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21 Doing Alright

Best song off Queen's debut album. The way it switches from a gentle song to a bombastic hard rocker is mesmerizing

22 My Fairy King

The instrumental after mother mercury look what they have done to me is the best in pophistory briljant every time I listen to it I hear new things

23 Great King Rat
24 Rain Must Fall
25 Good Company

So sad that most people see this as a filler song on ANATO. It's a beautiful McCartney-inspired cautionary tale.

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26 Princes of the Universe

This is my second or third favorite Queen song, it is very good. - Lucretia

One of queens only heavy metal songs. Such a great song.

I love this song

27 Jealousy
28 Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

Teo Torriatte is an amazing song, it really touches you. One of Queens most uderrated songs by far.

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29 You Take My Breath Away

Such a passionate masterpiece of art. It makes me shiver whenever I listen to it. That would be the way I'd declare my love for someone if I found out I'd really love her. Thanks for this, Fred.

This is going to be my wedding dance song. Such beautiful heartfelt lyrics that says it all

One of the most beautiful songs ever written.

This song simply takes my breath away...

30 It's Late

Possibly one of the best riffs in rock history!

Autobiographical Brian May song

EPIC on the footsteps of Borap

31 Sheer Heart Attack
32 The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke
33 Back Chat
34 Dragon Attack

Easily their most under rated song, a perfect slice of pure funk rock, the 'little brother' of Another One Bites The Dust, but boy, this is funky!

This is one of the best rock songs you could find. Featuring a great bass solo from the underrated John Deacon and OUTSTANDING guitar from Brian May. I'm addicted to this song. - matty925

35 Long Away

Brian's vocals in this is so soothing. I loved the part when they do the chorus "Did we leave our way behind us. " So fulfilling,

36 Was It All Worth It

This is truly incredible. Extraordinary how they manage to include a typical classical sound in the middle. It totally naturaly comes out of rock sound and naturally returns to it. MORE THAN GENIUS. Only. Queen can reach these heights.

37 Stone Cold Crazy
38 Nevermore

The best queen song in terms of sheer beauty

Yes truly hidden unbelievable gem. Second only to Love of my love as a love song type.Astonishing harmony of the voices. Truly magic.

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39 One Year of Love
40 I'm in Love with My Car V 1 Comment
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