Most Underrated Pantera Songs


The Top Ten

1 Clash With Reality
2 Power Metal

Good glam metal song.

3 Hellbound
4 Yesterday Don't Mean S***

Very underrated should be 2

5 By Demons Be Driven
6 A New Level

That's a true music!

VERY underrated - peskyplumber69

7 Immortally Insane

Not many people have heard of it because it isn't on any of there albums, it is a great song.

8 Rise

This is a great track with an awesome grove and progression. It's often overshadowed by other great tracks of the album like Mouth For War, Walk and This Love

9 The Art of Shredding
10 Becoming

Most underrated song, the riff is so awesome!

Best song they ever made

The Contenders

11 Where You Come From
12 Heresy

Awesome thrash! The riff is epic.

13 The Sleep

Epic riff and solo.

14 Suicide Note Pt. II
15 Shedding Skin
16 Use My Third Arm
17 Primal Concrete Sledge
18 Medicine Man
19 Hollow
20 Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks

Very Heavy - peskyplumber69

21 Slaughtered
22 This Love

Pantera's best song, but unfortunately is usually not even considered in the top ten - Shake_n_Bake13

23 Over and Out
24 It Makes Them Disappear
25 Drag the Waters
26 Hard Ride
27 Death Rattle
28 Live In a Hole
29 Rock the World
30 Regular People (Conceit)
31 The Great Southern Trendkill
32 Strength Beyond Strength
33 P*S*T* 88
34 Suicide Note, Pt. 1
35 Burnnn Burnnn
36 War Nerve
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1. Rise
2. The Art of Shredding
3. A New Level
1. The Art of Shredding
2. Hollow
3. Heresy
1. Clash With Reality
2. Power Metal
3. Hellbound


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