Top Ten Most Underrated Opeth Songs

The Top Ten

1 Hessian Peel

Honestly this is probably their best song.

2 Serenity Painted Death

Awesome riffs and solo, certainly the most underrated Opeth song, at least in Still Life album.

3 Porcelain Heart
4 Karma

Great song, one of the best from album - Silverstone95

5 Eternal Rains Will Come
6 White Cluster
7 Death Whispered a Lullaby

This song not only possesses a great guitar plus drums synchronization but as well as some really thought provoking and in-depth under the shadow of "Windowpane" & "In My Time of Need" it has received little to no recognition over time and only Opeth's ardent fans may have appreciated this musical masterpiece.. - Arhaan95

8 The Night and the Silent Water

Probably their best song. At least in my opinion. Everyone talks about the riffs on Blackwater Park, and while Morningrise may not have been recognized as a masterpiece, this song holds the most hauntingly beautiful guitar parts I have ever heard.

0:54 and your mind's blown...

9 Credence
10 The Funeral Portrait

The Contenders

11 Nectar
12 A Fair Judgement

It stuns me to witness that this song is underrated even more on the underrated list itself. I can understand for people not having the time enough to listen to the entire album with an open mind, or with thorough interest. I've recommended this song infinite times to the song reactors and people who are just trying to get into this band, but instead they end up listening to some of the heaviest things in the world, and relentlessly complain about the growls and fast nature of the music. Whenever you are on the verge of listening to any genre of music (especially extreme metal) radically different from your comfort zone, do the research about the type of music and it's history. I know it might sound a bit weird for some, but doing the research actually helps (at least it did for me) in wiring your brain and mentally prepares you for what to come.

Coming to the point, "A Fair Judgement" is the go-to song in my opinion even if you aren't a metalhead, it encompasses at least ...more - Arhaan95

13 Hex Omega

Should be in the top ten list of best opeth song... its not just a song... it's a book... a movie... a dream... I can't describe it

14 Folklore
15 Dirge for November

Dirge for November is the epitome of the word "underrated"...Personally my favorite song off Blackwater Park as well as #4 on my all time list of favorite Opeth's song...I know I'm in the minority... - Arhaan95

16 By the Pain I See In Others

My favorite track from Deliverance by far.

I agree. This song is very dark and the reversed part still haunts me. - IronSabbathPriest

I actually skip the reversed part and put in a new cd. this song is like a carnival of hell or something. BLACKWATER PARK PART II

17 Under the Weeping Moon
18 Voice of Treason
19 Burden
20 Cusp of Eternity
21 When

Probably my second favourite opeth song ever, behind Blackwater Park. Criminally under-rated amongst loath fans I think. Truly superb!

22 Forest of October
23 Face of Melinda
24 Patterns in the Ivy
25 Master's Apprentices
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