Most Underrated Old SpongeBob Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Nature Pants

I don't watch SpongeBob so I'm just gonna vote for the first thing for the sake of it - hriday

I hate this episode - Joansb

2 Valentine's Day

This episode of SpongeBob is so funny I love it every time I watch it - rocknrollhorselover

3 Patty Hype
4 Sleepy Time
5 Graveyard Shift
6 Bubblestand

This is one of my favorites it deserves more attention - Joansb

7 Life of Crime
8 Tea at the Treedome
9 The Paper
10 Club SpongeBob

An underrated episode. A lot of people hate this episode, in a similar fashion lie they did with Barney and Friends, Patrick! The Game, The Wonder Pets, etc. Because they make up rumors about this episode, for Squidward's torment. Like they acusse SpongeBob and Patrick for being jerks to Squidward, when they're not, because Squidward stupidly went to the club, got him and the other two into the mess, insulted the conch and teased SpongeBob and Patrick. Sure Squidward was tortured, but he at least deserved it.

The Contenders

11 Your Shoe's Untied
12 Reef Blower
13 Wormy
14 Big Pink Loser
15 Missing Identity
16 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm
17 The Snowball Effect
18 Spongebob Meets The Strangler
19 Hooky
20 Pressure
21 I'm With Stupid
22 Ugh
23 Can You Spare a Dime?

This episode is so underrated. Nobody talks about this. Iv’e seen 2 youtubers put this in their top 10 best lists. I don’t think people know what underrated means. it means that it doesn’t get as much credit as it should. i’ve heard people say spongebob your fired and little yellow book and even boating buddies are underrated. those episodes are talked about a lot, because they all suck. can you spare a dim is a perfect example of an underrated episode. so much happens in 11 minutes. squidward being accused of stealing mr. krabs dime, squidward quitting, spongebob talking to squidward telling him to stay, squidward being homeless, squidward living with spongebob, squidward driving spongebob crazy, spongebob outbursting, spongebob begging mr. krabs to rehire squidward. mr. krabs finding his dime. squidward being rehired. and the hilarious ending. not to mention so many amazing jokes and quotes. final score 500/10.

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