Hidden Gems #9 Top 25 Most Underrated Playstation 2 Games Of All Time

htoutlaws2012 The Playstation 2's library is very vast of titles in it's 13 year history whether it's video games you have probably have heard of and had fond memories of, and then there are these games that make you want a tear in your eye. In Today's episode we rank my top 25 most underrated PS2 games of all time.

#25 Frequency & Amplitude: I'm combining these two games because they were basically the same game with a different name. As you have guessed by now they are musical games. If you have played Guitar Hero or Rock Band you should be looking at these game that may have pioneered what they would become.

#24 Family Guy Video Game!: If your a fan of the show then this game should keep you entertained from start to finish as you take control of Peter, Brian, & Stewie which consist of gun shooting, fist pounding, stealthy action with it's signature humor placed in each sequence. When people talk about best TV licensed not a lot of people mention this game and it is pretty good for the PS2.

#23 God Hand: This is often considered very underrated, but the thing is why it's low on my list is lately i'ts been getting the deserved praise now. Plus it's an action beat em up game you can't go wrong with this game.

#22 Psi-Ops Mindgate Conspiracy: So you know the game mindjack that was bad even it's concept was not good, well this is the opposite of that with great controls and unique 3rd person shooter with psychic elements that work well and this was before mindjack why does nobody talk about this game?

#21 Timesplitters: The first game of the series is perhaps the most overlooked of the series. With it's story consisting of you grabbing an object and returning it to the red circle and that's the main goal. Who doesn't love the random wacky noise you hear when you shoot someone that's pretty creative in it's self. Addictive multiplayer action, and also a pretty good mapmaker, and oh the so awesome soundtrack in this game is my favorite out of the 3. If your a hardcore FPS fan this game is for you to have if not the whole series is a good look to grasp as well.

#20 Trapt: No not the band, that Namco game you may or may not have heard of. This gem starts you off a mysterious death of Allura being accused of using the knife by her mother now this is getting interesting. This game is cutscene city pretty much with surprisingly little gameplay roles that are you have freakish arm that can be usede to set up traps how cool right that's really how that goes. If you want something that's seems worth a try that isn't Pac-man or Soul Calibur.

#19 War of the Monsters: This game does well in being a upgraded Rampage like game. Seriously the environments you can easily destroy, it even gets better when you play with a pal then it gets real fun. Plus its adventure mode is a cool touch as well when your introduced to each giant playable character in the game. Smooth and responsive controls and is very fun to play.

#18 Fire Pro Wrestling Returns: This might be a bit unfair in a way considering wrestling fans would not agree with it falling as underrated with its big fanbase. Tell me though the casual gamer would play the smackdown games at the time. My big interest in this game came when I went to a rental of the game and I felt satisfied since. You can literally do whatever you want. Change anything you like, and also the controls are very good and responsive considered to be one of the best wrestling games by some behind here comes the pain.

#17 Gungrave: Based on the anime series which honestly haven't seen when I did rent this game. Your goal is to stop a Man Harry McDowell he had killed his former colleague. While that took place you are gun slinging your way through various enemies and bosses to then finally taking him down for good. The game is actually short, but did have a sequel that was well not like this one honestly.

#16 XIII: While this game was on all the consoles at the time think about this. You do remember Jet Set Radio Future right? Do you actually remember a game with a roman numeral in it? This forgotten Fps pretty much is almost like JSRF only in 80's comic book style which was very original at the time. It plays very well done and that it leaves you going wow this is pretty good why does no talk about this? While I would not put in my all time best FPS game it does deserve a spot on this list for being one of the most forgotten in this era.

#15 Kill Switch: Oh what's this another First person shooter game, and also the second Namco game on this list. This one though kind of leaves you like wait the game may have been an innovation for games like Mass Effect, Uncharted, & even Gears of War that would be made later down the road to become some of the best in video game history. Back to this game how has this game not been getting the praise at all. It's considered by many to have the best cover system of any shooter out there.

#14 Rez: Now this was also on the Dreamcast in it's final set of games left, however it is most recognized on the PS2. This game still looks cool and fun to play, yet may leave seizures if you look at it in another country's point of view.

