Most Underrated Queen Albums

Queen have been very famous throughout their long career however some albums were seriously underrated.
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1 Queen II Queen II Product Image

To me this may have been their best album of all time and as underrated as it is I get a warm feeling all over that I, as a monster queen fan, get to at any time enjoy this album that many unenlightened people have never even heard of before. So sad for them.

It has their first hit, Seven Seas Of Rhye, and it has an awesome, underrated song, The March Of The Black Queen.

Easiest list to vote on ever. It has 'March Of the Black Queen. ' Need I say more. Queen II rocks, simple.

The March of black queen ogre battle father to son nevermore GREAT QUEEN ALBUM

2 Hot Space Hot Space Product Image

Everyone I ever meet that likes queen like I do always dumps on this album, I think this is the most underrated unappreciated album queen ever produced, although I do prefer queens "original" sound this album is a work of genius to me. The songs on Hot Space are soulful happy and upbeat, I will rarely say I like all the songs on an album, But I like ALL the songs on this album. You really feel Freddie in this album and get a David Bowie vibe in most the songs, minus "dancer"

As much as Queen is my number 1 favorite band of all genres and rock all together, this is very underrated because I am open minded since I love all music genres. I commend the band being so creative that they didn't want to repeat same sound by doing things differently.

UK #4, US #22, DISCO Music and has Under Pressure and Las Palabras de Amor. - allqueen

I have a Guitar Pick of this album

3 Innuendo Innuendo Product Image

The Show Must Go On is the best song in this album! Innuendo and I’m Going Slightly Mad in a close second!

Great underrated album... Voice may have been, very slightly, fading but the show surly did go on.

This is a great strong album, it is has a great mix, with mercury's best vocals ever.

I love all the songs on this album! This should be number 1!

4 Made in Heaven Made in Heaven Product Image

This album tends to get overlooked due to the fact that it was composed from fragments of songs Mercury recorded before his death. Nonetheless, there are some absolutely superb pieces here, and the album is thematically and emotionally one of the most powerful that Queen's ever done. Mother Love, Made in Heaven, Let Me Live, Too Much Love Can Kill You, I Was Born to Love You and even the disco-inspired You Don't Fool Me are all great tracks, and unjustly overlooked.

if you don't cry at any of this either your heart or your tear ducts are broken and I suggest you get both removed and got new ones that worked and then Listen to Made In Heaven and cry. - I<3Queen

Underrated songs, underrated album. - AmINumberOneYet

5 Queen Queen Product Image

This is criminally underrated! This is a majestic album that needs to stop being neglected by Queen fans.

This is queen's first album and they got famous after releasing a night at the Opera

Seriously Underated though not quite as underrated as Queen II

I love Keep Yourself Alive and My Fairy King the best.

6 The Miracle The Miracle Product Image

WHY DON'T PEOPLE GIVE THIS ALBUM ANY LOVE? It has The Invisible Man, I Want It All, Breakthru, The Miracle, do you need any more?

I adore this album - very powerful and deep. "The Miracle" wasn't that big but this fact doesn't ruin its greatness and brilliance.
'I Want It All' is one of my all-time favorite songs - Irina2932

Their most underrated album of the 80s - allqueen

I love Breakthru. Really catchy! - DaringXx

7 A Kind of Magic A Kind of Magic Product Image

It has friends will be friends and who wants to live forever which are GREAT. - SammySpore

8 A Day At The Races A Day At The Races Product Image

It has great songs such as Somebody To Love, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, Tie Your Mother Down, and Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together).

I feel this one gets overshadowed by A Night at the Opera. Because of this, it sometimes gets a bad rep as being not as good as A Night at the Opera. in my opinion, A Day at the Races is far superior, and incredibly underrated as an album in general.

This album has Somebody to Love, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, and Tie Your Mother Down in it, which are three of my favourite Queen songs. I do not understand why this album is so underrated.

I never hear much about this album and I don't know why, its such a great album!

9 Sheer Heart Attack Sheer Heart Attack Product Image

This is a seriously underrated album. Killer Queen is awesome! I love Stone Cold Crazy and it’s an early thrash metal song! In The Lap Of The Gods has beautiful falsetto done by Roger Taylor.

Never understood why people put A Night at the Opera, and sometimes Queen II or A Day at the Races over this. This is by far their best.

Great, should have gone to no. 1

10 Jazz Jazz Product Image

It is never considered among the greatest Queen albums, but it is one of their greatest with songs like "Don't Stop Me Now" and "Fat Bottom Girls. "

so many great songs with stuff like dead on time and if you can't beat them

To me, Jazz is their best album

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11 The Works The Works Product Image

Radio Ga Ga
I want to break free
Hammer to fall

12 Flash Gordon Flash Gordon Product Image

I mean, why is nobody talking about This? All the vocals and instruments are so nice, so what the movie wasn't too great? I still listen to this album on my own time and I am proud.

13 News of the World News of the World Product Image
14 The Game The Game Product Image

This album deserves more credit than it gets: The album is the only album that hit #1 in the US and has two #1 hits

15 The Cosmos Rocks The Cosmos Rocks Product Image
16 A Night at the Opera A Night at the Opera Product Image

This is their most underrated. Especially Bohemian Rhapsody. (Sarcasm)

17 The Platinum Collection I II and III - Queen The Platinum Collection I II and III - Queen Product Image
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