Most Underrated Nirvana Songs


The Top Ten

1 Dive
2 Sappy

100x better than teen spirit - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

3 Downer
4 School

This is the best song on Bleach overshadowed by About a Girl which is Overrated - christangrant

Love this song. Its in the top 3 on the Bleach album for me - Danielsun182

5 I Hate Myself and Want to Die
6 Dumb
7 Scentless Apprentice

If screaming was controlled and beautiful all the time, there would be no grunge.

No this has some of the worst screams ever - christangrant

Are you just saying that because you're not a true nirvana fan and can't handle any loud noises without thinking it's weird? - Gruunge

8 Floyd the Barber
9 Lounge Act
10 Blew

The Contenders

11 Serve the Servants

One of my favorite Nirvana songs. - LizardKing99

12 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
13 Very Ape
14 Hairspray Queen
15 Tourette's
16 You Know You're Right

Amazing song, but not very underrated. - Gruunge

17 Do Re Mi
18 Anorexorcist
19 Oh, Me
20 Breed

This isn't an underrated song at all - Kfox101

That Chorus Man Just Listen To The Chorus - FettiMC

21 Aneurysm
22 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
23 Milk It
24 Stay Away
25 Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip
26 Moist Vagina
27 Endless, Nameless
28 Drain You

I don't really see this song or any song from Nevermind as Underrated - christangrant

29 Blandest

You're my favorite, oh no

30 Marigold
31 Negative Creep
32 Sliver
33 D-7

Nirvana covered the Wipers' "D-7" as a B-side for their "Lithium" single and it was later re-released as part of the With the Lights Out box set. Cobain had noted how influential the Wipers' combination of punk and hard-rock had been on Nirvana's sound during early interviews done by the band. - Cehrlich1

34 Sifting

One of my favorites. - Alpha101

35 Verse Chorus Verse
36 Curmudgeon
37 Smells Like Teen Spirit
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1. Dive
2. Lounge Act
3. I Hate Myself and Want to Die
1. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
2. I Hate Myself and Want to Die
3. Sappy
1. Dive
2. Downer
3. School


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