#13 Mobile Suit Gundam Federation Vs Zeon: Not going to go in depth on this game if you have already seen the episode then you already know the reasons why I think this Gundam game overlooked when comparing it to other anime games out there. If your a fan of the original first series, then by all means this game is a most own for the die hard fans of that show.

#12 Beyond Good and Evil: Many people would put this game in the top 10, but for me I still see it as a gem that many have had great exposure to that ''maybe'' in the future Ubisoft may try to have a second game. It still holds up pretty well, and yes I too see it as a great game that should been more talked about.

#11 Project Eden: Those that were behind the iconic Tom Raider games, this forgotten gem takes place in a cyber world kind of like the world of that CGI show ReBoot well not totally close, but still. Pretty good puzzle game that should be a good try for anyone.

#10 Gun: Made by the same people behind the tony Hawk series, this game is based as a western action adventure that may look a little like GTA, but not entirely. It's a pretty good game that is definitely one that may'be forgotten in the future as a n activision game.

#9 The Mark of Kri: My first thoughts was is this a Disney game? Surprisingly it wasn't when I realized something very different from most games is it's combat system is very creative. Good game check it out.

#8 Black: Also on the Original Xbox, a shooter that at first you'll look at it as generic, but to me it's not at all. It has a very good story and gun noise in the game makes it more believable than any other shooter. If this game was in the 7th gen then It wouldn't be here now would it?

#7 Draken: The Ancient' Gates: Hey do you like How to train your Dragon then well this game should be worth a look right? Okay think king Arthur or what other medieval person in a Blade Runner-ish type of setting. Cool story, great protagonist and characters.

#6 The Warriors: What can be said about this amazing license game based off the movie. Like before speaking and praising this game for possibly being the best over looked licensed possibly ever and that it was made by Rockstar is an even more wow factor to it.

#5 Shinobi: Originally planned to be released for Dreamcast, but due to discontinuation they decided to put this game on the PS2 not a bad choice. A vastly gem hack n slasher that very highly addictive. While there were other games in the series, this one stands out for it's step in ''3D action hack n slasher'', and to me that's top 5 worthy plus I felt satisfied playing this game for a while. This game did have a sequel called Nightshade which in itself wasn't that bad either although it does make the list, but as of now an honorable mention.

#4 Okage Shadow King: Oh what's this the highest rated gem RPG on the list. Yes this stands out of all of them as being overlooked. While it's more of a traditional Halloween game by some, too most people they have no clue what game you are talking about when it comes to playing scary games. Anyways, you end figuring out how to cast spells on others, and also how to beat them with a weakness of combo. Another game with a great protagonist and a good supporting cast of characters as well.

#3 Zone of the Enders: Wait a second two Hack n Slashers in the top 5 what blasphemy is this? Unlike Shinobi, ZOTE which spawned off two others games. The series seems to be very forgotten by many so strange for a Konami game right? This one is just slightly more addicting opposed to the other I just mentioned not only fun, but also it has a cool looking robots dueling it out as opposed to your super trained ninjas you may see in oh Ninja Gaiden or something.

#2 Destroy All Humans!: Okay despite it's awful Voice acting the game is pretty fun and goofy that I like which works well. While it was also on the Xbox it's more recognized on the Playstation 2 you want to know why because it's starting to get the appreciation it deserves recently they just released the game for purchased on the PS4 just a month ago yeah I know stunning.

Before I unveil my #1 pick here are a few Honorable Mentions
Rise To Honor
Armored Core 2
Pac Man World 2
Red Faction
Fatal Frame 2

and the #1 most underrated Ps2 game is... Primal! To those who have looked at my content well enough should not be surprised by this choice at all. It amazes how this game didn't get a bigger fanbase or a sequel of any sorts. Battling your way from demonic realm to the other hours and hours fighting for your life back in your own body. Eventually ends on a side note the game literally has it all for me even the soundtrack is good too. A game that just focuses on the story and no need for Multiplayer play a long story and dive in to greatness that could of been Primal.

Well there you have it thanks guys for reading and next time well there be a next time you'll just have to wait and see.