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61 Old Man - Neil Young
62 Night Train - Steve Winwood
63 Life is a Minestrone - 10cc
64 I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You - Alan Parsons Project
65 Catch the Wind - Donovan
66 Candle of Life - The Moody Blues
67 Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescence
68 Eye in the Sky - Alan Parsons Project
69 When I'm Gone - Phil Ochs

Phil ochs was a folk singer who will always be overshadowed by dylan, when he's remembered at all. while dylan went electric, ochs stayed a folk singer and faded into obsurity. while dylan is certanlty the better of the two by far, this song is amazing, as good as anything dylan ever did - RecklessGreed

70 Heroin - The Velvet Underground

While not forgoteen now, I think it deserves mentioning because of how long it(and the album) went unoticed for so long. agruebly the most influentail album ever, it presaged punk, alternate, and noise more than anything else. forutunitly it has since been rediscovered and is now considered one of the best albums ever - RecklessGreed

71 Space Oddity - The Langley Schools Music Project

In the mid seventies, a elementary school music teacher came up with a radical lesson: he had the kids cover hit songs. decade later, the obsurce recordings were released, and their one of my favoirte albums ever - RecklessGreed

72 American Pie - Don MacLean
73 Here Without You - The Byrds

Virtually unknown song, highly personal and written by Gene Clark. Received little notice, never charted, and zero airplay even during the Byrd's superstar period.

74 Stand By Me - Ben E. King

Thanks for the info. I missed the news of his passing. If there's a Rock and Roll Heaven... - Billyv

The singer and co-writer of this song, the great Ben E. King left the world this week, and music is much diminished for it.

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