Most Underrated Phineas and Ferb Songs


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1 There's a Platypus Controlling Me

I love this song! I got it TREMENDOUSLY stuck in my head but it was worth it (kinda like S.I.M. P)

Great song, one of the show's best, but it is NOT underrated

Love this song. I know all the lyrics

I wish it was longer...

2 Not So Bad a Dad After All

This is my favorite Phineas and Fern song. Vanessa is such a good singer

One of the best songs on the show, Vanessa has a nice singing voice and the lyrics are really sweet. Also, there's a backstory that goes along with it which is nice to see.

3 Give Me a Grade

It is funny how baljeet can rock out.

I loved Baljeet since this episode! That singing was effective! He is not mild-mannered anymore!

Love it

4 Christmas is Starting Now
5 Where Did We Go Wrong?
6 Rubber Bands, Rubber Balls

AAGHH! Like, to me, that's just really creepy!

7 Spa Day

This is the only song I can actually tolerate from this T.V. show! Its spa day yeah! Haha

8 Big Ginormous Airplane
9 Me, Myself and I
10 The Flyin' Fishmonger

The Contenders

11 Evil Love

Seriously this song has such a nice tune and great lyrics. It's so underrated!

12 Floor After Floor

I think the beat really works well with the visuals.

13 Ducky Momo is My Friend


I don't particularly love the song, but it is very underrated, much more than Platypus controlling me. I like that song more than this one but this is more underrated.

P. S. - Ready for the Bettys sucks

14 Baliwood
15 Evil for Extra Credit

One of the better songs that is overlooked by the fan base often. I get that it's not the best overall but it should be at the top of THIS list

This song by Carl:
"I used to put up with too much aggravation!
Well, take a look at me now! I got a new vocation!
You think you're bad? Well, I'm the one to tell you first that I'm evil!
(He's evil! )
I'm evil for extra credit."

Doofenshmirtz is rocking out and Monogram is wondering why is he singing. It's an awesome song.

16 Rollercoaster

"I'm glad I'm wearing trousers that are already brown! " Ha haa! Seriously though, Phineas has an amazing voice.

17 We Love Tatooine

We Love Tatooine is so upbeat.

18 Whatcha Doin'?

(To the comment below): Yes. Yes she did.


19 Alien Heart
20 Get Down

People hardly ever know this song, but it's sooo awesome.

21 Chains On Me

"You're kidding me right? You're.. You're kidding me! " (Get the reference from another P+F song? ) seriously if anything this song is overrated

22 Mom Look
23 With These Blueprints

So grab some hammers and nails, and buckets and pails! - TwitchandVinegar

24 Mysterious Force

Overlooked because it wasn't actually in the movie, this song is really good though and helps build Candace's character

25 Phinedroids and Ferbots
26 Perfect Day

C’mon, why don’t I see this in any list? - Mela 6/13/18

27 Aerial Area Rug

This song is really good and, in my opinion, the only really good part of the episode.

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