? Absolutely not. He fails in this role completely. But, this movie really works. I am going to talk about the ending. Bond's new wife gets killed, and he is just speechless and in denial. It really pays off as this is the moment that Bond is defeated emotionally. Blofeld is once again as his best, cementing his place as the best Bond villain in history and cemented a bigger rivalry that lived on in the next movies as Blofeld was responsible for the death of his wife, making the villain better as a result. The movie is very clever what Bond this time has to rely on his wits, not his gun but his mind. That made the movie a lot better as a result. The action scenes live up to the other Bond movies as well. This Bond outing deserves more attention. - iliekpiez

7 Star Trek: Beyond - Star Trek

This movie unfortunately did not receive as much attention at the Box Office and is a good example of a movie that did not well financially. Unfortunately, this movie is a great movie and deserved to do well financially. After the darkness of Into Darkness, the reboot series decided to go back to good old fashioned Trek fun. Spock is a great character and it is great that they decided to put more emphasis on him;, was pretty good. Jaylah was an awesome addition to the cast and definitely a welcome character. However, Captain Kirk was really good again, and Chris Pine is the perfect actor for Kirk as well. Simon Pegg's Scotty still needs a bigger role but has more of a role in this movie than the previous two. However, the villain (Krall) is forgettable. While Khan was a highlight of Into Darkness, this time it just is the quality of the villain of the first Trek film in the reboot series; just a pure forgettable villain as a whole. Lin did replace Abrams, but surprisingly did nearly ...more - iliekpiez

I'd say this film did decently with both critics and audiences alike. It didn't perform as well, money-wise, but I don't think you'd find many people who saw the film that'd say they didn't enjoy it. It fared better, critically, than 'Into Darkness'. - BKAllmighty

I liked it - The_gEEK_GamEr9

8 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Star Wars

I really liked this movie, but I wouldn't call it underrated. I'd say it's a bit overhated though, but that's just people's opinions. - Phillip873

I totally agree. Rogue One is overhated whereas it is probably the best "recent" Star Wars.

This movie was so boring, I accidentally fell asleep.

How is this underrated? - B1ueNew

9 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Harry Potter

I could have picked Goblet of Fire or The Half-Blood Prince, but I decided to go with the fifth instalment of the highly successful movie franchise that is second only to Star Wars in terms of box office takings. However, the Order of the Phoenix does not get as much acclaim as the others. Beyond me why. Harry is that his best in the movie series. He is interesting in this movie. The suspense in this movie is some of the best in the series; it allows for a much better movie as a result of this. The introduction of one of my personal favourite characters in the series (Luna Lovegood) is very welcome. Helen Bonham Carter is incredible as Bellatrix and one of the best performances in the series. The sequence at the start is my favourite from the Harry Potter Franchise. It is suspense filled and you feel the Dementor's presence. Dementors are awesome. The magical showdowns at the end are phenomenal. Overall, a great movie as a whole. - iliekpiez

Honestly, I disliked Order of the Phenoix out of all 7 books. It wasn’t very full of action, and Umbridge is constantly acting like a dick. - Not_A_Weeaboo

10 Return To Never Land - Peter Pan

Yeah, a Disney sequel. I am about to dump praise on a Disney sequel. Most Disney sequels are rubbish. Absolute waste of time. However, some have care put into them. And Peter Pan II is one of those movies. Jane is a great character. She is not just a stick in the mud; she has a reason to be as WWII was going on she has to be serious as the older sibling. This makes for a great main lead for a movie. Many of the voice actors do a great job. Captain Hook is still funny in this movie as well. In fact the ending is the best part of the movie. It is so good and really works. The way that you know such bad stuff is happening in London, they do not show any dead bodies, but you can feel people have died, people have been seriously wounded. It still has funny jokes and some really good animation. But yet, this movie was torn apart. It should not have been, but for some reason it was. I hope it gains more of a following in the future. - iliekpiez

The Contenders

11 Alien 3 - Alien

I absolutely hate this movie. I'm sorry, but it's ugly, gross, boring, and stupid. I get so sick of the colour brown, almost all of the characters are unlikable, and it completely craps on the last movie, 'Aliens', which deserved a far-better follow-up than this. Is it wrong that I actually dislike this movie more than 'Alien: Resurrection'? Because I do. - BKAllmighty

I love it almost as much as first two films - Irina2932

It's a bit nihilistic, but I've never understood the hate for this one. - truckturner

12 Spider-Man 3 - Spider-Man

I think it's obvious - darthvadern

13 Jurassic Park III - Jurassic Park

The best Jurassic Park movie in my opinion - darthvadern

I liked Lost World better - B1ueNew

14 Die Hard: With a Vengeance - Die Hard
15 Pokémon: The Movie 2000 - Pokemon
16 Captain America: The First Avenger - Marvel Cinematic Universe

Very underrated, way better than Civil War and The Dark World - darthvadern

17 Doctor Strange - Marvel Cinematic Universe


18 Godzilla (2014) - Godzilla

Actually, this movie has a lot of love. - asantalo

19 Scream 4 - Scream
20 Alien Covenant - Alien
21 Predator 2 - Predator
22 Thor: The Dark World - Marvel Cinematic Universe

No, this movie was pretty bad, there was this one part with an proffesor running around nakaed on live! How is that humour? I am not immature either for those who think I am, just extra sensetive! - darthvadern

23 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers - Halloween
24 The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire - The Land Before Time
25 Austin Powers in Goldmember - Austin Power
26 Child's Play 3 - Child's Play
27 Curse of Chucky - Child's Play
28 Star Wars - The Last Jedi

More like overrated - darthvadern

29 Iron Man 3 - Marvel Cinematic Universe
30 Toy Story 2 - Toy Story
31 Mission Impossible III - Mission Impossible
32 Return of the Jedi - Star Wars
33 Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla - Godzilla
34 Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Godzilla
35 Godzilla vs. Biollante - Godzilla
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