Hidden Gems #8 Primal

Have you ever wondered if there's a game that really makes you wanna go I gotta try this, and you end up not regretting that purchase, that my friends is the very big hidden gem Primal for the playstation 2. This game is very story driven with no multiplayer at all. After you start the game the following cutscenes takes place in which your story then and out begins. You are in a concert with your boyfriend named Lewis, and once you leave the event a demon creature approaches the two in the most creepy way possible, then proceeds to kidnap Lewis, while Jen (main protagonist) is unconscious and is scene to a hospital. Jen ends up meeting Scree a mini Gargoyle looking creature as that gives power her spirit to rise up as she is terrified at first looking at her own body on the hospital bed. Scree ends up explaining things to Jen on the way to the nexus rift. So you start to enter a room with four realms as Chronos (Not the mythology one) is holding and keeping balance of all these realms (Solum, Aquis, Aetha, & Volca).

Now let's look at the gameplay well you literally take turns between Jen and Scree in which there will be times you play as scree to try and get around certain where Jen can't, which also goes the other way around as well. When you play as Jen you have Melee combat in which you can switch between normal Jen, and demon Jen of that realm. Once you have killed the enemies you have to regenerate your health in which case is the energy meter if it is's out of color then that simply means game over start again. Just go near scree to apply that. You meet a man named Ferai in which Jen touches the rings and gives his power to her thew first of 4. In the second realm Aquis, you acquire a swimming power with instead of a green traded for a blue color only disadvantage is you must switch immediately back once you come back up to land when using this. In Atetha You get this awesome purple energy whip which is the most powerful of all of them. Finally in Volca the last power up which is of a fire energy whip which is also very useful. While in the 3rd realm you notice something very odd in the nexus Lewis is not of his normal self anymore and under control of a demon. Meanwhile in the final realm you face off against Abaddon, who had given Jen the fire power up when the face met only it made her feel a little bit more evil in which scree had no other choice, but to fight her to get her back to her own self again. In which works now to the boss battle in which your running in a circle knowing down tiny vase or bottle like items, and waiting for Abaddon to hit a much more bigger statue for his big massive weapon to fall as he falls from his own wife in death. Back to the nexus to realize scree is now a bigger size going after Belahzur, while you fight a Dominic Lewis with an upgraded of a right shoulder with spikes on it. You beat him with gets this all four of the elements you have gained in the game which isn't that hard honestly. Then we go back and forth as now your scree fighting Belahzur in a battle of the titans. In th end you grasp in victory, however the ending where Jen is back in the human world she is in the hospital with a looks to be close to dead Lewis as she reads a book and the screen goes black.

Verdict: There were other things to mentions about this game I do like it's soundtrack, at the time I had no idea who 16Volt was until playing this game. The general gameplay is mostly you either A. finding something and bringing it to something or someone or B. Your doing melee combat on multiple enemies. Yes it is repetitive, but that is a very minor nit pic forgiven. Also I have not mentioned this earlier, but there are secret items in the game, but not sure if there very important, but it's basically art concept to find. This is one of three Guerrilla Cambridge games that are very well done along with the MediEvil games on the playstation, for me though Primal is my favorite of the library and may stand the test of time if there was a much more bigger audience. I give this game a 8.5 out of 10.