Top Ten Underrated Pop Songs that Will Make Your Life Complete

Pop may also include genres such as eurodance, pop rock, contemporary RnB, schlager, country, and more, as long as it has pop appeal. I just called it pop to distinguish it from more serious genres such as metal or hip hop.

The Top Ten

1 Tarzan & Jane - Toy-Box

You never truly lived before you heard the pure musical magic of this song. - Martin_Canine

2 From Sarah With Love - Sarah Connor

It is very much bordering on soul, but considering Connor's entire body of work, she can be considered a pop artist. This is a song of exceptional beauty, especially towards the end, when it suddenly becomes a dramatic and bombastic tune with singing that makes Connor a serious rival for classic soul divas. - Martin_Canine

3 Lovesongs (They Kill Me) -Cinema Bizarre

If anyone is interested in what emo sounded like in Germany - this song, plus Tokio Hotel's 2000s albums are the peak of the German emo movement. - Martin_Canine

4 Mirror Mirror - M2M

M2M's "Shades of Purple" album is one of the most delicate, honest and heartfelt music experiences one can buy for money. They are officially teen pop, but it's more. It's a truly relatable collection of the complicated feelings of a young girl starting to become a woman, with all the bumps along the way. The two girls not only sang, they also wrote the lyrics and played some instruments. They are anything but manufactured, they feel very pure. "Mirror Mirror" is just one of many wonderful tracks. - Martin_Canine

5 Engel der Nacht - Blümchen

Blümchen is pure high quality guilty pleasure: she has some of the sickest electronic beats of all times that push so many ecstasy buttons... aand she's an innocent girly deredere on the lyrics. Like, love for the first time, in all its shyness. - Martin_Canine

6 Why Didn't I Learn - Strawbellycake

There was a time when StrawbellyCake was a well known German YouTube musician that everybody loved and wanted to collaborate with... I don't know what happened. Maybe her debut album was not as successful as expected. Anyway, she completely vanished from the scene and left us with only one studio album. But it sparked this wonderful heartbreak single. - Martin_Canine

7 Space Invaders - Hit'n'hide

This song is more addictive than crack rocks, and at the same time less deadly. - Martin_Canine

8 The Sailor Song - Toy-Box

It's like "Tarzan & Jane", but with, like, pirates.
"Gambling, stealing / Lots of sex appealing" - Martin_Canine

9 Instinct - Niic

What this audio sample doesn't show is that the moment the chorus kicks in is so exciting you indeed get up on floor and let your instincts flow. - Martin_Canine

10 Splitternackt - Andrea Berg

Andrea Berg is the Citizen Kane of the schlager genre. Nobody can sing cheesy heartbreak songs like her. Other schlager singers are cheesy in s bad way. She is cheesy in a big way. It's absolutely justified that her albums went up to ten times platinum. The song is still underrated though. - Martin_Canine

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11 Hi - Hannah Diamond






12 Hey QT - QT
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