Most Underrated Queen Songs

Queen have a huge amount of songs that sold very well, "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Don't Stop Me Now", "We are the Champions" and "We Will Rock You" are probably 4 of their most popular songs. However Queen have had a huge selection of underrated songs too.

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1 March of the Black Queen

If you are a Bohemian Rhapsody fan, then this is the song that most notably relates to it. I mean, if Bohemian Rhapsody was a father and had an offspring, this song would definitely be his heir. The March of the Black Queen is easily among Queen's top songs in my opinion.

Fantastic... I am and always will be a life long Queen Fan... This is the track that I just have to keep having a listen to on my own every now and then... Usually on full volume in the car

One of the best song of the album, and one of the greatest queen songs, the choirs, the guitar, the lyrics... Its just awesome

Absolute Masterpeice. In my opinion this is the best Queen song.

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2 Spread Your Wings

The deepness and gruffness to Freddie's voice in this song is simply amazing. It blows me away every time I hear it. Being a younger person, this song's lyrical meaning also gives me hope and picks me up. For I know that if I fail I still have freddie and his beautiful voice to soothe me.

What an outstanding song. If you don't like this, you're not alive. John Deacon, Queen's secret weapon, does it again.

Actually, except Another one bites the dust, You're my vest friend & I want to break free, John Deacon's songs are underrated. HE is underrated. Just listen to If you can't beat them, You and I, Misfire, Friends will be friends and Pain is so close to pleasure. (the last two was written by Freddie Mercury,too.) These songs are just EPIC! John Deaocn is an awesome songwriter and bassist.

This is my opinion and sorry for my English!

Great song that goes unnoticed on a very good album

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3 Death on Two Legs

The definition of Hard Rock. The Piano represent's the soft of Queen. When the guitars come in you feel Queen coming in. One of my favorite Queen songs. Way too underrated - PapaMing

The opening song of A Night At The Opera, an amazing screw-you song, what else could you ask for?

Queen is by far the most varietal artist I have ever seen, and this song showcases the more hard and punk side of the band. Amazing.

MY GOD! Favorite Queen song since I've heard it. And it's one of my favorite bands

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4 The Prophet's Song

Even on the "Most Underrated Queen Songs" list, this song is underrated.

Even though it's on their most popular album, it still tends to get overshadowed by Bohemian Rhapsody. (Which this song is just as equally revolutionary as.) That vocal breakdown section is simply phenomenal, and the band's overall performance is mind-blowing.

This song most certainly suffers from being on the same record as Bohemian Rhapsody and could easily be the stand-out piece of any other Queen album

I show this song to people who say they don't like Queen... then watch their brains explode

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5 Hammer to Fall

This Queen song just grows on you, great pick me up song. The more you listen to it the more you realise how great the composition is. Love the drum roll at the end!

The greatest Queen song I've ever heard. This song properly got me into Queen. The lyrics, Freddie's Vocals, Roger Taylor drumming and backing vocals, Brian May's riffs and kick ass solos, everything I like was in that song. But unfortunately this song is very very underrated. The last "Wooho" was also great. This song never moved from my top 10 best songs list. - zxm

One of the all time greatest rock songs in history, great hooks, riffs, melodies and lyrics.


Love this song, and it's really awesome on Queen at Live Aid

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6 Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

My number 1 most played on my iPod. Can't believe me, still on how AWESOME THIS SONG IS?! I have the album. (Can't stop listening to it now! ) Please, if you don't know the song, click the sample. Sure you'll love it. Then listen to the entire song. THE BEST EVER!

2nd favorite queen song of all time!

A very beautiful song. Freddie playing piano and singing this song is extremely beautiful.. He was so much talented.

Love this song so much think more people should listen to it - bat10

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7 Innuendo

Very underrated song... People think that album innuendo has 2 good songs:
"Show Must Go On" and "These Are Days Of Our Lives"...
But this is not true... This song is even better than them.

One of their 5 best songs indisputably. Emotionally and musically so complex and exceptionally out of the ordinary, it is perhaps, one of the 15 best songs of all time of classical rock existence... And no, I'm not exaggerating.

An epic song that reminds one of their finest works from the mid 1970s. This song has everything that made Queen a great band - brilliant vocals and guitars and haunting lyrics.

Underrated song. It is a masterpiece, and a very few people knows this one.

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8 The Millionaire Waltz

This song should be one of the best song of Queen alongside with Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen and Somebody to Love. The very first time hearing it, it blows my mind straightaway. Freddie was a genius!

