Top Ten Underrated MTV Shows

Shows that were on MTV that didn't get the love they deserved. Enjoy :)

The Top Ten

1 Celebrity Deathmatch Celebrity Deathmatch
2 Viva La Bam
3 Buckwild
4 Wild Boyz
5 Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
6 Silent Library
7 Guy Code

This show was actually a lot funnier than I expected - Jonerman

8 Bully Beatdown
9 The Osbournes
10 Remote Control

The Contenders

11 Pranked
12 Headbangers Ball
13 Clone High Clone High
14 Yo Momma
15 Sweet/Vicious
16 Battlebots
17 The Tom Green Show
18 The Andy Milonakis Show
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Top Remixes

1. Celebrity Deathmatch
2. Viva La Bam
3. Buckwild
1. Celebrity Deathmatch
2. Viva La Bam
3. Silent Library


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