Top 10 Most Underrated Pixar Movie Moments

Pixar movies have provided a lot of memorable and heartwarming moments that stick with you even after the credits have rolled but for every memorable moment Pixar moment there are plenty of Pixar movie moments that aren't talked about as much and deserve a little more attention.

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1 Andy Says Goodbye to His Mom - Toy Story 3

For most of us who watched the very first Toy Story movie back in 1995 we kind of felt a lot like Andy mom watching this kid Andy grow up with the sequels, in the scene Andy his mom having one last moment together as he's preparing to leave for college as his mom looks around the now empty room as it sinks in as Andy comfort her as she tells him how she wishes she could always be with him all the while Woozy overhears the conversation. - egnomac

2 You Are a Toy - Toy Story 2

Buzz and the others arrive at Al's apartment to rescue Woody but Woody insists on staying believing he has a much better future of life on display then face the possibility of being forgotten by Andy however Buzz uses the same speech Woody told him about how a toy's life is worth living when loved by a child and points out that he is indeed a toy but Woody still refuses to budge as everyone gives up and go home while Woody explains to them that he has no other choice as Buzz tells him the downside of living life on display of spending the rest of his life watching kids from behind glass and never be loved again. - egnomac

YOU ARE A TOY! I love that part - ArcticWolf

3 Sadness Comforts Bing Bong - Inside Out

In the scene Bing Bong's wagon is thrown in the memory dump and this really upsets him and while Joy attempts to cheer him up which fails Sadness ends up helping him air out his grief over the lost of his wagon which actually does the trick. - egnomac

4 I Can't lose You Again - The Incredibles

Very unappreciated scene after nearly losing his family when Syndorme fired the missiles at the plane with them in it Bob attempts to fight the Omnidroid alone before Helen stops him and informs him that she's not gonna let him go it alone as the two bicker with Helen believing that Bob just wants to go it alone in order to be Mr. Incredible again before Bob finally spells it out that he doesn't want to lose them again and is not strong enough to face that possibility. - egnomac

5 Doc's Backstory - Cars

Cars may not have a lot going for it but the one moment that stands out is the reveal of Doc Hudson's backstory of that of a former racer who was at the top of his game before suffering a crash that put him on the shelf and after getting put together he expected a big welcome only to be cast aside and replaced by the next rookie standing in line to take his place. - egnomac

6 I Miss My Family - The Good Dinosaur

During the scene the two end up revealing that they each lost someone they loved with Spot losing his family and Arlo losing his father all using a couple of sticks to represent their families. - egnomac

7 Dory and Marlin inside The Whale - Finding Nemo

After being swallowed by the whale Marlin desperately tries to find a way out all while Dory stays optimistic and Marlene goes off on her for putting them this situation before exhausting himself as he tells her how he promised that he would never let anything happen to Nemo as she tells him how ridiculous his promise is as he can't never lets anything happen to Nemo then nothing would ever happen to him as the two are then forced to make a leap of faith as they are forced into the back of the whales throat with Marlin having doubts about it as Dory tells him its time to let go as he continues to ask her how she knows nothing bad will happen and she simply replies she doesn't as the two let go and the whale shoots them out through its hole as they arrive in Sydney. - egnomac

8 Sully Sees The Monitors of Him Scaring Boo - Monsters Inc

After Mr. Waternoose orders Sully to demonstrate his roar for the new recruits in scaring children which ends up scaring Boo who now becomes terrifyied of him as she runs away from him and as Sully tries to comfort her he sees the T.V. monitors of his roar and sees the terrified look on Boo's face - egnomac

9 You Have to Go Back - A Bugs Life

After hearing Hoppers plan to squish the queen Dot rushes to find Flik who's hitched a ride with the other circus bugs as Dot catches up with them and informs them of Hopper's plan and tires to convince them to come back and help they immediately decide to go with Flik's plan for the bird but Flik informs them the bird won't work as he goes on stating that the colony was right about him constantly screwing things up and making things worse for them and calls himself a complete failure as the circus bugs attempt to convince him that he's not a failure by reminding him of how he helped them out but Flik still isn't convinced until Dot flies off and return with a rock and makes the same speech Flik told her earlier by pretending the rock is a seed about how small things can grow to make bigger things or something like that and that's what convinces him to return. - egnomac

10 Strange Things Are Happening to Me - Toy Story

The scene where we watch as Woody'd personal fears come to lite as he slowly sees the world around him as Andy's room changes with all of the cowboy stuff being replaced with Buzz Lightyear merchandise while everyone else looks to Buzz as the new leader of the toys and the ultimate icing on the cake is the bed which according to Woody is his place now has the Buzz Lightyear bed sheets in Woody's mind he's lost his place as the top. - egnomac

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11 Woody saving Jessie at the airport in Toy Story 2
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