Excellent track... A bit of everything in there... What talent to think this up and be confident to release it... Fabulous.. My fave queen song

Simply breath taking, this song has it all. This song should be realised now!

This song is just genius. It's the proof Queen is the most diverse band ever!

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9 Flick of the Wrist

Very cool song that I sometimes associate with Death On Two Legs. Both seem to tell the story of some b who steals all the money and is bad and nasty... Oh, do I love this song.

This sing ROCKS. the amazing background guitar, the singing, the aggressive, scary, doomy sound to this song is insane

10 I'm Going Slightly Mad

"I think I'm a banana tree. "

Definitely the most underrated. I love this song so much!

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? Tear It Up
? Get Down, Make Love

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11 White Queen (As It Began)

Not just the song that's good. Not just Freddies voice that was fantastic. Not just the instruments that were incredible, but the lyrics that were perfect.

This is one of my favorite queen songs, if you can't appreciate it, you are not a queen fan

Simply beautiful. The segue from Father to Son to this song on the Queen II album is just flawless and amazing.

12 Seven Seas of Rhye

This song is filled with great tunes. It takes some time to get use to, but the more you listen to it, the more you end up liking it. Great song. I'd say this song could easily be in the top five of this list.

To me, their earliest songs were the best, this being a prime example.

Fun tune, never heard a verse that good. -

Uplifting and unique!

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13 Who Wants to Live Forever

The only song that has brought me to tears completely unbelievable. Freddie rules.

This song; words and melody combined with Freddy, is like the word "myth" - totally mysterious and exciting. And when the song rises in the middle, it's absolutely beautiful. Chills!

It does not show that (to the comment below) it was written for a movie... Still awesome though. Deserves more popularity.

Magnificent. that is all

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14 Princes of the Universe

One of queens only heavy metal songs. Such a great song.

I love this song

15 Keep Yourself Alive

Should have been a hit and its better than Seven Seas of Rhye.

16 '39

This song could be the basis of a novel. Brian said so much in so few words. Freddy does a great job singing it live too.

One of my all time favourite songs. Beautiful tune. For years I didn't even realise it was Queen. Very surprising as I consider myself a massive fan of Queen.

An interstellar masterpiece. One of their best and most unique songs. Extremely underrated.

I love the live killer version with freddie singing - Farid87

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17 The Miracle

Amazing, up-beat, happy song, strong meaning, absolutely flawless.

18 Stone Cold Crazy

Criminally underrated song! This song was very ahead of its time and would go on to influence a lot of the thrash metal bands in the 1980s (it was even covered by Metallica). This song is heavy, fast-paced and makes you feel like a badass when listening to it!

Imagine creating a new genre just so you can be the best at it. That's pretty much the case with Stone Cold Crazy.

Very fast, very good - bat10

19 Love of My Life

Freddie's passionate vocal performance steal the show. Minimalist in the beginning, the rest of the band doesn't make itself heard until the last minute or so, but that simply allows Freddy to deliver one of the most genuine and tender moments in rock history.

The first time I ever heard this song I was watching live at Wembley 1984. It was on Freddie's birthday I was watching it, and it was so beautiful that I sat and cried for five minutes. Mercury's voice and May's stunning guitar playing are an epic powerhouse when presenting this song live. Even on the album version it give me chills.

I remember hearing the live version of this- queen rocks Montreal - I think, the acoustic guitar is beautiful it almost brigs tear. Freddie's vocals are just so powerful and sung with great feeling. This is one of my favorite queen songs ever

I really love this song 😋 it's so beautiful. It needs more love! - Userguy44

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20 Play the Game

Amazing song, and not among Queen's most popular, but definitely among their best. - TheFrodo

This song is the most underrated song IN THE WORLD

One of the most underrated songs ever

21 Doing Alright

Best song off Queen's debut album. The way it switches from a gentle song to a bombastic hard rocker is mesmerizing

22 It's Late

Epic refrain and chorus, different tempos, pumping bass lines, shredding riffs and a climax that few others Queen's songs possess.

Possibly one of the best riffs in rock history!

Why is this only 36 on the "Best Queen Songs" list? To me, it's much better than 36. Top 10 probably. - Metarock

Really good song

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23 Sheer Heart Attack
24 One Vision

This was just a great song that makes me feel good when I hear it.


