Most Underrated Phineas and Ferb Songs


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1 There's a Platypus Controlling Me

I love this song! I got it TREMENDOUSLY stuck in my head but it was worth it (kinda like S.I.M. P)

Great song, one of the show's best, but it is NOT underrated

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2 Christmas is Starting Now
3 Not So Bad a Dad After All

This is my favorite Phineas and Fern song. Vanessa is such a good singer

One of the best songs on the show, Vanessa has a nice singing voice and the lyrics are really sweet. Also, there's a backstory that goes along with it which is nice to see.

4 Give Me a Grade

It is funny how baljeet can rock out.

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5 Where Did We Go Wrong?
6 Rubber Bands, Rubber Balls

AAGHH! Like, to me, that's just really creepy!

7 Spa Day

This is the only song I can actually tolerate from this T.V. show! Its spa day yeah! Haha

8 Big Ginormous Airplane
9 The Flyin' Fishmonger
10 Me, Myself and I

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11 Floor After Floor
12 Baliwood
13 Evil Love

Seriously this song has such a nice tune and great lyrics. It's so underrated!

14 Evil for Extra Credit

One of the better songs that is overlooked by the fan base often. I get that it's not the best overall but it should be at the top of THIS list

This song by Carl:
"I used to put up with too much aggravation!
Well, take a look at me now! I got a new vocation!
You think you're bad? Well, I'm the one to tell you first that I'm evil!
(He's evil! )
I'm evil for extra credit."

Doofenshmirtz is rocking out and Monogram is wondering why is he singing. It's an awesome song.

15 We Love Tatooine V 1 Comment
16 Ducky Momo is My Friend V 2 Comments
17 Whatcha Doin'?

(To the comment below): Yes. Yes she did.


18 Alien Heart
19 Get Down V 1 Comment
20 Chains On Me

"You're kidding me right? You're.. You're kidding me! " (Get the reference from another P+F song? ) seriously if anything this song is overrated

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