Most Underrated Music Artists of 2018

Obviously, this list is about artists that deserve more reputation. But considering this is focused on a specific year, I'm setting up some guidelines...

First off, this list should include artists that have released some sort of material in 2018, such as an album, EP or a single new song, otherwise it doesn't count, regardless of how underrated they are. In addition, an artist must at least be active during this point should they want to be eligible. Deceased artists from previous years can be allowed if there is a posthumous material by them released this year.

Anyway, vote for who you think deserves/deserved more attention?

The Top Ten

1 Visions of Atlantis

From what I've heard, their newest album, The Deep and The Dark is a reinvention with strong roots from VoA's earliest discography. This Symphonic Metal band has good instrumentation and excellent melody, alongside Clementine's gorgeous vocal delivery and Siegfried's harmonious sound working very well together. I can hope this band reaches bigger success and reputation to honor the band's first female vocalist Nicole Bogner. - CrimsonShark

2 Liza Anne

Her third album, Fine but Dying is a very impressive Alternative Folk work, with Liza herself having a very passionate sound, good lyrical range and the instrumentals being very solid. She's definitely an underrated gem in the music community and I hope for her to make a successful reputation and future for herself. - CrimsonShark

3 Shred Kelly

Shred Kelly released their fourth studio album, Archipelago, which was a very good Alternative Folk effort with a good understanding of the band's music style and sound, in addition to impressive vocal works by Sage McBride and Tim Newton. This band is skilled in their genre and deserve to be acknowledged more often. - CrimsonShark

4 Kataklysm Kataklysm Kataklysm is a Canadian death metal band. They call their musical style "northern hyperblast" after an advertisement in M.E.A.T.

Yes, I find the work of a Death Metal band to actually be pretty solid. Meditations has just the right amount of aggression and melody to keep me hooked and appreciate the body of work. Some brutal songs and other, more melodious tracks help give Meditations a balanced track. That, and the instrumentation is fantastic, alongside some good lyrics and a slightly accessible vocal sound for Death Metal beginners. - CrimsonShark

5 Aesthesys

This Progressive Rock band released Achromata, which is incredibly underrated and deserves to be given a hearing. While it lacks vocals, it makes up for superb instrumental work, which has semblances of Classical Music and Orchestra. I like how they use different instruments and being able to illustrate an ethereal, wondrous nature in this album. A job well done indeed. - CrimsonShark

6 Against the Current Against the Current Against the Current is an American Pop Rock/Punk group formed in Poughkeepsie, New York in 2011. The band is fronted by Chrissy Costanza, who has gained considerable fame and success as a YouTube artist. The band consists of Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri and are signed to Fueled more.

ATC is releasing their second album Past Lives this September, and have released at least three singles prior-hand. I've so far, liked two of them, "Forgot About Me" and "Strangers Again" quite a lot as they've grown on me. The third single "Personal" is quite recent and I'll give it a few more listens. I am looking forward to Past Lives and I will give out my thoughts as soon as I can. - CrimsonShark

Totally underrated in my opinion!

7 Hollow Hearts

Their album, Annabelle is another example of really good Folk Music. I like the vocalist's delivery in this and I like how its got semblances of Pop and Rock in their album. I hope they make a big name for themselves. - CrimsonShark

8 Tomorrow We Sail

This very obscure band released their second album, The Shadows in early 2018, and it's a very mellow, yet passionate experience. The sound in this album is very archaic, but also raw and natural with some bombastic tracks, while others are very reserved and slow, in addition to having two pretty good vocalists accompanying each other pretty well. The male vocalist has a subdued voice that goes along well with the tone of the album, and the female vocalist has very wispy and husky voice that sounds very soothing. - CrimsonShark

9 Melody's Echo Chamber

A side project by Melody Prochet, which just released its second album, Bon Voyage. This is a pretty unique Pop album, with very unconventional tropes being used throughout and there's a very distinct sound throughout. Prochet has a pretty good voice and her singing is pretty versatile from what I've heard. Gotta say, it feels like Experimental Pop from what I've heard, and it's a damn good effort. - CrimsonShark

10 Laura Marano Laura Marano Laura Marano is an American actress and singer, best known for her starring role in the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally as Ally Dawson.

The Newcomers

? Carly Rae Jepsen Carly Rae Jepsen Carly Rae Jepsen is a Canadian singer and songwriter from Mission, British Columbia, and later based in Vancouver.
? Kamferdrops

The Contenders

11 Dream State

This female fronted band borders on the Rock-Hard Alternative line. They just released their debut EP, Recovery and are building a good reputation within the rock community. The band's vocalist, CJ Giplin has a very energetic voice for her age and career as of now, and the instrumentals are pretty good in it. Some of their tracks like "White Lies" and "Help Myself" are solid efforts and are quite relatable for people who struggle with anxiety and bullying. I can say this band has got potential and I hope for the best in regards to their upcoming debut album and their future reputation. - CrimsonShark

12 Bella Thorne Bella Thorne Annabella Avery "Bella" Thorne is an American actress, writer, model and singer, released EP "Jersey" in 2014. Best known for "Shake It Up!" 2010-2013. Has starred in "Blended", "The Frog Kingdom", "The Duff", "Big Sky", "Ratchet & Clank", "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" more.

Calling her a music artist is a bit of an exaggeration.

13 Spock's Beard Spock's Beard

Their album this year was certainly amazing and a big definitive of the world of prog, particularly modern prog. I'd be hopeful that more people listen to them. - isaaonrtdmtr

14 Little Jinder
15 Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo that originates from Columbus, Ohio. Currently there are two members. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and the drummer, Josh Dun. At the 2016 American Music Awards, they won two AMAs for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist, and Favorite Alternative Artist. Twenty One more.

Awesome band! - Squidward48

16 Phonte
17 Martina Stoessel
18 Janet Jackson Janet Jackson Janet Jackson is a singer and dancer who is well known for her sexually graphic records, iconic performances, and slightly weak voice. She is regarded as a sex symbol through her songs and videos.
19 Säkert!
20 Helena Josefsson Helena Josefsson
21 Skylar Grey Skylar Grey Holly Brook Hafermann, who goes by the stage name Skylar Grey, is an American singer and songwriter from Mazomanie, Wisconsin.
22 Olivia O'Brien
23 Kayak Kayak
24 James Howard
25 Suede Suede

Their latest album came out this year and it's really good but sadly know one remembers them anymore. - Undistinguished

26 Evidence Evidence
27 Locksmith
28 Chris Webby Chris Webby
29 Apathy
30 Alec Benjamin

Alec is a singer/songwriter that can most known for his single Paper Crown and The Water Fountain. He is able to tell a story through everyone of his songs. Once signed to Atlanta Records Alec is writing new material and touring USA and soon in Europe.

31 Charli XCX Charli XCX Charlotte Emma Aitchison, better known by her stage name Charli XCX, is an English singer and songwriter.
32 Zara Larsson Zara Larsson Zara Maria Larsson is a Swedish singer-songwriter. She first gained national fame for winning the 2008 season of the talent show Talang, the Swedish version of Got Talent, at the age of 10. Larsson signed with the record label TEN Music Group in 2012 and released her debut EP album, Introducing, in more.
33 Eden
34 Ava Max
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