25 My Fairy King

The instrumental after mother mercury look what they have done to me is the best in pophistory briljant every time I listen to it I hear new things

26 The Invisible Man

The bass line in this track is unforgettable. I believe the artist who composed the theme for Danny Phantom used this song as a guide due to the similarities. Not to mention the band members being called out throughout the song

My favourite song by queen and I love the video, and the way they put each band member's name in the lyrics amuses my

My least favourite Queen song, I'm afraid. - truckturner

27 Good Company

The demonstration that Brian May is a great musician!

This song reminds me of The Kinks for some reason. - Metarock

So sad that most people see this as a filler song on ANATO. It's a beautiful McCartney-inspired cautionary tale.

So many people take this song for granted, I think maybe because of it's seemingly upbeat exterior. But if you actually listen to the lyrics I guarantee it will make you cry 9/10 times.
This is the problem most brian's songs have, Brian is a very complex writer and many a time his songs are misunderstood, But I'm glad too see white queen finally get paid it's dues.

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28 Great King Rat
29 Rain Must Fall
30 Jealousy
31 Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

One of the most beautiful songs ever written.

Easily the most underrated songs of all time!

Teo Torriatte is an amazing song, it really touches you. One of Queens most uderrated songs by far.

One of Qeens greatest songs

32 Ogre Battle

This song is very underrated. This song is not a hard rock song. It's a metal song. While few of their songs were considered as proto-metal songs but this song never got the attention. This song has also a very good screaming. Deserves to be on high. - zxm

33 You Take My Breath Away

Such a passionate masterpiece of art. It makes me shiver whenever I listen to it. That would be the way I'd declare my love for someone if I found out I'd really love her. Thanks for this, Fred.

This is going to be my wedding dance song. Such beautiful heartfelt lyrics that says it all

One of the most beautiful songs ever written.

This song simply takes my breath away...

34 Back Chat

Really nice, people say it's bad while they don't even know the song

Really underrated and one of the best songs on Hot Space

Really underrates, especially since it's on Hot Space

35 The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke
36 One Year of Love

Great ballad

37 The Hitman

That riff is so heavy and awesome - christangrant

38 Was It All Worth It

This is truly incredible. Extraordinary how they manage to include a typical classical sound in the middle. It totally naturaly comes out of rock sound and naturally returns to it. MORE THAN GENIUS. Only. Queen can reach these heights.


39 Dragon Attack

Easily their most under rated song, a perfect slice of pure funk rock, the 'little brother' of Another One Bites The Dust, but boy, this is funky!

This is one of the best rock songs you could find. Featuring a great bass solo from the underrated John Deacon and OUTSTANDING guitar from Brian May. I'm addicted to this song. - matty925

40 Long Away

Brian's vocals in this is so soothing. I loved the part when they do the chorus "Did we leave our way behind us. " So fulfilling,

41 Need Your Loving Tonight

You've got to hear the live version from Argentina 1981. You'll know what I mean.

42 Brighton Rock

The vocal part is the best thing that I could hear in my entire life

This song has such an insane guitar solo, perfect for movie car chases (like in baby driver)

Simply put, amazing vocals and outstanding guitar solo.

So long and pleasurable

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43 I'm in Love with My Car

Great drums

44 Man on the Prowl
45 Nevermore

The best queen song ever!

The best queen song in terms of sheer beauty

Yes truly hidden unbelievable gem. Second only to Love of my love as a love song type.Astonishing harmony of the voices. Truly magic.

Pure beauty

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46 Save Me

Considering this song came after Don't Stop me Now on Greatest Hits 1 it was easy to overlook this song, which is a shame because this tune is truly beautiful.

Such an amazing song. Needs more recognition.

47 Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon
48 Too Much Love Will Kill You

This Song is just a Masterpiece of the best Songs of all Time for me

Too deep to fathom... just too deep and that what makes it haunting

49 Seaside Rendezvous

I LOVE the part with the kazoo! Oh how I love this song! The whole song was Freddie's and Roger's voice along with Roger tapping on the desk or something and a piano. And of course, the kazoo.

Quite amazing, actually. This, Good Company, and of course Spread Your Wings. Well, all the songs are. But these are just a few of my favorites.

I agree, this might be the most fun-loving queen song, and no 1 has ever heard of it! - I<3Queen

Puts a smile on my face

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50 Mother Love

There seems to be a common misconception that The Show Must Go On was the last song that Freddie ever recorded before he died. In reality, it was actually this. The poor man couldn't even finish this one, but even when he was just 6 months away from death, he still managed to give a truly chilling performance in this underrated gem.

The fact that Freddie Mercury was unable to finish singing this one means it deserves much more recognition. Besides, it's one of their greatest songs.

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